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1.What Is The China Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailers?

Aluminum alloy is a kind of material widely used in automobile and aviation industry, which has many obvious characteristics and advantages. Aluminum fuel tank trailers are usually made of aluminum alloys 5083, 5182 and 5454. Aluminum alloy fuel tank semi-trailer plays an important role in fuel transportation. It is widely accepted by oil companies and transportation companies around the world, especially in areas where loading weight and road regulations are strictly controlled.

Aluminum tank car trailers are usually used in countries with limited weight. If the weight of the tank is reduced, the weight of the load can be increased.

3 axles 42000 / 45000 litre aluminum tanker trailer

Fuel Tanker Trailer 6
Fuel Tanker Trailer


3axles Fuel tanker trailer
3axles Fuel tanker trailer

3 axles aluminium tanker semi trailer

fuel tanker trailer
fuel tanker trailer

2.Function of China Aluminum Tanker Trailer

Aluminum fuel tank trailers is generally used to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel, vegetable oil, edible oil, heavy oil, coal tar and non petroleum products, such as alcohol, aldehyde, benzene, ether and other liquid substances.

The capacity of aluminum fuel tank trailers is 30000-60000 liters. It is generally used for long-distance transportation to transport liquid substances all over the world, so as to realize the rational distribution and utilization of resources.

3.Advantages of China Oil Tanker Semi Trailers:

Aluminum fuel tanker trailers has the advantages of light weight, high safety, low operation cost, long service life, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, high recycling value and so on.

For example, the 42000l carbon steel fuel tank trailers weighs 11000 ~ 12000kg, while the aluminum fuel tank trailers weighs only 6500 ~ 7500kg according to different structures and specifications. More importantly, the light tared aluminum fuel tank car consumes less fuel and less tire wear. This will greatly reduce daily operating and maintenance costs. According to the research, 60% of the fuel consumption comes from the tare weight of the vehicle when the vehicle is running under no-load conditions. In order to reduce the tare weight of a single ton, 6 litres of fuel can be saved every 100 km. On the basis of fixed gross vehicle weight, the smaller the tare weight of the vehicle, the greater the loading weight. These vehicles can carry more goods and make more money for transporters.

Aluminum fuel tank cars are loaded with highly flammable liquids, such as oil, fuel and diesel, so safety is the primary consideration. Aluminum alloy is a flammable material with less electrostatic accumulation. Aluminum fuel tanker trailers can conduct static electricity more effectively, thus reducing the possibility of fire accidents.

Fuel Tanker Trailer


4.Specification of Tri Axles Aluminum Tanker Semi Trailer:

 Manufacturer: China Fudeng

 Item: 42000 liters aluminum fuel tanker trailers

 Dimension: 10500*2500*3500 mm (Reference, customized according to needs)

 Capacity: 42,000 liters ( Customized other capacity also)

 Compartment: 6 compartments or other number

 Payload: 39-41Ton (Reference)

 Aluminium Tanker trailer tare weight: 6.5-9Ton

 Tanker Trailer Material: Aluminum 5182

 Chassis: High Strength carbon steel

5.Drawings of Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer:

3D Drawing and Hyper Mesh & Ansys

Fully utilize physical property, support higher performance, reducing operating cost

Aluminum Tanker Trailer
Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer

6.Details of Aluminum Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale

1).Aluminum fuel tanker trailers with Pneumatic control bottom valve , Prevent leakage of liquid oil from tanker trailer in case of vehicle accident.

2).The aluminum fuel tanker trailers running gear is BPW axle and air suspension with aluminum alloy wheels and tubeless tyres.

3).aluminum fuel tanker trailers with reasonable discharge pipe design so that keep the fast unloading speed.

4).This aluminum tank is divided into 5 independent compartments to suit different liquids.If you need different compartments we can produce it according to your demand. 

45000 litre Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer

7.Quality Testing Before Leaving The Factory Of Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailers

Sales of aluminum alloy tank truck trailer water injection test: ensure that the tank is highly sealed to avoid oil leakage.

Air pressure detection of aluminum tank semi-trailer: ensure that the oil and gas will not volatilize under high temperature, and ensure the safety of the sold fuel transport trailer when driving and parking.

After the production of the sold gasoline tank truck trailer is completed, it must be inspected in the inspection room to check whether the water tank trailer has defects and impurities to prevent potential safety hazards.

Aluminum Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

8.Clients Visiting of China Aluminum Tanker Trailer:

As a manufacturer of fuel tanker semi trailer production and sales, We have accumulated rich experience in overseas markets after decades of efforts. Our semi-trailer products have also been favored by more overseas customers, and they have come to the factory to visit and discuss cooperation matters.

We welcome customers from all over the country to visit and negotiate!

Aluminium Tanker Trailer

9.How To Delivery Aluminum Oil Tanker Trailer?

Aluminum fuel tanker trailers In order to prevent the paint of the fuel tanker truck trailer from being corroded by seawater, we will spray a layer of wax on the surface of the aluminum fuel tanker trailer before transportation.
We can arrange the most cost-effective transportation aluminum fuel tanker trailers solution according to our customers.

*Flat rack


*Ro-ro ship and so on.

Aluminum Petril Tanker Trailer

10.FAQ of 3 Axles Aluminum Tanker Trailer

Q1: Can I buy a sample of tanker trailer to test the quality?
A1: Yes, you could buy one and test the trailer, our MOQ is 1 sets.

Q2: What is the date of delivery?
A2: The time of delivery is within 30 working days after we receive your advance payment. For mass production, it may takes 40~45 days.

Q3: Can you supply some easy wear spare parts?
A3: Yes, we can provide you with some easy worn spare parts at the factory price, such as traction pin, balance beam and , suspension parts, turntable, trailer brake pads, brake discs, bearings, etc..

Q4: What are the terms of payment?
A4: T / T 30% as deposit, before shipment by wire transfer or by L / C payable at sight.

Q5: Is it all right to make customer’s own brand name?
A5: Yes, we accept OEM business.

Q6: Can you do the design for us?
A6: We have experienced engineer to make design for you according to your requirement and local road regulation.

Q7: Where is your loading port?
A7: Any China main port is acceptable, mostly we use Tianjin,Lianyungang,Qingdao port.

Q8: Does your product have warranty service? 
A8: We provide one year warranty period of the tank body, running gear and tank fittings.

11.Videos of Fudeng Aluminum Petrol Tanker Trailer

If You Are Intersted In Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailers.Welcome To Send Inquiry.Our Sales Manager Will Contact You As Soon As Possible.