Low Bed Trailer For Sale

The low bed trailer is usually used to transport heavy tractors, buses and special vehicles, etc. Its center of gravity is lower, the better stability and safety. If you are looking for a low bed trailer to help transport vehicles, heavy machinery, or other massive loads, our team at Fudeng is here to help you.

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1.What Is The Low Bed Trailer?

If you’re moving large equipment,  you need the correct trailer. The low bed trailer might be the answer for you.

The low bed trailer is usually used to transport heavy tractors, buses and special vehicles, etc., rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, engineering machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, cranes, etc. and other heavy goods, its center of gravity is lower, the better stability and safety.

When loading mechanical equipment onto a low bed trailer, it is usually loaded from the rear ramp, and then fixing the mechanical equipment to the low bed trailer. If you are looking for a low bed trailer to help transport vehicles, heavy machinery, or other massive loads, our team at Fudeng is here to help you.

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2.Description Of Low Deck Trailer

Our low deck trailer, adopt the first frame and the second frame by frame connections, is advantageous for the heavy equipment, can satisfy the climbing ability of different kinds of heavy equipment, the bearing surface height of the trailer also got larger design space, and increase the effective bearing area of low bed semi trailer, increase the transportation efficiency.

Chinese low deck trailer can design 2/3/4/5/6 axles load 40-150tons heavy duty, customized loading deck dimension depend on your transport demand, heavy axles, thicken suspension and durable tires suit for bad road condition in Africa, welcome your inquiry, our engineer can provide best solution for your reference.

3 Axle 80 Ton Lowbed Trailer Driving 8 Checks Before

3 Axles 40-80tons China Low Bed Semi Trailer

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer2

4 Axles 80-120tons China Low Bed Semi Trailer

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80-150tons Detachable Gooseneck Semi Trailer

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3.Main Parts Of Lowbed Semi Trailer

For main parts of FUDENG low bed trailer, we always design the most durable heavy specifications, combined with the customer’s transportation load capacity and road conditions, our engineers will provide drawings, the production department will manufacture low bed trailer according to customer requirements, and quality inspection department will test each part before shipping to customer, to ensure the good performance, long service life, so our trailer can bring more benefits to the customer.

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Strong axle and double tires for heavy machinery equipment transportation

China 3 Axle 40-80 Ton Low Bed Trailer6

Thicken mechanical suspension with leaf spring adapt to rough road condition

China 3 Axle 40-80 Ton Low Bed Trailer4

Reinforced goose neck design for lower center of loading deck gravity

China low bed semi trailer (6)

Spare tire carrier design can save space, put your spare tire here

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4.What’s the advantage of Lowboy Trailer?

Lowboy trailer is widely used in different sectors because of their advantages over other heavy transporters. One of the ways of increasing stability is widening the base of support. This is possible with lowboy trailers because the cargo plane width can be widened. The lowboy trailers remain stable on the road irrespective of the height and weight of the machine.

1. The main frame of china lowboy traileris made of Q345B high-tensile steel, reasonable structure, superior carrying capacity and no permanent deformation; It can be reinforced according to using requirement.
2. National level welding supervisor, meanwhile cooperate automatic welding machine, and more 30 minutes per process than normal welding time, ensure the best welding results for low bed semi
3. China lowboy trailer adopts heavy goose neck structure, provides lower transport center of gravity and smoother travel, ensuring safe transportation of low bed trailer and cargo and maximizing safety.
4. World famous brand spare parts, such as BPW axle, JOST landing gear and WABCO brake system, ensure high quality and save maintenance costs.

We understand it’s important to choose the very best low bed semi trailer. We are top semi trailer factory in China which has manufacture high quality trailers more than 20 years, welcome to check out the best lowboy trailer from Fudeng!

5.Customer Visiting of China FUDENG LowBed Trailer

As a professional manufacturer, Fudeng Factory has provided many low bed trailer for Africa market, such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, South Sudan, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Cote d’lvoire etc. We have many more advantages on the low bed trailer’s cost and quality control.

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6.How To Deliver/Package/Shipping China FUDENG Lowbed Trailer?

Fudeng factory will choose the most safety and economy solutions shipping low bed trailer, and so customers can get them happily.

1.We cooperated some ship companies which are professional many years, then we can get cheaper price first, and then we book the fast ship, try to send lowbed trailer to customer port as soon as possible.
2.We will spray wax lowbed trailer before loading on ship, to avoid corroding by sea water during shipping
3.We will buy insurance for customer, if the lowbed trailer has any problem during shipping, then our customer will get compensation for damages from ship company.

Look our two and three units lowbed trailers shipping as one package to save much sea freight for customer.

china low bed trailer

7.China FUDENG Low Bed Trailer Use Feedback.

As a professional low bed trailer manufacturer, Fudeng Factory has won the favor of domestic and foreign customers for its excellent product quality, low price and perfect after-sales service. The annual output to 900 semi-trailers,it is enough to prove the trust and affirmation of customers.

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8.Is The China FUDENG High Quality Low Bed Trailer Worth Buying?

1.Reply your inquiry in 12 working hours;

2.Experienced staffs answer all your questions;

3.Training how to use and maintain the lowbed semi trailer.

4.Spare parts for all types of engine machinery with reasonable price;

5.Different kinds of semi trailer can be provided with competitive price.

6.Always final Inspection before shipment;

Every node of our low bed trailer production will be inspected strictly. Moreover, advanced equipment rather than only worker is been applied during the whole producing process to ensure the welding quality.

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9.How To Maintain Heavy Duty Low Bed Trailer?

LowBed Trailer Maintenance:

1.Before the new lowbed trailer is used for the first time, we should check it according to the “instructions for use” and tighten all external bolts and nuts.
2.Within the first 300 kilometers of a new low bed trailer, its components are in a running state. During this period, the weight of the trailer should not exceed 80% of the rated load, and it should not be driven on muddy roads.
3.After the new lowbed trailer runs for 30-50 kilometers, check the wheels and suspension bearings for high heat or noise. If you find any abnormality, find out the cause in time and remove it.
4.After the new lowbed trailer travels 300-500 kilometers, you should tighten all bolts and nuts.
Maintenance of hoses in air brake systems:

In addition to observing the contents of the pre vehicle inspection, it must also perform the following maintenance.

1.For high pressure winding hoses in brake hoses, we must check it is subject to friction, pressure, etc.
2.For brake hoses, we must always check whether the rubber is aging, and immediately replace it when found.

In order to drive safely and extend the service life of low bed trailer, it is necessary to regularly replenish grease to each lubricating part. Pay attention to the following when replenishing grease:

1.Clean the refueling utensils and oil cups first.
2.When the oil cup cannot be filled with grease, the cause should be checked, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced.

3 Axle 80 Ton Lowbed Trailer Driving 8 Checks Before
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10.FAQ(What Is Buying Guide Of Semi Trailers?)

Q1.Are you a manufacturer?
A:Yes, we have been in special vehicle manufacturing and marketing for over 20 years.

Q2.What markets do your vehicle export to?
A:Europe, North & South America, South-East Asia, Africa, Oceania, Middle East countries etc.

Q3.Can I paint my logo on trailer?
A:Of course, you can send me your company logo, then we will design it.

Q4.What is your terms of payment?
A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery.

Q5.How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, it will take 15 to 30 days after receiving your advance payment.

Q6.What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
A: Please let us know the your purpose,road condition,cargo type,tons of your cargo,dimensions of trailer,quantity etc. The more info you provide, the more accurate model and price you will get.

Q7.How can I get the price of your vehicle?
A: You can connect with us through any of the following contact information. Our personalized service person will respond you within 24 hours.

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