50000 Liter Tanker Trailer For Sale - Tanker Trailer Price

50000 Liter Tanker Trailer For Sale

Dimension : 11.5*2.5*3.95m (outside)
Capcaity: 45000 liters or customized
Tanker Material: Carbon steel with insulation
Axle: 3 axles or customized
Suspension: Mechanical / Air bag
Tire: 12R22.5; 385/65R22.5
Color: Optional

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· Product Description

50000 Liter Tanker Trailer For Sale

 Item  45000 liters fuel tanker
 Fuel Tanker  dimension  11600*2500*1800 (Reference, customized according to needs)
 Fuel Tanker capacity  45,000liters
 Compartment  2-10
 Payload  35T (Reference)
 Fuel Tank trailer weight  7.5T
 Material  aluminum
 Chassis  High Strength Steel
 Valve  API or standard
 Axle  2/3/4 axle; BPW, FUWA, L1,
 Suspension  Air suspension, Mechanical, Bogie
 Brake system  Dual Line brake system, T30/30 Chamber, Wabco emergency valve, ABS/EBS optional
 Fuel Tanker Trailer  Parts  Mudguard, Ladder, 1 standard toolbox, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint, Polyurethane paint, Landing gear, 9.0-22.5 steel wheel rim, Fire extinguisher, 4-inch Pneumatic bottom valve, 500mm Aluminum alloy manhole cover, Q345/6mm steel sheet, conforming ADR (According to customer needs)
 Application  Fuel, Oil, Crude Oil, Diesel, Petrol, Petroleum, Gasoline
FUDENG Trailer is a company specialized in the production of 50000 liter tanker trailers. We can produce tanker trailers suitable for the transportation of different liquids such as fuel, gasoline, water, palm oil, etc.

Designed to ensure safety, FUDENG tanker trailer is equipped with bottom emergency valve. This helps tankers to prevent oil leakage in case of emergency.
The main parts of the 50000 liter tanker trailer is processed by advanced equipment, and the accessories are made of world famous brands.

Advantages of FUDENG 50,000 liter tanker trailer

FUDENG 50000 liter tanker trailer has excellent layout and manufacturing control concept with advantageous production line. As the most important manufacturer of tanker trailer in China, we can produce aluminum alloy, carbon steel tanker trailer and stainless steel tanker trailer.

Our 50000 liter tanker trailer has the characteristics of durability and sturdiness, which can perform well under the harsh conditions. It is also safer and more practical as it has stronger load bearing, deformation resistance, vibration resistance and explosion-proof performance.

The beam is made of solid steel structure and the steel frame is made of high quality hot rolled or rolled steel plate, which is automatically welded longitudinally into the beam and pre-treated with advanced sanding and painting process.

Equipped with a spill prevention sensor, when loading liquid fuel, we will be able to monitor in real time how much has been loaded through the spill prevention sensor, which has the advantage of alerting us in time when it is about to be full, ensuring the safety of the fuel and us.

Why choose FUDENG 50000 liter tanker trailer

1. Lifetime parts support for the tanker trailers we sell

2. Honest management is our philosophy, welcome to visit our company at any time

3. According to your order, we provide the right trailer and support customization

4. We recommend the most suitable packaging and transportation solution for you, so that the transportation can save money and safety

5. Trust us, you will get a satisfactory answer