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3 Axle Side Wall Trailer For Sale

Dimension: 12.6*2.6*3.1m (outside)
Capcaity: 60 tons or customized
Axle: 3 axles
Suspension: Mechanical suspension
Landing Gear: JOST brand
King Pin: 2.0 or 3.5 inch
Tire: 12R22.5; 315/80R22.5
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3 Axle Side Wall Trailer For Sale

Unlike flatbed trailers or low flatbed trailers, 3 axle side wall trailer can be used to transport a variety of items, from containers to bulk cargo. The side plate can be opened for easier unloading. The 3 axle side wall trailer is widely used by transportation companies in the logistics industry. We can customize the shape of the side plate of the fence trailer for you.
Dimension 12.6m×2.6m×3.1m
Payload 60T
Fence height  Side wall height 0.5m×3 pieces
Tare weight About 8 T
Twistlock 12 units
Main beam Heavy duty and extra durability designed I beam; Opting for high tensile steel Q345B, welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes.
Frame Beam Top Flange 14mm,width 140mm; Middle Flange 8mm; Bottom Flange 16mm,width 140mm, main beam height  500mm
Frame Floor The Thickness is 3mm pattern
Edge beam 16# Channel
Through beam 10#Channel
Along beam 6#Channelx6
Axle 3 pcs 14 tons
Landing Gear 28T lifting capacity with two speed Jost brand
King Pin 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Leaf Spring 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10 Layer
The 3 axle side wall trailer is equipped with side doors or descending side doors, which are used to carry different types of dry goods: containers and bulk goods, such as coal, stone, steel, wood, etc. These are the most common goods transported by side wall trailer.

FUDENG 3 axle side wall trailer for sale

1. The side wall trailer is mainly suitable for long-distance transportation of large bulk goods, with strong adaptability.

2. The main frame is made of 16Mn high-strength steel, with reasonable structure, light weight, strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation.

3. Axle, tire and other accessories are well-known products from professional manufacturers at home and abroad, with guaranteed quality.

4. The girder of the 3 axle side wall trailer can be made of high-strength steel at home and abroad, with light weight and high strength.

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