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3 axle LPG trailer for sale

I. Application:

Use for carry liquid perto gas.

II. Feature:

1. The whole frame of LPG trailer is designed by CAD system,optimized in structure,to satisfy different cargo,loading&unloading capacity and using environment s requirements.

2. The LPG trailer use advanced welding equipment and European design and technology to ensure the tanker quality and best property,can be adapted to different terrible road environment.

3. The axle,tyre and other accessories are the well-known products which supplied by the domestic and foreign professional manufacturers.

4. The continuous improvement of structure makes it much accord with practical loading and unloading requirements.

III. Quality guarantee

1. More than 30 years experiences in trailer and truck industrial,exported to more than 30 countries in Africa,Southeast Asia.

2 .Two years free warranty terms for the I beam,three to six month free warranty terms for the Axles,suspension etc.

3. Spare parts support services.

4. Able to custom-built design as your requirment,ensure to meet your local road regulation.


3 axle LPG trailer specifications

3 Axle LPG Trailer
Tanker Essential Information
3Dimensions (length*width*height*thickness (13000*2500*4000*11)mm
4Estimated Tare Weight15050KG
6Total Weight40000KG
Shell Of Tanker
1ProductsLPG , Propane
2Fluid propertyFlammable
3Design temperature                         to 50℃
4Design pressure1.61MPa
5Corrosion allowance                 1mm
6weld joint factor1
  7Major materials of bearing pressureTanker body : Q370R( normalizing , 11mm, GB 713-2014                   
  End plate : Q370R( normalizing)  EHA2476x11(11)mm  GB/T25198-2010  
  Main Beam : AG700(Non-bearing pressure material)  8mm      

LPG trailer made from the tanker and the chassis of a combination of two parts. The main pressure components are mainly the tanker body, head, manhole cover, flanges, bolts and the nominal diameter of 250mm or more take over.

Still for this category is a Low-temperature tanker designed to transport liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide and other media. The tanker is made of steel and its external insulation layer and pressure jacket tanker. Such models need to be equipped with safety accessories such as rupture disk device, emergency shut-off device, electrostatic device, safety valves, pressure gauge, liquid level meter and a thermometer unit. The tank can be bare, with insulation or an insulation type. Most importantly, the tanker design, manufacture, use, transport, inspection, repair, renovation must comply with industry standards and traffic management regulations.


3 Axle LPG Trailer construction

LPG trailer is equipped with tank containers, control systems and safety features for transporting LPG.LPG and steel tanks with maximum working pressure greater than or equal to 0.1mpa and design temperature less than +50℃ for transportation vehicles.

LPG trailer, generally by trailer chassis, tank car body, work box.The tank body is mainly composed of round cylinder body and cylinder head.

1.LPG trailer body: divided into bare structure and structure with insulation layer.The tank body is provided with anti-wave plate, loading and unloading pipeline and safety accessories (safety valve, emergency stop valve), and is provided with a man hole.Tank body belongs to mobile pressure vessel, generally for the design pressure ≥0.1mpa, design temperature ≥-70℃, volume ≥450L steel tank body.

2.LPG trailer connection: The chassis of LPG trailer and the bracket on the tank body are generally connected by a removable connector.

3.LPG trailer operation box: the box is equipped with loading and unloading pipelines, valves (ball valves, quick connectors), pressure gauges and thermometers.The external connection adopts standard quick connection to facilitate loading and unloading of liquefied gas.

(1)A single ship liquefied gas ship is generally provided with a working box, which is located on one side of the chassis beam.

(2)All the holes on the tank are located below the tank medium liquid level. Generally, there are two operating boxes, one left and one right, which are located in the lower part of the tank for easy loading and unloading.

(3) All openings are above the liquid level of the medium in the tank, and generally there is an operating box located at the top of the tank.

(4) Others :LPG trailer chassis has half bearing type (frame) and bearing type (no frame).


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