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Sinotruk HOHAN truck tractor4

Sinotruk HOHAN truck tractor

Brand: Sinotruk Hohan
Manufacture Year: brand new
Engine: 371hp/420hp
Direction: Left or Right optional
Tire: 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5,12.00R20
Color: Optional
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Sinotruk HOHAN truck tractor

Feature of New model HOHAN tractor truck

HOHAN Lightweight Tractor Truck is a new model commercial vehicle that SINOTRUK Group brings together Mercedes-Benz technology, German MAN technology, STEYR technology and Sinotruk's own technological advantages to create a new generation lightweight road transport vehicle.
The price of HOHAN tractor trucks are cheaper 10% to 20% than HOWO 7 model tractor truck. It is suitable to be used in middle or long distance highway transport. The total weight of truck and cargo is less than 55Tons

Advantages of HOHAN tractor truck

1. Lighter Weight and Higher Benefit
2. Lower Fuel consumption, save more cost
3 .Faster speed and higher efficiency
4. High Quality and Safer Driving
5. More Excellent and reliable truck assembly
6. Easy to repair and low maintain cost

Quality warranty

1. The warranty period of the HOWO E7G tractor trucks is extended to 18 months or 150,000 km, which is 6 months or 30,000 kilometers longer than the industry average. Each unit tractor truck can save USD 2,000-4,000 per year
2. Adopt HOWO Universal large assembly, sufficient spare parts in stock, low use cost
3. The structure of HOWO tractor truck is scientific and reasonable, and the maintenance is more convenient.
Model ZZ4255N3246
Driving type 6X4,RHD
Cabin H77 cabin, with single sleeper, double seats, with air conditioner, standard front bumper, with all around curtains, with air seat, without wind deflectors.
Engine WD615.47,371HP, EUROII
Transmission HW19710 (10 forwards and 2 reverses, manual)
Front axle Front axle: H153, 5500kg
Rear axle Rear axle HT457 (2x13000Kg) (i=3.909) (Drum brake) single stage reduction
Suspension leaf spring (Front 3 pieces, Rear 5 pieces)
Chassis N series reinforcement type
Tires 12R22.5, with one spare tire, 11 pieces
Fifth Wheel JOST 2’’
Fuel tank 600L, aluminum material, with locking cap
Steering BOSCH8098
Dimension 7000*2550*3000mm
ABS Optional