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China Container Trailer is carefully designed to the desired heights and weight capacity to safely load and transport cargo from one location to another. Each China container trailer truck comes with its load rating, and size alongside other systems as would be needed for its use. These specifications are very useful in helping you buy the right trailer for your operations

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1.Fuction of Container Trailer Truck

The function of a China Container Trailer Truck is made possible through its structure’s design and manufacture.
It is carefully designed to desired heights and weight capacity to safely load and transport cargo from one location to another.
Each China container trailer truck comes with its load rating, and size alongside other systems as would be needed for its use. These specifications are very useful in helping you buy the right trailer for your operations.
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2. Introduction of flatbed semi-trailer and skeleton semi-trailer

Flatbed semi-trailer

  • Flatbed semi-trailers are versatile. It is not only suitable for container transportation but also suitable for other functions. That way, you can use it for whatever purpose you want, because the tablet is easy to customize.
  • Lightweight and strong construction. A useful advantage of the honeycomb structure is that it provides you with a powerful lightweight structure capable of efficiently transferring loads from the floor structure to the trailer base to which the suspension system, kingpins, wheels, and landing gear are attached.
  • The design and construction of the trailer conform to the legal weight limit of the trailer to a large extent. This is considered to be of great added value to the trucking industry. The trailer has a weight advantage of about 4,000 pounds over conventional steel frame trailers and 2,500 pounds over aluminum frame trailers. This translates directly into enhanced payload capacity, as the trailer can carry loads up to the legal weight limit worldwide.
  • Due to simple and direct construction, purchasing power.
china container truck trailer
china container truck trailer1

Skeleton semi trailer

  • Skeleton semi-trailer is a kind of economical and practical trailer. This is an invention that provides a truck chassis to load and unload high-weight containers without much effort.
  • Its structure is simple. It includes a simple truck chassis, but a solid building.
  • The gooseneck model lowers the center of gravity, thus increasing trailer stability. In essence, they are safer in terms of stability.
  • This trailer is adjustable to meet the maneuvering conditions you require for handling. Adjust shaft spacing also according to your needs.
china container truck trailer2
china container truck trailer4

Superlink trailer

  • The transportation industry has different types of vehicles and platforms for different needs.
  • One of these vehicles is the hyperlink trailer.
  • Just like other modes of transportation, this type of trailer is suitable for certain applications that cannot otherwise be addressed by using other types of transportation platforms and vehicles.
  • Popularized because of the flexibility of hyperlink trailers.
  • Each trailer can run independently, improving the utilization rate of the tractor.
  • In this case, hyperlink trailers make shipping easier.
  • Super Linkt railers for sale are known for their highly rugged steel construction and we can offer super chain trailers in different configurations to meet your shipping needs.
  • Details here are extensive information on what makes this type of trailer and where to use it.
china container truck trailer11
china container truck trailer5
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3. Details/Main parts of Container Trailer Truck

1. High-strength side girders and main girders

The greatest feature of high-strength steel is its high strength. The yield strength of high-strength steel is twice that of manganese steel and three times that of ordinary steel.

When the flatbed trailer is manufactured, it withstands the same strength.

Frames made of high-strength steel use less material.

The upper, lower, and vertical fins can be made thinner and lighter.

By the weight, and the premise of standard loading, the advantage is more obvious.

2. Chinese Container Trailer Truck braking system

Brake chambers are round metal containers located on each wheel where compressed air is converted into mechanical force to brake and stop the vehicle.

Brake valves are used to control the braking of trucks or three-axle flatbed trailers.

A flat three-axle trailer suitable for a two-wire braking system, parking, or emergency braking is air braking. Automatic braking of a 20 ft flatbed trailer when the control pipe connection of the trailer brake system breaks or leaks.

3. Chinese Container Trailer Truck suspension

Steel plate suspension is a commonly used leaf spring, its full name is the series leaf spring balance suspension. It is mainly composed of leaf springs, suspension bearings (commonly known as lugs), connecting rods, U-bolts, and other components. The longitudinal force of the body falls directly on the axle. The biggest advantages of this kind of suspension are low price, good reliability, and convenient maintenance. At present, more than 80% of ordinary flat deck trailers in China use leaf spring balance suspension.

The most obvious feature of the 40-foot trailer air suspension on sale is its air bag-type spring. The 40-foot trailer air spring itself is relatively light in weight, the air medium in the airbag has little friction, almost no noise during operation, and the life is 2-3 times that of the leaf spring. However, when the use of an air spring, must provide can transfer in addition to the vertical force and torque bar system, so the suspension structure is complex; In addition, air spring sealing requirements are also more strict, and its cost is relatively high.

4. Chinese Container Trailer Truck loading device

Often referred to as outriggers. It is located at the front end of the 53-foot flat trailer sales rack and is used after the container semi is separated from the tractor. Classification of outriggers: Single-acting outriggers operate separately on both sides, with two cranks, and each gear has an automotive gearbox.

The connected outriggers are made from both sides during operation. There is only one crank, consisting of one gearbox and one gearbox without.

The main components of the outrigger have a two-speed gearbox, support sleeve, support rod, drive screw and support plate. The structure is very simple and the function is very important.

china container truck trailer6
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4. What’s the advantage of China Container Trailer Truck?

The need for a truck chassis capable of taking high-weight containers without loading and unloading problems prompted such a design. If you have the need, this is what you will do.

Again, the container chassis trailer gives you the option to take a high-weight container while giving you the option to make the adjustment ideal for maneuverability.

