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3 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer For Sale

Dimension: 13*3*1.75m (outside)
Capcaity: 80tons or customized
Axle: 3 axles BPW
Suspension: Mechanical or Air bag
Landing Gear: JOST brand
King Pin: 2.0 or 3.5 inch
Tire: 12R22.5; 315/80R22.5
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3 Axle China Low Bed Trailer For Sale

In many industries, 3 axle lowbed semi trailer is used for specific types of transportation. It has many applications in different industries, including the transportation of railway and road vehicles, mining equipment and heavy vehicles.
The 3 axle lowbed semi trailer is specially designed for heavy transportation. It has many advantages, high safety and stability, and our 3 axle lowbed semi trailer is more stable than other types of semi trailer. It can carry hundreds of tons of weight. Lowboy trailer is an ideal choice for transporting heavy objects. Because of its solid structure, it can withstand a lot of pressure during transportation. Many heavy machines are too heavy and bulky to be moved by normal transportation vehicles, and 3 axle lowbed semi trailer can easily transport them. And because the chassis is low, it can pass under the obstacles above.
3 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer For Sale
Dimension 13*3*1.75m
The rated load 40-80T
Bottom Platform 4 mm Checkered Thickness
Main beam Welding design “I” 260mm side beam , Main beam height 500mm
Frame beam Top Flange 20mm; Bottom Flange 25mm, Middle Flange 12mm;
Ramp Mechanical ladder
Axle 3 axles
Landing Gear 28T lifting capacity with two speed Jost brand
King Pin 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Leaf spring 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10 Layer

Characteristics of FUDENG 3 axle lowbed semi trailer

1. CAE and HyperMesh software are used for multiple finite element analysis and verification to optimize the structure of the whole vehicle and its parts.

2. The structure is automatically welded by advanced large-scale special welding machine. Ensure the safety of the trailer and increase its service life.

3. The metal surface of the vehicle after the welding process shall be cleaned by sand metal blasting process. In order to protect the surface from rusting, apply 2 layers of epoxy primer and acrylic topcoat on the top of the surface or according to customer requirements.

4. The durable body structure, excellent production technology and high-quality equipment will be transformed into long-term income.
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