5 Axles 45 Cubic Meters Dumper Trailer -China Fudeng dump tipper trailer

5 Axles 45 Cubic Meters Dumper Trailer

Dimension: 11.7m*2.5m*3.4m (Outside)
Box dimension: 11m*2.35m*1.8m
Volume: 45 cubic meters or customized
Shape : U shape or square shape
Axle: 5 axles
Suspension: Mechanical and Air bag
Tire: 12R22.5; 315/80R22.5; 12.00R20
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Dump tipper trailer suitable for sand, gravel, loose goods , construction material, ect long destance transport , dumper trailer volume according to you need to design, 25 cbm, 30 cbm , 35 cbm , 40 cbm, 45 cbm and so on.

5 axles 45 cubic meters U shape dumper trailer
Box Body
Shape U shape
Dimension 11.7m*2.5m*3.4m (Outside)
Box Dimension 11m*2.35m*1.8m  45Cubic
Payload 70T
Tare weight About 14T
Lifting system 214 hydraulic jacking
Steel thickness Bottom plate :8mm Side plate:6mm
Axle 5 axles ( front 2 axles can lift)
Landing Gear heavy duty landing gear 28T
King Pin 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin
Suspension Mechanical suspension and air suspension
Leaf Spring(Strength) 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10 Layer
Tire 385/65R22.2*4pcs 315/80R22.5*12pcs
Packing and shipping
Painting Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint
Shipping Terms By Flat rack or by bulk

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