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· How to Keep your truck and trailer in top shape

Now Many Truck and Trailer bought Short time , But It can not be with Good shape , why ? Is it use it long time ? or The tractor and trailer with bad ability ? Not ,The trailer and truck keeping in top shape need to maintaining and protective it anytime during the transport .This is not fully , Like this as follows:

1.It’s important that you take the time to check your oil tank, especially before a long transport trip. This is especially important if your truck and trailer is new to you or if major motor work has just been performed on it. Powerful engines need lots of oil and if you forget to check it often enough, it can harm your engine very quickly, costing you lots in repair costs.So as to reduce the cost for repair, Check the truck and trailer anytime is importance ;

2.Be sure to check your radiator on truck ,especially the tractor head , Many Customers feedbak about the tractor head to transport on rought road condition , But the powerful is not enough ,before any long tranport trips, being especially careful to check the tank on truck itself and not just the overflow bottle. Top up the fluid and if you spot any small leaks you should deal with them quickly before they cause overheating and do damage to your engine. This is always a good habit to get in as it allows you to get to know your truck and trailer that much better.and to promise the safety for Clients during transport .

3.Make sure to have your brakes checked often. Because the brake system is the most important parts on trucks ,It can promise your safety during the transport .If you feel vibration or hear squealing when you apply the brakes, it’s probably time for a checkup. Dealing with the problem, sooner rather than later, will save you a lot of money and down time.