2 Axles Fuel Tanker Trailer

2 Axles Fuel Tanker Trailer For Sale

Dimension: 10.9*2.5*3.7m (outside)
Capcaity: 32000 liters or customized
Shape : round
Compartment: 2 compartments or customized
Axle: 3 axles
Suspension: Mechanical / Air bag
Tire: 12R22.5; 315/80R22.5; 12.00R20
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2 Axles Fuel Tanker Trailer For Sale

I. Introduce of 2 Axles Fuel Tanker Trailer For Sale

The Fuel Tanker Trailer is used for carry fuel, oil, diesel etc. chemical cargo, especially design for Africa market. Use high quality Aluminum material, research the environment in the Africa. The spare parts like axle, suspension, tires can be more suitable for the different market and environment, which can keep the fuel tanker trailer in a longer life span and less maintain cost.
II. Feature of 2 Axles Fuel Tanker Trailer For Sale:
1. The Anti-wave baffles of fuel tanker trailers adopt T610L high strength steel plate can increase the yield and tensile strength, have a lower tare weight.
2. The tanker body of oil tanker trailers are made of Aluminum, 6mm thickness, easily maintenance and repair.
3. The capacity of fuel tanker trailer can be made from 30000 liters to 60000 liters capacity. Compartments from 1 to 10pcs. To meet the clients' different requirements.
4. The axle, tire and other accessories of fuel tanker trailer are the well-known brand like Fuwa, Bpw, Jost, which supplied by the domestic and foreign professional manufacturers.
2 Axles Fuel Tanker Trailer divide into carbon steel material fuel tanker trailer, Aluminium fuel tanker trailer, stainless steel material fuel tanker trailer. It for different liquids transport, we can customize the capacity according to your requirement of the fuel transporting. Our fuel tanker trailers are all customized, so we need to confirm some specifications with you before sending price to you. If your country have requirement for weight limited, this Aluminium Material Fuel Tanker Trailer to you. It is about 4 tons lighter than carbon steel material . Aluminium fuel tanker trailer is popular in Zimbabwe and Tanzania etc. We Exported a lot of carbon steel material oil tanker trailer to Tanzania, Zambia , Malawi, Ghana and so on .
This 2 axles fuel tanker trailer for Customer with mechanical suspension, in order to reduce whole oil tanker trailer tare weight client choose aluminum rims.
If you are interested in our oil tanker trailers, welcome to ask more details to us, we can customized suit one oil tanker trailer for you.