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Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer For Sale

fuel tanker trailer

3 Axle Fuel Tnaker Trailer For Sale

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3 Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer For Sale

The 3 axle fuel tank trailer for sale is suitable for short or long distance transportation of oil, fuel, diesel, water and various liquefied chemicals. It is an ideal equipment for transporting oil from oil storage fields to oil plants, and from oil refineries and terminals to oil storage fields. Also used in gas stations.

We offer carbon steel fuel tanker trailer for sale stainless steel fuel tanker trailer for sale and aluminum fuel tanker trailer for sale with different capacities: 30 cubic meters fuel transport trailers, 40 cubic meters diesel tank trailers, 50 cubic meters fuel semi-trailers, etc.

Carry 42000 liters 45000 liters 50000 trailers up to 70000 trailers. Tank trailer compartments can be single two three four or more compartments to transport different liquids including gasoline, diesel, petroleum, gasoline, etc.

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We have an experienced and skilled team to customize the best products for customers in strict accordance with their needs, from the production of each component of the trailer to the completion of the entire trailer, we will do high-quality texts. We adopt the welding technology combined with machining to ensure the tightness of the fuel tanker trailer for sale and improve the safety of transportation.

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3 axle fuel tanker trailer for sale specifications

Volume45000 liters or other capacity
Tank body thickness6mm
End plate thickness7mm
Axle3 axle L1 brand
SuspensionMechanical suspension
Manhole cover500mm manhole cover
Wheel rim12pcs
Discharge valve4″*4pcs valve
Kingpin2″ or 3.5’’ bolt-in
Landing gearFUWA brand
Compartment4pcs or Customized
Braking systemWABCO RE6 relay valve ;T30/30 spring brake chamber;40L air tanks
LightLED lamp
PaintingComplete chassis sand blasting to clean rust ,1coat of anti-corrosive prime,2coats of final paint
AccessoriesOne standard tool box,two spare tire carrier,one crank,one shaft head wrench

We cooperate with well-known shipping companies such as MAERSK, NYK, Wallenius, etc. to ensure the transportation of each shipment. The experienced team selects the most suitable transportation method for different customers in container, flatbed ro-ro and bulk transportation, balancing safety and economical costs.

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The advantage of 3 axle fuel tanker trailer for sale

Advantages of tank trailers:

1. Light weight. Aluminum tank trailers are about 4 tons lighter than steel tank trailers and can carry more fuel. Tire wear is small.

2. No rust or rot, to ensure the purity of fuel and oil products.

3. Good conductivity. The aluminum can trailer can conduct static electricity in time to prevent sparks from friction and collision. Avoid fire and explosion.

4. Long service life and low maintenance cost. Aluminum tank trailers have an average lifespan of 7 years longer than steel tank trailers. Aluminum cans are easy to clean and require no painting.

5. High recovery rate.

Our 3 axle fuel tanker trailer for sale suitable for all model tractor trucks, If you have any demand of our aluminium tanker trailer, Welcome to inquiry,contact us for more details~

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