400 Horsepower with Dual-stage Air Filter, the HOWO SITRAK Dump Truck is Here!

    I believe truck friends have also experienced it. When it comes to SITRAK , it reminds us of the cute design of a tractor. Today, we will also look at a SITRAK , but it is not a tractor, but a dump truck. Let’s start!
    The HOWO SITRAK G7H dump truck is made for tough work. It is for use in mountains. It has a MAN TGA flat-top, narrow-body cab. It has a dual-stage air filter. It provides excellent rear vision and has roof-mounted running lights. The bumper is installed in a bright screw form for easy maintenance. It has a powerful 400 horsepower. It can easily handle tough jobs in the mountains.

howo sitrak


Mountain Area Version Cab Only to Adapt to the Characteristics of the Mountain Area

    This dump truck is the mountain area version of SITRAK G7H, suitable for heavy-duty transportation on highways and in mountainous areas. In order to better adapt to the working environment, the cab shows its sincerity first: the MAN TGA flat-top, narrow-body cab is more flexible when the road is narrow and there are many vehicles. After all, the working conditions of dump trucks are quite special, and it is the primary task not to affect the work but to improve efficiency.

    Driving in mountainous areas requires extra caution and safety measures. During the day, having good visibility against the sun is crucial, and at night, roof marker lights become essential. Although this dump truck features a flat-top cab, it retains the sun visor, similar to those found on tractor trucks. Some drivers might not see the immediate benefit of this visor and may consider removing it for a potentially easier driving experience.

howo sitrak7


Given the demanding work environment of dump trucks, a metal bumper becomes extremely practical. The robust bumper also conveys a sense of the solid and durable chassis.

howo sitrak4


    The bumper is mounted using exposed screws, making it easier for drivers to perform maintenance later on. Many dump truck operators have reported that due to various reasons, bumpers often experience bumps and scrapes. The metal material reduces damage to the bumper, and the exposed screws simplify body repairs when inevitable scratches occur.

howo sitrak5


The tow hook in the front bumper is concealed behind the license plate holder. To access it, you need to open the license plate holder, rotate the tow hook handle 90 degrees, and then lift it up. The tow hook features a locking mechanism to prevent it from detaching during use.

howo sitrak2

 A Flatbed Semi-Trailer Display


    The chrome “SITRAK” badge, decorative strip, and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (CNHTC) logo are exclusive symbols of the Sitrak series, giving the front face a ceremonial and distinguished look.

howo sitrak6

The step under the license plate holder is designed with a raised, perforated surface to increase friction. When the surrounding bracket is opened, it reveals a lower step for easier access. While the two-step design might not be very noticeable during the summer, it becomes extremely convenient in winter when drivers are wearing heavier clothing.

howo sitrak8

The air intake is positioned on the left rear side of the cab, optimizing the use of space and making it convenient when handling the spare tire. Unlike tractor trucks, this model does away with the door catch on the lower part of the door, potentially making it easier to open the door in tight spaces.


The model of this vehicle is a dump truck, and the interior is very generous.

howo sitrak9

Opening the door reveals the full “Sitrak” style, complete with integrated door speakers—a feature once exclusive to passenger cars.

howo sitrak28

The air-suspended seats offer comfort comparable to highway tractors. Drivers can adjust the seat’s firmness, damping, and height according to their body size and seating preferences, showcasing a “people-oriented” design philosophy.

howo sitrak10    howo sitrak11

The door control buttons are highly electrified, featuring power windows, electrically adjustable and heated mirrors, and central locking. The door also includes an independent air vent, ensuring optimal temperature regulation in all seasons.

As driver experience becomes increasingly valued, features like automatic headlights enhance the overall driving experience.

howo sitrak13

The instrument panel maintains a distinctly “Sitrak” design, with four small gauges and two large ones arranged symmetrically, reminiscent of a “crowning glory” layout.

howo sitrak14

The multifunctional steering wheel is a favorite among many drivers, allowing easy control with just a flick of a finger. Its substantial and full design complements the high-end positioning of the vehicle.

howo sitrak18   howo sitrak15

At first glance, the dashboard is unmistakably Sitrak. The rounded lines and silver air vent frames are signature elements of the Sitrak brand.

howo sitrak16

One of my lasting impressions of Sitrak is the moderately firm sleeper bed. A bed that is too hard can increase fatigue, while one that is too soft may lack a sense of security. Although dump truck drivers do not rely heavily on the sleeper, it is still made of the same material as that used in the tractor trucks.

howo sitrak17

Despite the flat-top cab designed for overall vehicle flexibility, the designers have ingeniously created several storage spaces within the limited cabin space. This allows for organized storage of on-board tools and personal items.

Dual-Stage Filtration Ensures Power, Double-Layer Engineering Frame

howo sitrak1

The Sitrak G7H, designed by CNHTC to meet the unique demands of domestic transportation conditions, is a specialized dump truck for mountainous regions. It is equipped with a MAN technology 400-horsepower MC11 engine, delivering a maximum torque of 1900N·m @ 1000-1400rpm. The transmission is CNHTC’s own HW19712 gearbox, paired with an HW50 power take-off (PTO). Additionally, drivers can choose different specifications of PTOs like the HW70 to match their specific usage needs.

howo sitrak23

howo sitrak19The rear axle is an AC16 dual-stage drive axle with a ratio of 4.77, while the front axle is an HR9 with disc brakes.howo sitrak22

The tires are 12.00R20 from Chaoyang. According to the power system parameters and the Truck Home speed calculator, the HW19712 gearbox’s 12th gear has a final drive ratio of 1, meaning that at 1400rpm, the theoretical speed is 60km/h. This suits the truck’s designation as a mountain version, balancing safety and efficiency in loaded conditions, especially in mountainous or highland regions.

howo sitrak21

The G7H uses an 8+8 double-layer engineering frame with an integral disconnection suspension and multi-leaf steel spring suspension fixed with four U-bolts, which is well-suited for soft roadbeds. The wheelbase is 1950mm + 3525mm + 1350mm.

howo sitrak20

In terms of the chassis components, the air filter system employs a two-stage filtration process with a primary oil filter and a secondary air filter, ensuring the engine receives clean air. This is akin to the idea that without proper nutrition, one cannot work effectively, and the same principle applies to engines.

howo sitrak24

The close arrangement of the fuel tank and the urea tank is a design increasingly adopted by many manufacturers, meeting the practical needs of drivers by making it convenient to refuel and add urea simultaneously. The fuel tank is a 300L aluminum alloy tank.

howo sitrak25

The after-treatment system is embedded between the two right-side steering wheels. With rational layout, all chassis components are neatly and uniformly arranged.

howo sitrak26

The hydraulic oil tank is positioned close to the lifting mechanism, shortening the length of the pipes and facilitating easier use and maintenance for drivers.

howo sitrak27

The body of the truck is specially designed by CNHTC for transporting sand and gravel, featuring a corrugated structure. This design reduces the truck’s own weight while maintaining the strength of the body, achieving two benefits in one go.


Since its launch, the Sitrak series has garnered increasing attention from drivers, becoming a common sight on domestic highways, which speaks to its high level of recognition. Building on the success of the Sitrak tractor, CNHTC has tailored the Sitrak dump truck to meet the specific needs of dump truck drivers. This move indicates a strategic expansion into specialized markets, suggesting that comprehensive product line development is another direction for manufacturers, potentially as significant as the trends toward high power and lightweight designs.

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