Tipper Trailer

The tipper trailer is suitable for transporting coal, ore, building materials, and other bulk cargo. We can manufacture rear tipper trailers, side tipper trailers, and conveyor belt transport semi trailers according to customer transport demand. There are different functions of different tipper semi-trailers, and you can see them clearly in the pictures.

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1.Function of Dump Tipper Trailers

The tipper trailer is suitable for transporting coal, ore, building materials and other bulk cargo.Dump semi-trailers can be divided into two categories according to their uses: heavy and super heavy tipper trailers for off-highway transportation, which mainly undertake the transportation tasks of large mines and projects and are usually used together with excavators.The other category belongs to light, medium general tipper trailer, used for road transport, mainly undertake sand, coal and other loose cargo transport, usually used together with the loader.

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2.Description of Tipper Semi Trailer

In recent years, the country has made great efforts to develop infrastructure, and various regions, such as high-speed, railway, airport and other transportation facilities, the demand for building materials is increasing, at the same time, the direct drive is the demand for relevant transport vehicles, in addition to the national super effect is significant, and undoubtedly promote the standard sand and gravel dump everywhere. So China tipper semi trailer become popular product in construction and mining business.

We can manufacture rear tipper trailer, side tipper trailer, conveyor belt transport semi trailer according to customer transport demand, there has different functions of different type tipper semi trailer, you can see them clearly by pictures.

China Rear Tipper Trailer (11)

Fudeng rear tipper trailer will work at construction and mining business, tipping sand and stone by front oil cylinder lifting.

China side tipper trailer (2)

The side tipper trailer will work on grain and coal transport business, tipping cargo by bottom oil cylinders, usually ”5+1”or “6+1”.

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Fudeng conveyor belt transport semi trailer will work many kinds of industry, include big stone and small grain, tipping cargo by conveyor belt.

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3.What’s the advantage of Dump Tipper Trailer?

If you manage a fleet of vehicles and commercial trailers, you can use dump trailers in many applications.Their ability to transport aggregate loads is perfect for construction and agricultural industries, end, belly, bottom and side trailer sales.Check forden Trailer’s inventory of new tipper trailers for sale so you can get the job done safely, quickly, and efficiently.

1. The carriage adopts the way of rollover and self-unloading after rollover, which can effectively improve the transportation efficiency of the loader transporting loose and dispersed goods.
2. The frame and track are welded with high quality manganese plate, and the box body has dustpan and rectangle.With high strength, strong lifting force, strong rigidity, toughness, strong bearing capacity, no permanent deformation.
3. Excellent technology: the main parts are processed by advanced equipment, the longitudinal beam is fully automatic submerged arc welding, and the wheel shaft and steel spring are assembled by the assembly machine.
4. Our factory has a strict quality inspection department, we will test the tipping system before delivering the tipping trailer to customers, so that we can ensure long-term cooperation with our customers with the best quality of the trailer.

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4.Customer Visiting of China Tipping Semi Trailer

We are semi trailer factory in China, we manufacture trailer with tipper, flatbed trailer, dropside trailer, lowbed trailer, fuel tanker trailer and so on, and we can supply trucks, include Sinotruk Howo and Shacman. If you are interested in fudeng trailers, welcome to visit our factory!

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5.How To Deliver China Dumping Semi Trailer?

China tipper semi trailer can deliver to your near port by ship, we always shipping trailer by Bulk Cargo or Flat Rack. After tipper trailer finish production ready shipping, we will check the ship, help our customer get a most fast and safe shipping company. And we also can cover a tarpaulin for trailer with tipper to avoid rusting when shipping.

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6.Customer Feedback of China Truck Trailer

Fudeng tipper semi trailer are well received by many customers, exported Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. If you are interested in china tipper trailer, welcome to send inquiry here, our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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7.Is The China Rear Dump Trailer Worth Buying?

A rear tipper trailer is also called a tipper trailer or tipping trailer. Rear tipper trailers are used to load sand, stone, coal and other solid building materials or industrial raw materials. Rear tipper semi trailers are designed to make unloading easier. After the back of the trailer is locked, sand can be loaded. When it arrives at the destination, the front side of the semi-trailer can be raised, which makes the goods drop from the back. The bucket of the trailer requires a thicker steel plate, because the goods are often hard materials, and the steel plate can prevent the cargo from damaging the trailer.

The hydraulic lifting system of the rear tipper trailer is mainly composed of power output (transmission), hydraulic pump, lifting valve, pneumatic control valve, limit valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic tank, high (low) pressure tubing and so on.

