Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

The bulk cement tanker trailer is used to transport cement, lime, sand, and various powder materials with a diameter of ≤0.1mm. The most commonly used sites include cement plants, warehouses, and large construction sites. It can save a lot of packaging materials and handling labor, thus saving costs.

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1.What is Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

Bulk cement tanker trailer also known as cement carrier, cement bulk trailer.Cement tanker is used to transport cement, lime, sand and various powder materials with diameter ≤0.1mm.

It consists of special vehicle chassis, bulk cement tanker trailer, air piping system, automatic unloading device and other parts.The most commonly used sites include cement plants, cement warehouses and large construction sites.It can save a lot of packaging materials and handling labor, thus saving costs.

Bulk Cement Silo Trailer

3 axles bulk cement trailer

Powder Pneumatic Trailer

4 axles bulk cement trailer

Cement Bulker Trailer

W shape bulk cement trailer

Wheat Flour Tanker Trailer

Wheat flour bulk cement trailer

2.Feature of Bulker Cement Truck

Bulk cement truck is available in different capacities from 20 m³/ CBM, 30 m³/ CBM, 40 m³/ CBM, 50 m³/ CBM, and 70 m³/ CBM.Each type uses a different number of axes, such as 2, 3, and 4 axes.

1.Best Raw steel: Tank body and construction made of YP ≥ 620 high-strength steel, ensure longer service life and lighter tare weight.
2.Excellent Performance, Unique design ensures unloading rate, 1.3t/min, 30m vertical discharge distance.
3.Quality welding:  Good steel with quality welding support longer guarantee for 40-ton pneumatic cement trailers.
4.Durable Painting: the Whole vehicle Shot blasting clean base for painting, twice primer support longer painting life.
5.40-ton bulk cement trailer design: 3D drawing with Ansys & Hypermesh Analyze support reasonable design.

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3.Main Parts of Bulk Carrier Trailer

  • Fudeng bulk cement carrier trailer adopt Weichai engine & Famous brand air compressor so that keep the fast unloading speed.
  • Each unit dry bulk cement trailer will have big tool box then you can put some pares parts and tools in it.
  • The cement silo semi trailer use JOST brand landing gear more stable when not connected to tractor truck.
  • About bulk cement tanker trailer axles, we have different brand for your optional (BPW/ FUWA / FD etc).
Bulk Carrier Tanker Trailer

4.Advantage of Powder Tanker Trailer:

1.FUDENG powder tanker trailer, adopt high strength wear-resistant steel. To fabric the most durable tankers, especially for Africa Market, considering the road condition.
2.Weadopts the advanced machine, that ensure the high quality of welding seams, long service life and good appearance in tanker trailerbody.
3.After the production, all the FUDENGcement silo trailers will go through the pressure test and metal inspection testing, to ensure a good sealing property of our bulk cement trailer.
4.There are 10 air bags inside the tanker(others only 6 or 8 ).
5.FUDENG brand bulk cement trailer uses world-famous brand diesel-engine Weichai 4102 to help the air compressor work better, the discharging speed can reach to 1.6ton per minute.

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5.Sea transportation of Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer

We will order the Freight liner in advance before the production is completed, and conduct an inspection after the production is completed. The inspected bulk cement trailer will be dispatched to you according to the latest shipping time.

In order to prevent the paint of the  cement bulk tankertrailer from being corroded by seawater, we will spray a layer of wax on the surface of the powder tanker trailer before transportation.

Dry Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer

6.Client Visiting of Bulk Cement Tank Semi Trailer

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China Powder Tanker Trailer
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7.Tips of Cement Bulker Trailer:

What should I pay attention to when using dry bulk cement trailer?

1). Do not use any method to increase the extra loading capacity of the bulk trailer.

2). When loading and unloading bulk cement trailer, no one should stand around the pneumatic sand trailer.

3). The cement bulk trailer should keep the transportation hoses and joints intact.

8.Why Choose Fudeng Brand Cement Bulker Trailer?

In the future, we will continue to listen attentively to customer needs, innovation, continuous exploration and development of technology, to providecustomers with V-type cement tanker semi trailer bulk cement tanker overall solution.Looking into the future, we firmly believe that attitude determines everything, and details determine success or failure.We will conscientiously do every product, the details to the extreme, this is our return and commitment to people!

Our characteristics are “high quality, accurate delivery, good price”.Adhering to the core values of “customer value as the guide,the pursuit of excellent quality”, the company is dedicated to providing high quality, fast and satisfactory service to customers at home and abroad.

Bulk Cement Tank Semi Trailer
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9. Quality guarantee of Powder Pneumatic Trailer

1.More than 20 years experiences in trailer and truck industrial, exported to more than 30 countries in Africa,Southeast Asia.
2.Two years free warranty terms for the I beam, three to six month free warranty terms for the Axles,suspension etc.
3.Spare parts support services.
4.Able to custom-built design as your requirement, ensure to meet your local road regulation.


Our Services

  • Custom welcome: our engineers design drawings for you according to your requirementsand Produce according to your requirements.
  • High quality steel, exquisite workmanship, reasonable price to provide.
  • We provide quotation within 24 hours, welcome to contact us at any time.
  • Spare parts for trailer or tractor will be shipped at a discount of 2%.

After-Sales Service

  • 3 key components (engine, main beam, shaft)12 months.
  • Tracking service time: lifetime.
  • Provide third party service to overseas customers.
  • Procedure Description
  • Parts on time
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