Special Trailer

1.Function of Special Trailer

There are different types of vehicles and platforms in the transportation industry to meet different needs and demands. One such transportation method used is a retractable trailer.

Just like the case of other transportation methods, this type of trailer is suitable for certain applications, otherwise it cannot be solved by using other types of transportation platforms and/or vehicles.

Whether it is too long or too wide, any load can be easily loaded and transported using a retractable trailer towed by a tractor. Extensive information about the composition of this type of trailer and where it is used is detailed here.

2.Description of Special Trailer

Introduction of Extendable Trailer

The extendable trailer configuration is a type of trailer mechanism that is designed and adapted to be towed during use if the tractor truck is driving along the road.

The extension on the trailer can effectively carry loads that may have different lengths according to work needs.

The mechanism of this type of trailer may include a front chassis and a rear chassis arranged in a telescopic connection, where each chassis can be supported by a separate wheel and axle assembly.

In the contracted state of the mechanism, they can be connected side by side and tilted.

In the extended format of the organization, the configuration can be an interval relationship.

The rear chassis and the front chassis cooperate in such a way that the chassis tilts in a largely rigid connection

When the trailer mechanism is retracted, the chassis frame is allowed to articulate around an excessively horizontal axis after the trailer mechanism is extended.

The purpose of providing the device forming the locking mechanism is to fix the rear chassis frame and the front chassis frame in the assembly in the extended and contracted state of the transport mechanism.

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Introduction of Muti-Axles trailer

Multi-axles trailer are of two general types: The Low bed trailer and the modular trailer. In this post, we will mainly introduce multi-axles low bed trailer.

Typically, a multi-axle trailer has a group of axles that are disposed remotely from the point of steering of the vehicle.

Trailer axles that are used for carrying the ground wheels are normally carried on springs or bogies that engage appropriate bearing members on the vehicle chassis and including a rocker to make it possible for the weight supported by the axles to be accurately distributed in reference to the frame of the trailer.

The use of a radius arm is required in such an assembly between the bracket and the shaft that are joined by a spring. The radius arm is used to hold the axle in the desired operating position relative to the frame of the trailer.

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3.Main parts of Special Trailer

The Frame

Taking into account the most dangerous loading conditions, the frame is the main component that carries the weight.

Within its scope, the main bearing components of the modular unit are the main beam of the frame, wheeled bogies, etc. A strong box beam structure made of high-performance welded plates.

The yield strength of the recommended material should be 690MPa. The overall frame has high strength and strong bending moment capacity, which effectively solves the problem of concentrated load.

The surface of the main structure should be carefully treated by sandblasting. Third, the thickness of the paint used on the surface should meet the recommended national standards.

Nevertheless, the painting brand used should be one of the world’s top brands. All small-sized parts of the frame should be galvanized.

The box-shaped center beam and stable cross beams give the frame a high degree of rigidity. Therefore, the frame can reach its optimal load level.

The steering system, gas storage tank and hydraulic oil tank are all integrated in the bogie frame. Therefore, the components are protected from damage and corrosion.

The frame has a reinforced loading deck that allows extreme point loads. On the other hand, the optimized bolt-plate coupling eliminates any problems that may arise when assembling the longitudinal combination.

Hydraulic System

The pump in the trailer uses hydraulic technology to effectively control the driving speed. The steering pump and suspension pump use a constant pressure controller to achieve quick response when steering power is required.

On the other hand, the drive motor switches between driving and using a high-torque radial motor. All hydraulic cylinders in the transport vehicle have anti-clogging valves, which are important when the pipeline ruptures.

Brake system

The trailer is equipped with a compressed air brake system. The system consists of dual brake chambers, single brake chamber, relay valve, brake drum and fuel tank.

The brake system is composed of two brake pipelines, which respectively play the role of service brake and parking brake.

4.How to shipping China special trailer?

We can transport China special trailer by bulk cargo ship or RO-RO ship,2 units special trailer we will help client to detach the tyres then put it on the trailer surface then use wire fastening,3 units China special trailer we will pile it up,by this,it can save client much shipping cost.

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5.Custom feedback of China special trailer

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FUDENG has always been well-known at home and abroad,which is also due to FUDENG’s commitment to providing high-quality and reliable equipment and services.Vietnamese customers who purchase China special trailer prefer FUDENG brand. Because FUDENG special trailer is very popular in the local area,and the quality is reliable.

Out of trust in FUDENG, the customer searched for FUDENG brand special trailer on Google,then downloaded the quotation from the web page of our website and left contact information.Our sale manager immediately got in touch with the customer and sent the detailed quotation to the customer by email.

After consideration,the customer confirmed with the sales staff the load and length of the special trailer,and after 1 months of negotiation,the deposit was finally paid.Now the special trailer has been completed and can be shipped.I hope customers can receive the goods smoothly.

6.Custom visiting of China special trailer

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7.How to maintain special trailer

Establish a maintenance schedule

Long routes through rain, snow,and sun will naturally degrade your equipment, but the more vulnerable parts of your flatbed trailer will require more frequent preventative maintenance. It’s important to follow regular one- and six-month maintenance schedules so early signs of wear and damage to your high-risk components don’t go unchecked.

Once a month:

– Check tires for wear and proper air pressure.

– Check lights and reflectors, inspect wiring.

– Inspect body for physical damage – paint, license plate, and mud flaps.

– Check landing gear legs and kingpin.

– Check cargo securement: check winches for smooth operation and winch straps for deterioration or tears.

Every six months:

– Check brake lining, inspect and record lining wear.

– Inspect wheel bearings, check for oil leaks.

– Check axle alignment, record the condition.

– Inspect for leaks and chafing, check seals and couplers, repaint wheels if showing wear, and check torque arms, springs, and U-bolts.

– Check all suspension components.

– Check tires, wheels, and lighting.

– Check landing gear legs and kingpin

8.What’s buying guide of special trailer

There are different uses for the special trailer as highlighted in here for the various industries.Deciding on the type of trailer to use is a lot easier now considering the capabilities of the special trailer.

This is the best trailer to use for transporting heavy equipment and structures because of their in-built capacity to take any load.It is unlikely that you will be handling loads that these carries are not able to take.

Special trailers are designed and built to take the heaviest and bulkiest loads around the world.The durability and capacity for each depends on the brand that you will identify for your application.

It is always recommended that you choose brands from top manufacture.Whether buying or hiring, this can can be a costly affair. Therefore,go for the best quality you can ever find in the market.


Q:Can i have samples of this type of trailer to test the quality?

A:Yes, you can buy any samples to test the quality,our MOQ is 1 set.

Q:What’s the delivery time and can you lower the price?

A:It depends on your order. The delivery time is within 15 workdays after we received your prepayment. If you have place an order of large quantities, then ,of course, the price can be lowered.

Q:Can i customize the painting and the trailer design?

A:Yes, we offer customized design and logo for reasonable type.

Q:What’s the payment method?

A:TT 30% as Deposit, Balance Before shipment by TT or L/C at sight

Q:How do you ensure its quality?

We are direct factory and we have professional quality inspector.We will not let any imperfections departure from our factory.

Q:Can you provide the certificate we need?

A:Yes,We can provide the certificate you need,such as FORM E,Certificate of origin,CNCA,SONCAP,ASME,DOT,ECE as so on.