Side Wall / Fence / Bulk Cargo Trailer

China side wall trailers are also called fence cargo trailers and bulk cargo trailers. It is mainly suitable for the middle and long-distance transportation of fruits, vegetables, rice, agricultural cargo, etc.
Fudeng Factory produces high-quality 2/3/4 axle fence cargo semi-trailers with loading capacities of 60 tons – 100 tons and 600 mm to 800 mm side walls. The bulk cargo trailers are professional for 40 ft cargo trailers, two 20 ft containers, or one 20 ft container without removing the lower side or frame.

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1.What Is The China Side Wall / Fence / Bulk Cargo Trailer?

China side wall trailer also called fence cargo trailer and bulk cargo trailer, it is mainly suitable for the middle and Long distance transportation of fruits, vegetable, rice and the agricultural cargo and so on.

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2.Description of Side Wall / Fence / Bulk Cargo Trailer

Fudeng Factory produces high quality 2/3/4 axle fence cargo semitrailers with loading capacities of 60 tons – 100 tons and 600 mm to 800 mm side walls, as well as side wall fence bulk cargo semitrailers which are a professional for 40 ft cargo trailers, two 20 ft containers, or one 20 ft container without removing the lower side or frame.

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Side Wall Trailer

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Fence Cargo Trailer

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Superlink Cargo Trailer

3.What’s the advantage of Side Wall Cargo Trailer?

1.China side wall cargo traileruses automatic arc-submerging welding method to weld the main beam, so the main beam is more stronger and more durable.
2.Durable mechanical widened spring suspension, make sure the side wall cargo trailer stable and safety .
3.Polyurethane paint, the side wall cargo trailer is more beautiful, effective protection of the body against rust, extend the life of the side wall cargo trailer.
4.High quality container locks, make sure the stable and safety of the loads.
5.We choose the JOST brand support leg for the side wall cargo trailerwith low cost and help customers get good trailers.
6.Our Fudeng brand side wall cargo trailer use high strength steel and upper plate 16mm, lower plate 18mm, middle plate 10mm.
7.We design the customized side wall board height from 0.6-2metres, and it can remove.
8.Our factory work with many famous tire factory directly, we could get a good tire price with durable quality

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4. Production of FUDENG Bulk Cargo Trailer

We has complete production line for bulk cargo trailer, total 6pcs working procedure to make sure high quality trailer for each customer.

1.Design drawings: Before production, we will send the design drawings to the customer to confirm the details of the bulk cargo trailer.We hope to provide our customers with the most suitable trailers.
2.Cutting and welding: Type I beam cutting adopts CNC plasma cutting machine, the I-beam welding adopts the gantry main sill welder.
3.Beam welding: I-beams are used for main beam and side beam to ensure more durable trailer.The reinforced rear plate can prevent the rear plate from breaking when heavy machinery climbs the trailer slope.
4.Surface treatment: In order to remove the rust of the body of the bulk cargo trailer, we sandblast the surface of the trailer, so that our bulk cargo trailer can have beautiful appearance, paint will be spread evenly, bond firmly, glossiness is more lasting.
5.Coating: one anti-rust coating, two coatingfor side wall cargo trailer.
6.Testing: We will test the quality of the bulk cargo trailer before delivery.

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5. Customer Visiting of China Truck Trailer

You are welcome to visit our factory and then you can find the best trailer you need.The factory firmly believes that careful and thoughtful service and continuous innovation of product technology are equally important, always take “100% customer satisfaction” as our business principle, “quality is the lifeline” as our core business, to give each user greater convenience and satisfaction level,Perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales system to ensure that we can provide satisfactory service for every user, to solve all your problems, the company with its strong technical force, advanced processing technology, superior product quality, satisfactory after-sales service,For the society to provide a wide variety of high-quality products, by the majority of customers recognized.

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6.How To Deliver China Side Wall Trailer and Fence Cargo Trailer?

Fudeng factory will choose the most safety and economy solutions shipping side wall trailer and fence cargo trailer, and so customers can get them happily.

1.We cooperated some ship companies which are professional many years, then we can get cheaper price first, and then we book the fast ship, try to send side wall trailer and fence cargo trailer to customer port as soon as possible.
2.We will spray waxside wall trailer and fence cargo trailer before loading on ship, to avoid corroding by sea water during shipping
3.We will buy insurance for customer, if the Side Wall Trailer and Fence Cargo Trailer have any problem during shipping, then our customer will get compensation for damages from ship company.

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China side wall trailer can shipping by 45HQ container, two trailers load by one container.

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3units fence cargo trailer can stack together shipping by Bulk Cargo to save sea freight.

7.Customer Feedback of China Dropside Cargo Trailer

China Dropside Cargo Trailer are well received by many customers, exported Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. If you are interested in china dump trailer, welcome to send inquiry here, our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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8.Is The China Fudeng Trailer Worth Buying?

China Fudeng Trailer pulled by a truck tractor and used to haul bulk commodity products, such as grain. These cargo trailers are used extensively throughout the Africa to transport agricultural products as well as any other commodity that can be hauled in bulk and loaded and unloaded through the trailer.

All the key component and parts used to make up the side wall fence bulk cargo semi trailers are purchased from qualified suppliers, so our semi trailers are able to withstand a long time of use, exhibiting great strength.

Fudeng trailer accessories and configuration all adopt international famous brand and China famous brand,this makes the trailer not only increase long service life but also improve operating efficiency and save maintenance costs.

9.How To Maintain Cargo Trailers?

1.It is even more important to maintain the cargo trailer as it carries a lot of weight and can cause damage or serious injury as a result.If a trailer falls off or has a major problem, you can’t control it and it ends up in disrepair.

2.How do I know if your trailer bushing is broken?Common signs include a dull noise when you accelerate or brake, excessive and uneven tire wear, and loose steering when cornering.

3.For heavy daily use of goods trailers (e.g. commercial or factory), it is recommended that the service be performed every 6 months or so.If your freight trailer receives less frequent or long-term use, a year of service is usually sufficient.

4.Part of trailer maintenance should include cleaning and lubricating the wheel bearings of each wheel.You will find your wheel bearing on the hub and it should be easy to disassemble after removing the hardware to hold it in place.Wipe the bearings and check that they are free of any scratches, dents or discoloration.

10.Fuel Saving Method While Driving China Box semi trailers

The mentality and driving skill level of box semi truck drivers have more direct influence on fuel consumption.Depending on the measured skill level, drivers can save 8-10% on fuel.

1.Please close the semi window

In order to save fuel, it is not recommended to turn off air conditioning and open Windows for ventilation at high speed.This is not desirable.At speeds above 85km/h, the wind resistance behind open Windows consumes more fuel than the air-conditioning system.Let the fuel economy index drop by 10%.

2.Suitable tire pressure box semi trailer

Check the tire pressure of the general cargo trailer regularly to ensure that the tire pressure is normal.Underinflated tires can have a very negative impact on tire performance and durability.Too high or too low tire pressure can shorten tire life and increase fuel consumption.The quality of a tyre has a great influence on fuel consumption.Compared with products of the same specification, fuel-efficient tires of high quality brands can reduce fuel consumption by 2% on average.

3.Replace worn box semi parts frequently

Automotive supplies, such as air filters, gasoline filters, oil filters, etc., should be replaced in time, and every 5000 kilometers or more, because the blockage of air filters will reduce the amount of gasoline, resulting in insufficient gasoline combustion, reduce fuel efficiency.