How to maintenance dump semi trailer

How to maintenance dump semi trailer

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In civil engineering, dump trailer trucks often work together with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery to form loading, transporting and unloading production lines for the loading, unloading and transportation of earthwork, sand and bulk materials. In addition, it is generally a heavy load with poor operating conditions and a great loss to the vehicle itself. Therefore, the general service cycle of the dump trailer is about 3 years, and the replacement cost is very high. In order to make your trailer truck longer to use and to earn more money, here’s some tips for the maintenance of dump truck, hope to bring help for you.

How to maintenance dump semi trailer truck
How to maintenance dump semi trailer truck

Unlike ordinary vehicles, dump trucks can be lifted hydraulically or mechanically to unload their cargo. So for the dump truck, the hydraulic cylinder is very important,so its inspection should not be taken lightly.

(1) Check the hydraulic oil volume of the dump truck, if there is a shortage, timely supplement, check whether the hydraulic system is damaged or leaking, and deal with it in time if necessary.

(2) Check the good condition of the tipper trailer, sub-frame, spare tire frame, etc., especially pay attention to check whether the welding seam is open welding, crack and other phenomena.

(3) Pay attention to and check whether the upper and lower support of the hydraulic cylinder of the dump truck and the connection and fastening between the connecting rod mechanism and other parts are reliable. Observe whether there is abnormal damage or deformation of each moving part and its adjacent fixed parts.

(4) Check the working or wear condition of gear pump, force extractor, hydraulic cylinder and other moving parts of the tipper, and carry out maintenance, repair and replacement of wearing parts.

Of course, the daily maintenance should also be very careful, every week or after every 50 hours of work to check the following items of the dump truck regularly:

1. Check all gas and oil routes of the dump truck for leakage, and replace the damaged hoses in time.

2. Check whether all bolts and nuts are loose.

3. Check whether the valve and hydraulic cylinder on the vehicle are dirty.

4. Each filling point must be filled once to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle.

5. Check the condition of the pad wood, pad block or rubber belt. If there is aging, it must be replaced in time.

How to maintenance dump semi trailer truck
How to maintenance dump semi trailer truck

In addition, for the maintenance of the dump truck, there are several points that cannot be ignored:

(1) The high-pressure hose of the dump truck must be replaced every two years. If the hose is found to be cracked, damaged or partially expanded, it should be replaced in time.

(2) If the dump truck is out of service for a long time, it should be checked according to the new truck’s inspection content before re-use, qualified before re-use.

(3) Frequently check whether the locking mechanism of the trunk plate of the dump truck is reliable, and adjust it to a reasonable automatic opening and closing angle to prevent accidents caused by the accident of opening or lifting of the trunk plate.When unloading large materials, the rear plate should be removed to avoid damaging.

(4) When overhauling the dump truck, check the working face of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder to see if there are any bumps, scratches and other phenomena. If there are timely repair or replacement, otherwise the working performance of the hydraulic cylinder will be significantly reduced.

(5) Always check whether the engagement and separation of force extractor and gear pump of the dump truck are normal, so as to avoid accidental lifting of the truck caused by incomplete separation. Under the working state, also should pay attention to whether the trucks have abnormal sound or temperature is too high, if necessary to eliminate in time, to avoid premature damage of force extractor, gear pump, valve and so on.

(6) The hydraulic oil must be kept clean and replaced regularly. The hydraulic oil is precipitated in 48 hours before being injected into the tank. The tank should be cleaned regularly to remove sediment. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly according to the deterioration, but the longest replacement period is one year.

(7) Always check the tipping mechanism of the dump truck for air leakage and oil seepage. When filling hydraulic oil, check whether the filter screen installed at the refueling port is damaged, and replace it if necessary to avoid mixing impurities, so as to accelerate the wear of hydraulic components or early damage.

(8) Always check whether the connection between the chassis girder and the sub-frame is reliable, whether the U-bolt and shear iron are loose, whether the pad, rubber pad or rubber pad is firmly fixed, if there is loose and dislocation, it must be tightened and reset.

(9) When overhauling the dump truck, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning and prevent sundry things from entering the hydraulic system, so as to avoid the occurrence of wear components, blocking the valve and other conditions resulting in the deterioration of working performance.

Truck drivers are not easy to make money. So save when save, even if the work tired, often care about your truck. Careful maintenance not only leads to longer life and more revenue, but also increases the value of a used truck even if it is sold.

How to maintenance dump semi trailer truck

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