What’s the advantage of aluminum fuel tanker trailers?

What’s the advantage of aluminum fuel tanker trailers

Advantage 1:lightweight trailer body,more economical and practical aluminum alloy density is small,large section beam extrusion molding,high strength.
Lighter than similar steel tank truck more than 4 tons,more than the steel tank truck 20%.
Because aluminum alloy tank trailer relative trailerbon steel tank trailer weight is lighter,reduce fuel consumption and tire wear in the transportation process,thus reducing the daily operating costs and maintenance costs.
By reducing the body weight of the vehicle,the payload is increased, and the same amount of trailergo can be transported in fewer shifts.
Advantages two:strong corrosion resistance,improve the service life of aluminum alloy and acetone,benzene,gasoline and diesel oil,kerosene,acetic acid and most of the chemical media and food has good compatibility,the transport range is wider than the cross; Low maintenance costs,can not do anti-corrosion aspects of the surface metal treatment,the body scratch will not rust,durable appearance,easy to clean.
15-20 years is the typical service life of aluminum alloy tank trailer.
According to the United States HEIL company in the global market for decades of sales customer experience statistics show that the average life of aluminum alloy tank trailer in 10 years or so,the specific use and maintenance of customers,including the longest service life of aluminum alloy tank trailer has reached 40 years.
Three advantages:good ductility,improve safety and eliminate hidden dangers aluminum alloy profile tank body,good extension rate,high strength.
Oil products are flammable and explosive dangerous goods,so safety is an important index to consider the tank trailer.
Oil in very cold or very hot situation easy to produce thermal expansion and contraction,ordinary tank trailer ductility is poor in this environment is easy to explode,the use of aluminum alloy tank is greatly improved safety.
Advantage four:recyclable,high recovery aluminum has a very high recovery value,a tank made of 5T finished aluminum,to the scrappage of the tank trailer,according to the current price of aluminum in the international market,only the tank recovery is about 80,000 YUAN.This virtually saves the operating cost of the enterprise.
Advantage five:aluminum alloy tank trailer belongs to environmental protection vehicles,aluminum alloy tank trailer lightweight means to reduce the amount of fuel consumption and pollution of the trailer,also means that it is environmental protection,because the tail gas contains a lot of trailerbon dioxide,is a major source of pollution to the environment,so the application of aluminum alloy material,to make contributions to environmental protection.
Advantage six,aluminum alloy has good electrical conductivity,effectively reduce the aggregation of static electricity on the tank.No sparks will be generated when collision or tipping occurs,eliminating fire or explosion hazards.
The main reason why the aluminum tank trailer has not been fully popularized in China is:the price problem.
Due to the high production cost of aluminum tank trailers,many consumers only consider the initial price,while ignoring the long-term economic benefits.Through the analysis of the advantages of aluminum tank trailers above,we can understand that compared with its purchase cost,its biggest value is to achieve profits.
Aluminum tank trailer in Europe and the United States of the developed countries of the popularity of enough to witness its economic value and social value,I believe that the domestic aluminum tank trailer will have a great space for development.