Some Tips For Better Semi Trailer Maintenance


Semi trailer maintenance is a crucial component if you want the trailer too long last for years. The trailer stays for a long time on the road and goes through constant wear and tear. Sometimes it might undergo severe problems that are not easily depicted, and later on, its consequences could trouble you. Therefore, follow the tips that help your trailer stay healthy and maintained.

The tips for semi trailer maintenance

The followings are the tips that would keep your semi-trailer working efficiently. The range of maintenance varies from its tires to the internal services to the outlook of the trailers.

  • A regular checkup for the tires

trailer care- a regular checkup for the tires

If you ignore the tires of the semi-trailers, they can likely flat anytime. The tires can bust at any time, making it difficult for you are traveling. One should always check for the tires at long routes before getting started. Choose a moderate air pressure for the tires. For example, in hot weather, the air pressure in the tires automatically increases as the tires expand. Whereas in the cold, the air pressure decreases due to tire contraction.
In such circumstances, you should set the proper pressure, considering the external factors that could affect the air pressure. Also, inspect them for leakages. Sometimes the leather threads of tires get weak with time, so offer a suitable replacement rather than just repairing it.

  • Look for the efficiency of braking systems in the trailers

trailer care- look for the braking systems

You should always ensure its braking system works efficiently for trailer care. As you know, it carries tons of weight; therefore, the brakes often take a while to act. Check that the brakes work properly and are not loose. The components in the braking system usually get corrosion. If you find any signs of corrosion, do solve it.
Compare both sides’ brakes. If one side brake is different, then there is some unbalanced weight. So, take the trailer to the professional service station and let them solve this issue. Other than that, if the brake shoes have become thin, then provide a replacement. The trailer air brake system often gets leaks; the best solution is to replace the faulty ones.
The brake system typically has preventive maintenance schedules given by manufacturers. You have to follow and strictly implement these schedules.

  • Check the lights of the semi trailers

trailer care- check the lights of the semi trailers

The semi trailer maintenance checklist includes its lighting. It doesn’t matter if you use the trailer at night or day; its lights should work correctly. Good lights provide safe driving on the road. The lights include brake lights, indication lights, fog lights, hazard lights, headlights, etc. If one of these lights fails to blink or is dim, or is fused, it can lead to severe road accidents. Therefore, make sure all those lights flash with high illuminance. Also, replace those which require maintenance.

  • Lubrication for the semi-trailers

Your semi-trailer servicing includes lubrication. That means that your trailer should be adequately lubricated. Then it would help if you greased its wheels to ensure the trailer doesn’t undergo severe wear and tear. Also, look for the engine fluid. If you find any leakage cracks, then immediately take it for repair. The brake compressor gasket could leak and can promote the chances of road accidents. To avoid this happening, do look for semi trailer maintenance and repair.

  • Security system for the trailers

Make sure to provide the trailer with high security. For this, you shall keep its door locks working properly along with the freight doors. If the trailer lock system is remotely controlled, then make sure its remotes work with the proper configuration.

  • Replace or clean air and oil filters

Air filters and oil filters can get choked. Hence these filters can easily get clogged with dust and grease after a certain usage period. For trailer care, you should replace the filters after their specific usage period.

  • Manual tuning of the engine

With the use, the air and fuel mixture can vary. So, do check for the composition of the mixture. If the mixture ratio differs from the actual value, take the trailer for engine tuning.

  • Do check the gearbox of the trailers

Gears and clutch undergo heavy movements like rotation and torque movements. The constant change of gear results in severe wear and tear; thus, it requires maintenance. The semi-trailer maintenance activities include scheduling oil replacement, oil seal replacement, and considering the leakages. Also, monitor the bearing sound and gear sound.

  • Axel repair

The number of axles represents the carrying load capacity of the semi-trailers. This capacity check should be done regularly to monitor axles’ health.

  • Check for the suspension system of the trailers

A trailer’s suspension system includes sealed cylinders, shock absorbers, and springs that allow the trailer to work properly. So, for trailer servicing, you should take some preventative measurements. For example, offer it lubrication, check for any replacement, and ensure the spring tensions.

  • Fixing the air lines

How to fix a broken air line on a trailer is a common query that drivers ask. Well, the air line can get into trouble at any time. When you provide it with the proper maintenance, it will prevent that from happening. Also, place extra tools that would let you repair such issues.

  • Schedule the complete maintenance

Usually, the air filters, brake cylinders, and tires come with a specific lifetime. Every component has a lifetime, after which it requires maintenance services. So, do follow the routine checkup. Usually, the servicing part reflects the number of kilometers traveled by the trailer, after which it requires the service.

Why should one take the semi trailer service?

Maintenance and services like these are crucial for the trailers to work. The parts of the trailer might wear and tear with constant traveling and usage and lose their working efficiency. Hence, it results in reduced productivity. So, make a schedule for all the parts that require maintenance. You can even add reminders to the tasks.
The list should include external and internal attachments. When you have shortlisted them, mention the semi trailer repair times. After taking the maintenance services, you will feel a significant change while using the trailer. The smooth drives, the balanced weight management, a good braking system, a proper function air conditioner, etc., would amaze you. Sometimes you have to provide monthly and, other times, annual maintenance services.


Instead of neglecting the semi trailer maintenance services, do opt for these. Once you have opted for such services, you will feel relieved and satisfied with the trailer. These services prevent the trailers from severe breakdowns.

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