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4 Axle Fence Semi Trailer For Sale

Dimension: 12.5*2.5*3.05m (outside)
Capcaity: 80tons or customized
Axle: 4 axles FUWA brand
Suspension: Mechanical or Air bag
Landing Gear: JOST brand
King Pin: 2.0 or 3.5 inch
Fence Wall High: 1.5 meter
Tire: 13R22.5
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· Product Description

4 Axle Fence Semi Trailer

4 axle fence semi trailer is a semi trailer designed with fence structure at the loading part (you can customize the required height and length according to your needs). It is mainly used for the transportation of agricultural and sideline products and other bulk goods, as well as livestock and animals.
Why choose us?
1. We can design the 4 axle fence semi trailer model and fence structure for you in combination with the type of goods you want to transport. The reasonable design can fully reduce the weight of the carriage under load. The structure is simple and applicable, and the disassembly is convenient, which can reduce the investment cost and create more profit value for you.
2. Frame: the 4 axle fence semi trailer adopts the spatial frame structure formed by the assembly and welding of longitudinal beam and integral through beam. It can balance the strength, stiffness and toughness of the frame, with strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation.
3. The 4 axle fence semi trailer frame is of through beam structure, and the longitudinal beam adopts flat type or gooseneck type. The web height is from 400 to 500. The longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding. The frame is shot blasted. The transverse beam penetrates into the longitudinal beam and is welded as a whole.
4. Accessories: 13r22.5 tire is selected 5 vacuum tire, safe and durable. The outrigger adopts JOST linkage outrigger, which has high strength and good reliability. A toolbox is equipped on the side of the car body to place your tools.
5.Suspension system: the 4 axle fence semi trailer adopts a new suspension system with high strength and strong impact resistance; The load of each axle is balanced, and the angle of the system pull rod is reasonably designed. In the process of frequent bumps, it can reduce the friction and slip distance between the tire and the ground and effectively reduce the tire wear. At the same time, the pull rod can be adjusted to adjust the wheelbase and effectively avoid the phenomenon of partial running in and gnawing of the tire.
Dimension(L*W*H): 12.5*2.5*3.05m (Outside)
The Height of Wall 1.5m
No. of axle: 4
Payload(kgs): 50000-60000
Tare weight(kgs): 7500
Kingpin: JOST 3.5”/2”
Landing gear: JOST  two-speed manual operation 19”
Tire size: 315/80R22.5 13R22.5
Leaf Spring 90mm*16mm*10pcs
Axle: JINSHENG/BPW/FUWA/L1 Brand 13 Tons, 4 Axle
Suspension  Spring suspension
Brake system:  Dual-line air brake system
Container locks: 12pcs
Color Customized
Accessory:  One tool box; one set of standard tool