Side Loader Trailer

The side loader trailer is a specialized semi-trailer used to lift and transport standard containers over long distances. Also known as a container side loader, this trailer is basically used for container transfer.

1.Description of side loader trailer

It consists of a lift module, or crane mounted on the trailer chassis. These lifting parts can also be mounted on subframes normally mounted on trucks.
Trailer lift modules are usually made of high-quality, high-strength steel to provide sufficient strength capability.
They include prominent features such as wide-angle stabilizer booms and legs, controlled by a hydraulic unit that can be powered from the tractor’s power take-off system (PTO) or auxiliary Power Unit (APU).
The lift module can easily slide smoothly inward or outward in 20 ‘, 40 ‘or 45’ positions.

china container side lifter trailer3

Container side lifter truck

china container side lifter trailer4

Container side lifter trailer

2.Details/Main Parts- side loader trailer for sale

Crane — also known as the crane module

This is a hydraulic powered crane that can lift cargo/containers from the ground, another vehicle, a loading area, a railway wagon or directly from the top of another container placed on the ground from any other platform listed above.It can be lifted up and down the chassis.The crane is usually located on top of the side chassis and is usually able to move along the chassis which is moved by a hydraulic motor or cylinder in order to load different containers and cargo lengths.

Actuated Power Unit

Typically, a crane is powered by a diesel or gasoline engine mounted on a trailer.However, the sidelifter crane can also be powered by a PTO from a tractor or truck.

Steady legs

These hydraulic legs are used to lift a fully loaded container while keeping the vehicle in position. They prevent the vehicle from tilting. The stabilizer legs can be adjusted to aid operation on uneven ground and improve a more significant margin of safety and load limit when packing. Legs can be extended and tilted to provide additional capacity when containers are lifted from restricted locations such as trailer decks.


During the hoisting operation, the Angle casting is connected from the upper part of the crane to the base of the container.There is a special connection that allows the user to lock two 20ft containers when placed between them.This allows side lifters to carry them as if they were a 40-foot container.


This is for pulling trailers.In some cases, it is powered by PTO.This fitting also provides compressed air for the brakes on the side lift wheels.In general, the side lift cannot be operated without being connected to the tractor.This is because, even if the power pack is carried by a side lift, the tractor provides compressed air for the trailer brakes and provides additional stability during lift operations.


Chassis is an important structure.It manages the weight of loaded cargo/container.Not only that, it supports the crane.

Remote control.

This is a push-button and joystick device, basically connected by multiple pairs of wires or radio signals.This allows the driver operator to move around the container and view the equipment from a different Angle during the lifting operation.

3.Types of side loader trailer

The traditional container rail elevator is a typical embedded model. It is installed with a stable bracket and embedded lifting frame. Other models have a two-side loader with dagger legs or leg-over stabilizers. Container side cranes can also be classified according to chassis design, for example:

Grid chassis

This is a very unique original design.It is the most popular type of standard design.It has a very low tare weight while providing a lot of power.

I-Beam Chassis

This is an alternative chassis benchmark for customers.Therefore, customers can choose this type based on their own needs and comparison with other types.

4.Customer Visiting of China container lift trailer

china container side lifter trailer


5.Drawing of side loader trailer

This drawing of standard 40ft container side loader for sale, get more information for it, please send inquiry to us.

china container side lifter trailer5

6.Shipping of China Container Side Loader

The side loader container trailer is generally transported by bulk carrier or roll-on-roll-on ship. Before side lift container transport, we spray the entire vehicle with wax and cover important parts such as the boom with a poncho.

china container side lifter trailer1

7.Quality Guarantee of side loader trailer

1.Maintenance of transmission mechanism

When maintaining the transmission mechanism of the container side loader trailer, be sure to pay attention to the maintenance of the motor. Do not try to prevent water or oil from entering the equipment while turning. Also, ensure that the China container side loader trailer motor terminal box is excellent in water resistance.

In addition,if there are seasonal changes,but also timely to replace the transmission mechanism of appropriate lubricating oil or reducer.

2.Track maintenance

In the maintenance of the China side loader trailer,our enginner suggested that we use a small hammer knock method to check the track,track fixed bolt crack or loose,and to carry out foreign body treatment.

3.Maintenance of metal parts

The maintenance of metal parts of China Container Side Loader mainly lies in the maintenance and inspection of the main stress points,especially some important connection parts.

Because metal parts are mostly exposed to the outside for a long time,it is necessary to remove rust or refresh the paint regularly.

4.Maintenance of electrical components and circuits

The maintenance of the electrical components and lines of the China container side loader focuses on the cleaning of the electrical switches. Thus, ensure that the contact performance of the line is good and avoid short or broken circuits. It is also necessary to ensure that the grounding bolts of the electrical equipment are tightened without problems.


Q:I want to transport the truck by container,is it ok?

A:Yes,it is ok,but we need to take apart the truck, you need to reinstall in your country.

Q:How about your product quality?

A:All of our spare parts are from the original manufacturers,the quality is 100% guaranteed.

Q:I want to be your agent, is that ok?

A:It’s ok,if your quantity is big, we will consider,for the first time,50units is ok.

Q:What is the payment terms?

A:Payment term is negotiable and there will be favorable payment terms for long-term customers.T/T,LC,D/P,depending on the cooperation time,country and contract value.