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LNG Tanker Trailer For Sale

Dimension: 12.8*2.5*3.9m (outside)
Capcaity: 52cbm or customized
Shape : round
Compartment: 1 compartments
Axle: 3 axles
Suspension: Mechanical / Air bag
Tire: 12R22.5; 315/80R22.5; 12.00R20
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LNG Tanker Trailer For Sale

LNG tank trailers are designed to transport liquified natural gas. The tank trailers arer widely across globe because they are cost-effective, strong and flexible. Presently, there are two main models of LNG tank trailers in the market.

LNG Tanker trailer is more particular than other types . When tank trailers are transporting LNG, the liquified gas boils and continues to gasify. Several conditions contribute to the continous boiling and gasification.
The conditions include external heat invasion, the impact or filling, and the change in the atmospheric pressure. Any of these conditions or a combination of the conditions will cause the LNG to gasify.
Hence, manufacturers must consider the pressure control in the tank, gasific gas extraction, and refrigeration cooling when designing LNG tanks.
At present, four forms of thermal insulation are used in LNG tank trailer. The four types include:

1. Packed heat insulation
2. High vacuum heat insulation
3. Powder fiber insulation (vacuum)
4. High vacuum multi-layer insulation (vacuum)
The multilayer thermal insulation material is composed of two kinds of material. The first kind is the highly reflective and lowly emissive materials such as aluminum foil, or aluminum polyester film.
The second type consists of materials with low thermal conductivity and low deflation rate to function as the spacer material. Examples of such materials include glass fiber cloth, fiber paper, nylon mesh and mesh wire.
Due to the low thermal conductivity in the second type of materials, there is a middle layer between each reflection screen materials and reflective screen materials.
Hence, it can reduce the thermal conductivity of solids effectively.

The main advantages of the high vacuum multi-layer insulation include:

1. The insulation is super adiabatic
2. Low thermal conductivity
3. The thermal insulation space required is little
4. The effective mass is light
5. The insulation is suitable for transporting liquids with a low boiling point

Tanker Essential Information
Dimensions(length*width*height) 10610x2500x3820*7mm
Estimated Tare Weigh (Curb Weight) 16254
Payload 23746
Total Weight 40000kgs
Tank Volume 31000L
Unit volume filling weight(KG/L) 0.766
Traction pin height from the ground 1320mm
Adiabatic way Vacuum \ multi-layer adiabatic
Adiabatic materials wind
(Relief valve) opening pressure(Mpa) 0.8Mpa
Shell Of Tanker
Filling medium Liquid Nitrogen
Fluid property Liquefied nitrogen
Design temperature 50
Design pressure 0.91MPa
Working pressure 0.8MPa
Corrosion allowance 0mm
Major materials of bearing pressure S30408
Shape round
Compartments Single
Filling weight per volume 31000L
Weld joint factor 1.0 mm

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