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Fence Cardo Semi Trailer For Sale

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3 Axle Fence Cardo Semi Trailer For Sale

Three axle fence semi trailer is popular with logistics companies for their versatile applications. It is used to load various products and materials such as sand, bags, poultry, etc.

There are also some bulk cargoes that are very widely used in the transportation industry. The 3 axle fence semi trailer produced by Fullerton adopts high-quality materials, and the important accessories and configurations are from domestic and foreign brands.

The main beam is made of Q345 high-strength steel, which can run stably and safely under harsh road conditions. This results in a long product life, saving maintenance costs and improving operational efficiency.

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China Fence Semi trailer is used to load various products and materials such as sand, bags, poultry etc.

Compared to other livestock trailers you will encounter in the market, the FUDENG China Fence Semi Trailer is an inexpensive and lightweight construction. It’s designed and built in such a way that it’s easy to clean, which is a very important aspect to consider when purchasing.

The 50-60 ton Chinese guardrail semi-trailer is the most frequently sold model by FUDENG, and is exported to Sudan, Nigeria, Zambia, Senegal, etc.

The loading capacity of the Chinese fence semi trailer is larger. Due to its breathability, the range of cargo that can be towed is also wider than that of a van. It is also easier to load and unload than a van trailer.

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3 axle fence semi trailer specifications

Dimension(L*W*H): 12.5*2.5*3.05m (Outside)
The Height of Wall 1.5m
No. of axle: 3
Payload(kgs): 50000-60000
Tare weight(kgs): 7500
Kingpin: JOST 3.5”/2”
Landing gear: JOST  two-speed manual operation 19”
Tire size: 315/80R22.5 12R22.5
Leaf Spring 90mm*16mm*10pcs
Axle: BPW/FUWA/L1 Brand 13 Tons, 3 Axle
Suspension  Spring suspension
Brake system:  Dual-line air brake system
Container locks: 12pcs
Color Customized
Accessory:  One tool box; one set of standard tool
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Fence Semi Trailer With High Side Wall Features:

Highly robust structure steel with tensile and high load capacity, 60-100 ton loading capacity .

Heavy duty type mechanical spring suspsension for high loads requirements needs.

Length and width of lowbed avaiable custom made

The advantage of 3 axle fence semi trailer specifications

1.FudengVehicles uses high-strength steel to manufacture threeaxle fence semi trailer, so that the trailer has higher bearing capacity and longer service life.

2.In order to ensure the service life of the semi-trailer, all the spare parts we use are world-renowned brands.

3.The trailer floor is also a lattice board, which will make other bulk cargo more stable, such as bags, or long things.

4.The solid frame structure with welded longitudinal beams and integral through-beams, and durable mechanical widening spring suspension ensures stability and safety.

5.High-quality sidewalls ensure the stability and safety of the load.

1). The structural design process of China’s fence semi trailer combines the user’s cargo category, and is designed reasonably to fully reduce the weight of the carriage under load conditions.

2). The frame of China fence semi trailer adopts a space frame structure formed by welding longitudinal beams, and forms a whole through the beams. It can balance the strength, stiffness and toughness of the frame, with strong bearing capacity and no deformation.

3). The Chinese fence semi trailer adopts a new type of suspension system, which has high strength and strong impact resistance. The load of each axle is balanced, and the angle design of the system lever is reasonable, which reduces the friction and slip distance between the tire and the ground, and effectively reduces the tire wear during frequent bumps.

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