3axles flatbed trailer will be sent to Zimbabwe

3Axles Flatbed Trailer Will Be Sent To Zimbabwe


Our full range of flat-deck semi trailers offer our customers the flexibility to be used in many applications such as general freight, container cartage, road train operations and more. Which have exported to many counties in Africa and Asia like Zambia,Tanzania,Kuwait,Philippines etc. We can custom built or provide our standard Flat Deck, Lead and Tag Trailer models. With the option of beaver tail models to come. All our products are manufactured to meet our customers’ demands with emphasis on design, durability, low tare weights, reduced maintenance costs and resale values. Fudeng are also able to offer a range of optional extra such as aluminium gates, aluminium or chrome wheels, container pins & pedestals, extra lights, extra tool boxes, etc which will enhance the already standard features of your trailer

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3Axles Flatbed Trailer Will Be Sent To Zimbabwe

Customers in Zimbabwe know about our Fuden 3axles flatbed trailer through the introduction of friends.

Alison, the account manager, introduced the advantages of our 3axles flatbed trailer in detail, and sent our pictures, videos and quotations to customers, so that customers can fully understand our 3axles flatbed trailer, so as to help customers better choose our Fudeng products.

After a series of pleasant conversations, the customer finally chose our fudeng 3 axles flatbed trailer from 4 suppliers.

2.About Fudeng 3axles FlatBed Trailer

3 Axles Flatbed trailer for 20ft 40ft Container transport ,The Standard dimension is 12.5m*2.5m*1.55m or Customized for Clients ,And if Customers have request for Specifications ,We can according to Customers requirement to design ,It with 12 units THT Twistlock can fixed the container on trailer ,If you want to addition the front board ,We can design 1.2 Meters to 1.5 Meters Front Board for you ,and Our factory have many Axles brand , Like FUWA/BPW/L1/FD all can be choosen by yourself , and the workman have high welding technology , can design Good capacity main beam.

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3.Note for use of 3axles flatbed trailer


3axles Flatbed trailer driving on the road/notes to pay attention to safety in driving, if out of the long distance, it is necessary to check the vehicle must be checked, including: the vehicle’s half shaft screw transmission screw horn light tire pressure these are necessary to compare the accident place is these points:

When driving, pay attention not to move the steering wheel because the body is relatively long. If it moves, there may be rollover turning. It is more important to pay attention to trying to play the spare space or the tail can not pass is easy to throw to the person, when reversing the direction is opposite, to play slowly back, the amplitude is not too large, eyes and ears.


3axles Flatbed trailer driving on the road/matters needing attention do not use the “first off and then brake” approach for brake running-in.

While this can reduce the impact of braking on the engine, it can be dangerous, especially if it becomes a habit.

After the company reminds you that the new car in the run-in period should often check whether the oil, coolant, battery electrolyte is sufficient, found that the lack of must be timely supplemented.

After reaching the mileage specified by the manufacturer, the vehicle should be inspected and maintained at the service station in time, the oil and filter should be replaced, and the chassis system should be comprehensively checked.

Completed the first protection, is equal to the trailer smoothly through the run-in period, from then on can better serve you.

3 m -16 m -17.5 m heavy duty low flat semi trailer, from 30 tons -300 tons of low flat semi trailer everything.

So flatbed trailer can be designed and manufactured according to customer demand.

3 Axles container flat bed semi trailer
40Ft Flatbed Container Semi Trailer

4.More products

We also have Flatbed semi trailer, skeleton semi trailer, drop side semi trailer,box/bulk cargo/ fence trailer, low bed semi trailer, oil fuel tanker trailer,rear dump tipper trailer, side dumper trailer, bulk cement trailer , detachable lowbed trailer , extension semi trailer, bitumen tanker trailer, LPG/LNG/CNG semi trailer , special semi trailer , wood /timber transport trailer, tractor /head /horse truck , dump tipper truck , tanker truck……

3 Axles 40ft Flatbed Semi Trailer With 12 Units THT Twistlock

Henred Drop Side Trailer9

tri axle low bed trailer


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