This type of trailer is a simple yet powerful one that can serve you even in rugged terrain.

A feature of the chassis trailer is that it can transport containers of different sizes such as 45 ‘, 40 ‘, and 20’ long containers.

5. How to ship a China Container Trailer Truck?

We can transport it by bulk cargo ship, or 2 units China Container Trailer Truck put into a container,2 units or 3 units Container Trailer Truck we will help clients to pile it up, it can save many shipping costs.

china container truck trailer7

6. Custom feedback on China Container Trailer Truck

Zimbabwe customers customized a China container truck trailer. This customer is an old customer of Fudeng. This customer is the owner of a transportation company. He bought side wall semi-trailers from Fudeng before. In the past few years, his transportation company has expanded. Therefore, the customer plans to order several China Container Trailer trucks from Fudeng.

There have been business dealings in sales, and the sales have sent drawings and pictures of different types of China Container Trailer trucks to customers. After confirming the size, configuration, and color of the trailer, the customer paid the deposit and took the final payment at the agreed time. Now he has already received our China Container Trailer Truck and is very pleased with container truck trailer, he promised that will order 5 units of China Container Trailer Truck in the future.

china container truck trailer8
china container truck trailer9

7. Custom Visiting of China Container Trailer Truck

china container truck trailer10


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8. How to maintain a Container Trailer Truck?

Make a maintenance plan

Long routes driven in rain, snow, and sun will naturally damage your equipment, but the fragile parts of flatbed trailers require more frequent preventative maintenance. It is important to follow regular 1 – and 6-month maintenance schedules so that early signs of wear and damage to high-risk components do not go unchecked.

Once a month:

——Check tires for proper wear and pressure.

——Check lights and reflectors, check wiring.

——Check the body for physical damage — paint, license plates, and fenders.

——Check landing gear legs and kingpins.

——Cargo safety check: check whether the winch runs smoothly and whether the winch sling is deteriorated or damaged.

Every six months:

——Check brake pads, check and record brake pad wear.

——Check wheel bearings for oil leakage.

——Check shaft alignment and record the situation.

——Check for leaks and scratches, check seals and couplers, repaint wheels if wear is found, and check torque arms, springs, and U-bolts.

——Check all suspension components.

——Check tires, wheels, and lighting.

——Check landing gear legs and kingpins.

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9. What is the buying guide of China Container Trailer Truck?

Your choice among these types of trailers first depends on your preferences based on the type of job you need to be done. Generally, the choice is usually made based on the following:

Weight Capacity Requirements

All these trailers can carry a considerable amount of weight. However, the 2 axles / 3 axles container chassis trailer is of much help when weight considerations are to be made. Its construction has primarily been made to provide a chassis that can help you carry high-weight containers. Most importantly, this can be adjusted to meet your desired conditions of maneuverability, loading, offloading, and axle spacing.

Number of Axles

Based on the amount of cargo to carry, trailer considerations can be made by looking at the number of axles for each trailer. They could be 2 axles or 3 axles. Don’t expect one with more than 3 axles because a container’s max weight capacity is 30 tons. For instance, the flatbed trailer structure has the capability of supporting several wheel axle assemblies at different positions along the trailer length.


If you use the trailer to transport not only containers but also some other cargo, it is better to choose the flatbed trailer type. The container chassis is only used for containers. Should your work require loading and offloading at certain inclined positions, then the container tilt trailer would be the best choice for you.


Cost is also an important factor to consider in your choice of a trailer. If all you need is a simple trailer for a simple application, it wouldn’t be wise to choose the container tilt trailer. The container tilt-type trailer has a higher price than the rest. This is primarily due to its advanced lifting system. A flatbed or a container chassis will do.

10. How to purchase a China Container Trailer Truck?

1. We need to confirm the specifications of the Chinese Container Trailer Truck and send you the best quotation. We can confirm payment, delivery date, order quantity, and production time together. After confirmation, we will send you the PI.

2. If there is no problem with PI, you can arrange a 30% deposit and provide a bank slip.

3. After receiving the deposit, we will arrange the production of container truck trailers in China. We will send you pictures or videos of tanker trailers in the production process of tanker trucks in China.

4. We will inform you to pay the balance of 70% after the production of container trailers in China is completed. After receiving the balance, we will arrange tanker truck trailer transportation. Then send the original documents by DHL, and we will update the estimated arrival time in time.

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11. FAQ

Q1.Can your trucks be legally used in our country?

A: Yes, they are CCC and ISO-approved, and it has valid VIN so that they can be used legally on the road.

Q2.How about your product quality?

A: The products have passed the ISO, CCC, SGS, BV, and CONTECNA qualification certifications. All our spare parts are from the original manufacturers with original part numbers and an anti-fake label, the quality is 100% guaranteed.

Q3.How about your company’s service, especially after-sale service?

A: Fudeng Automobile has been in this field for many years, our company is constantly improving the service quality to provide excellent service for customers according to the “client first” principle. We always do our best to solve all the problems and put our customer’s interests in the first place.

Q4.Are there any advantages to your price?

A: Fudeng Automobile is the most semi-trailer exporter, which provides guarantees for reasonable prices and good quality. Especially, we provide a new service pattern–an online customized service, which aims to produce cars according to customers’ specific requirements.

Q5.What are your lead time and voyage days?

A: Our trailer usually can be completed within 20 working days and the voyage day may take 30 days to arrive in your ports, depending on the distance of your country.

Q6.How can I learn more about container trailers?
A: You can connect with us through any of the following contact information. Our personalized service person will respond to you within 24 hours.