Rear trailer with tipper hydraulic lifting principle: operate the tractor tipper trailer transmission power take-off device to drive the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump sucks the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank through the low-pressure oil inlet pipe and generates high-pressure oil for output. The high-pressure oil output by the gear pump enters the poppet valve through the high-pressure oil pipe. The lift valve sends high pressure oil to the oil cylinder or discharges it into the hydraulic oil tank under the control of the air control valve, thereby achieving the functions of lifting, stopping and lowering the hydraulic oil cylinder.

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8.How To Operate Tipper Dump Trailer?

1.Before unloading, ensure that there are no personnel on both sides and rear of dump truck and trailer for sale, and check whether the lifting limit device of tipper trailer for sale is in good condition.

2.After the completion of the lifting operation of the semi-dump trailer, before driving, be sure to close the power output switch of the semi tipper trailer, so that the power output is separated from the gearbox, and stop the oil pump.Then put the manually operated valve in the middle stop position to avoid the danger of automatic lifting during driving.

3.The tipper and trailer sold can only be driven after the car is reset to the upper wing surface of the subframe.Because side tipper trailer for sale transportation is in the state of lifting, it is easy to cause failures and accidents.

4.Sales transport with semi tipper trailer goods evenly distributed, not exercise or self-discharge, partial load serious.

5.To make the gear pump work, first press the clutch pedal and then turn on the power switch of the tip trailer to avoid the impact when the power gear is engaged.

6.When trailer with tipper is lifted, the engine speed should be controlled within 2000r/min, especially after the new dump trailer for sale is lifted to 40°, do not increase the throttle, so as not to damage the limit valve and other parts.

7.When lifting the car, there shall be no facilities or personnel within 5 meters around, and the operator shall not leave the grain unloader in the taxi.

8.When the tipper trailer near me is running, the chassis power take-off must stop and the manually operated valve must stop position in the chassis dump tipper trailer.It is strictly prohibited to operate the manual valve to the lifting position.

China Tipper Dump Trailer
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9.How To Maintain Dump Trailer?

(1) The new hydraulic tipper trailer should be slowly lifted during run-in.In principle, the engine speed should be controlled at about 1000 RPM, and the running in period should not exceed 1500 RPM.

(2) Because of the iron filings and other impurities in the hydraulic system of the semi tipper trailer in the run-in process, when the side dump trailer is lifted 300 times or so, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time and the hydraulic tank should be cleaned;

(3) High-pressure tubing must be replaced every two years.In daily maintenance, if the hose leaks, is damaged or partially swollen or cracked, it should be replaced in time.

(4) Check whether the hydraulic oil changes color or deteriorates every week.If there is discoloration or deterioration, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time.Change oil according to region and season.It is generally appropriate to change oil in April and October.When you find you are low on fuel, you should fill it up in time.

(5) The upper and lower supports of the oil cylinder shall be filled with grease (butter) in time.It is recommended that the cylinder be filled with grease once every 120 times or 15 days.After not using for a long time, need to fill grease again;

(6) Check the oil return filter element and air filter element in the hydraulic tank every half month for debris blockage cleaning, and replace the oil return filter element and air filter element of the hydraulic tank every six months.

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10.What Is Difference Between Dump Trailer And Dump Truck ?

Tipper trailer trucks are used to move materials from one place to another.So, on the surface, they seem very similar.However, they are absolutely different.If you are considering whether to buy a dump truck or a dump trailer, you must know the differences before making a final decision.

Although tipper trailers may provide greater load-bearing capacity, they are difficult and dangerous to operate under heavy loads.
Dump trucks, on the other hand, also offer huge load-bearing capacity and are powerful enough to carry tons of weight.
But once you choose a tipper trailer, you’re stuck with its capacity.

Dump trailers are better suited for paved roads than tight Spaces and difficult terrain.Dump trucks are used safely and efficiently in rocky or sandy terrains.

Tipper trailers have the best dump mechanism and use less power.However, dump trucks offer a more durable and stable mechanism to get the job done faster.

Although a dump trailer is a more affordable solution than a dump truck, in some cases the largest trailer can be very expensive.

If you want a tipper trailer that can work with all types of loads and is affordable, then you should go for a dump trailer.But if you want something stable, simple and safe, and you can afford a good deal of money, then you should get a dump truck.The vehicle you choose must meet your construction requirements.

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