28 Foot Flatbed Trailer How It Should Be Maintained?

28 Foot Flatbed Trailer How It Should Be Maintained?

What is a 28 foot flatbed trailer?

A 28 foot flatbed trailer is typical open deck equipment. There is neither a roof nor sides. Mainly used to transport heavy, oversized, wide containers such as machinery, building materials or equipment. The flat design makes it easy to load and unload cargo.
Flatbed trailers are versatile and versatile. This makes it one of the most popular trailers on the street today. Typically, cargo is loaded onto the top, sides and back of the panel. With this easy loading option, flatbeds have become one of the cornerstones of today’s trucking industry. So how should a 28ft flatbed be serviced?

28 Foot Flatbed Trailer How It Should Be Maintained?

Check tyres

Tire pressures on 28 foot flatbed trailers should be checked monthly at room temperature. If it is below the normal standard, the tire pressure should be refilled in good time. The air pressure must be neither too high nor too low, otherwise driving safety will be impaired. Check tires for cracks. If there is a safety risk, replace the tire in time. When choosing tires, the model should be the same.

28 Foot Flatbed Trailer How It Should Be Maintained?28 Foot Flatbed Trailer How It Should Be Maintained?

Check the battery

Check that the 28 foot flatbed trailer battery is securely attached. The electrolyte should be between the upper limit and the lower limit, and the electrolyte or distilled water should be added to the upper limit in time when it is close to the offline limit. Keep the battery positive and negative wires in good contact. Keep the battery clean and dry. For vehicles that have been parked for a long time. Disconnect the positive and negative battery cables. Rewired after about half a month. About 20 minutes after starting the engine, if the battery is obviously insufficient, charge it in time.

28 Foot Flatbed Trailer How It Should Be Maintained?

Check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder

If the clutch fluid level is between high and low on a 28ft pickup truck, this is normal. If it is lower than the standard line, the master cylinder or cylinder may be damaged. When the engine is running, it is difficult or impossible to change gears. Please contact the nearest repair station for repair.

Check the brake fluid level

The 28 foot flatbed trailer brakes are also between high and low, suggesting it’s normal. If the brake fluid is near or below the low limit, there may be a leak in the system or excessive brake shoe wear. It should be repaired in the repair station in time. When topping up brake fluid, be sure to use the same type of brake fluid. To avoid damage to the leather mug. Be sure to protect the paint surface to prevent corrosion of the paint surface.

28 Foot Flatbed Trailer How It Should Be Maintained?

Check engine coolant level

Never open the radiator cap while the 28ft flatbed engine is warm. Otherwise, you could be scalded by the coolant or hot steam that spurts out. After the engine has cooled, check that the coolant level should be between full and low. Otherwise distilled or pure water or refrigerant should be added. The liquid level after adding water should not exceed the full liquid level. If you find that the coolant decreases rapidly in a short period of time. Please check the cooling system for leaks or go to a repair shop for inspection.

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