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Used Dump Truck HOWO

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Used Dump Truck HOWO For Sale

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Sinotruck Used Dump Truck HOWO

Sinotruk Dump Truck Howo is the third largest truck manufacturer in China. Sinotruk tractors are widely sold throughout Africa.

Sinotruk Dump truck Howo have a variety of models, providing you with different models according to different needs. We can provide Sinotruk HOWO oil tanker price, Sinotruk tractor price, HOWO 6×4 price, HOWO 8×4 truck price.

Sinotruk Howo’s new international yellow cargo Sinotruk dump truck Howo, with beautiful color and good condition, is well received by customers. The comfort and fatigue resistance of Sinotruk Howo series heavy-duty dump trucks have reached international standards. The steering wheel is improved to a car-shaped flexible plastic material, which has a good feel and can be adjusted up and down by 25mm.

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Based on the design concept of maximizing customer value, Sinotruk dump truck Howo have created pleasing interiors and exteriors unmatched by other brands of dump trucks through multi-angle research and cooperation.

The full power classification of the yellow Sinotruk dump truck is reasonably adjusted according to the power of 336hp and 37hp. The intake and exhaust system is consistent with that of European trucks, with higher efficiency, which greatly improves the service life of the engine and reduces losses.

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Sinotruk used dump truck howo Specification

Drive Wheel:6×4
Emission Standard:Euro 2
Fuel Type:Diesel
CabCabin: HW76 cabin with one sleeper and A/C
Dimension8.55*2.5*3.45 m(Outside)
DrivingLeft hand drive / Right hand drive
EngineWD615.69,371 HP EURO II
Transmission:HW19710, 10 Forward, 2 reserves
Body size: 5600x2300x1500, bottom 8mm size 6mm
Rim/Tires12R22.5, 13R22.5, 11.00R20, 12.00R20, 315/80R22.5, 385/65R22.5 optional
Colorred, white, yellow, green optional

The 10 Wheel Dump Truck HOWO is equipped with an automatic dumping device in the cabin. 10-wheel dump truck HOWO is composed of car chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, power take-off and cargo compartment. In civil engineering, 10-wheel dump truck HOWO are often combined with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors, etc. to form a loading and unloading production line for the loading and unloading of earth, sand and loose materials.

Since the loading truck can automatically unload at a certain angle, the 10-wheel dump truck HOWO greatly saves unloading time and labor, shortens the transportation cycle, improves production efficiency, reduces transportation costs, and indicates the amount of loading.

Howo 25 ton dump truck is a commonly used transport machinery. The structure of the engine, chassis and cab is the same as that of a general truck. The carriage can be tilted backwards or sideways. The piston rod movement is controlled by the control system. Later tilt is more common. Push the piston rod to tilt the cab.

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The advantage of Used Dump Truck HOWO

HOWO mining dump truck quality assurance
technical support
We have professional engineers who are proficient in trucks and construction machinery. We have rich experience and can solve all problems faced by customers. We can not only impart theoretical knowledge in China, but also guide operations in foreign construction sites.
Foreign maintenance points and workshops
We have maintenance points and maintenance workshops in some countries with many customers. The maintenance tools and spare parts are complete, and the staff can provide customers with fast and satisfactory service.
We cooperate with world-renowned shipping companies and freight forwarders and have rich transportation experience to deliver products to the destination port safely and on time.

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