There are three tips for rear dump trailer truck -Dump Trailer

There are three tips for rear dump trailer truck

1.High strength torsion resistance,light and strong

FUDENG's rear dump semi trailer combines with the demand changes of the domestic market,and after analyzing the main technical development characteristics and trends of the current rear dump semi-trailer,it creates a dumping trailer with the three characteristics of high torsion resistance,safety and stability,and large volume.In the structure of the use of double cross beam design, effectively improve the torsion strength of the frame.At the same time,the frame beam four bending design,reduce the weight of the product but also improve the torsion strength of the frame.
In addition,the integrated edge plate,increased the strength while reducing the weight.FUDENG's beam in the side plate adopts the overall bending forming process.In addition to having the characteristics of higher strength and lighter weight,this integrated forming process also effectively reduces the welding amount,solves the welding deformation problem from the technical level,and avoids the risk of weld cracking.

2.The design of four longitudinal beams is more stable and safe

Four longitudinal beams ultra-low center of gravity structure to ensure the vehicle driving and lifting safety.According to the different needs at home and abroad,FUDENG dump semi trailer product page uses different structures:domestic models of bottom front using "several" beam structure with gooseneck frame.Overseas models are four longitudinal beams with straight beam frame.Both structures are effective for achieving ultra-low center of gravity and for safer and smoother operation and lifting.

3.Rectangle structure.The more you haul,the more you earn

FUDENG dump trailer uses the rectangular mechanism of bicycle self-dumping,the container volume is larger,the strength is higher,and the heavy load is not deformed.By widening the upper frame structure,and realize no horizontal pull bar heavy load does not increase the box,making unloading more smooth and safer.