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How to make a more resistant and less maintenance of the dump semi trailer?

After the dump semi trailer is withdrawn from the market due to the modification of GB7258-2017, the short distance transportation of sand and stone materials is mainly composed of two types of vehicles: rollover dump trailer and backward rollover dump trailer.
Due to the uneven quality levels of the dump semi-trailer on the market,many drivers who bought the dump semi-trailer in the early stage have cracked to varying degrees,or even rolled over.
FUDENG AUTOMOBILE recently introduced a new rollover dump semitrailer that will better solve the above problems.As the fifth upgrade of FUDENG AUTOMOBILE DUMP TRAILER,the new FUDENG AUTOMOBILE flip dump semitrailer has made new optimization in strength upgrade,structure optimization,wear resistance and other aspects,creating a dump semitrailer that is more resistant to manufacturing and less maintenance in a real sense.
▎ dump semitrailer cracks are very common
In 2019, the FUDENG AUTOMOBILE team conducted market research on rollover and rollover dump trailer products, and visited sand and stone construction sites in Shandong and Hebei successively. This visit surprised the whole technical team.
"We looked at a lot of vehicles, we saw a lot of distorted frames, we saw a lot of cracked panels, almost no dump semitrailers that weren't a problem." The person in charge of the technology department of FUDENG AUTOMOBILE, which led the team to investigate, revealed that a boss in Shandong bought one, and it took less than six months to overhaul the beam cracking for three times.
There is a dump trailer in Hebei, after a year of use the trailer plate cracked, the owner of the car every time to pad a steel plate inside the body.
After communicating with many drivers, they found that cracking is common in the semi-hanging of self-unloading, which is also the biggest problem that bothers drivers the most.
Can we build a self-unloading semi trailer that does not crack and is more resistant to construction and maintenance?
After the inspection, the FUDENG AUTOMOBILE dump truck technical team has been thinking about this problem.
▎ Three main causes of dump trailer cracking
After more than two months of research,the FUDENG AUTOMOBILE team did not rush to start the dump semi-trailer project,but started to sort out and analyze it.
After several rounds of discussion by the team,they sorted out the three main reasons for the dump trailer cracking.
First,the structural design is unreasonable.Many trailer factories based on the original plate dump,bin bar semi design,do not consider the back and roll dump trailer condition and stress.Because of the oil cylinder lifting,the stress and bearing capacity of the box plate,the bottom plate and the diagonal support have changed greatly,resulting in the cracking at the connection of the box plate and the bottom plate.
The second is to reduce the cost of accessories on the "jerry-built".In order to reduce the cost,many trailer factories use ordinary steel and manganese steel in the frame and body,and some vehicle auxiliary beams even use 2.5mm ordinary steel,which greatly weakens the bearing capacity and wear resistance.The use of inferior cylinder,cylinder oil seepage is very common.
Third,the operation is not humanized. When the tractor is separated from the main dump semi-trailer,the gas leakage of the hose leads to the inflating of the towed vehicle several minutes in advance,which affects the operation efficiency.