Extendable Blade Trailer

Extendable Blade Trailer

8 Axles Extendable Blade Trailer For The Customer Customed

Recently there are many old customers to buy semi trailer here.

South Africa customer purchased Wind Blade Transport Heavy Haul Trailer for 80m blade transportation, which is mainly suitable for transportation on the mountain.

The customer clearly stated that the 8axles Extendable Blade Trailer was needed this time, because the customer knew the blade trailer very well and knew their needs very well.

We follow the needs of the customer to produce a special customized extensible blade trailer, we will use the best service to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, if you have other semi-trailer needs we can be customized for you.

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8 Axles Extendable Blade Trailer For The Customer Customed

About 8 Axles Extendable Blade Trailer


This 8 Axles Extendable Blade Trailer For The Customer Customed can transport long long matrails, like wind blade, pipes, and other very long materials. The overall size is 20m and the open length is 43m by three times pull. The loading capacity can reach to 80 ton when it is closed. It has two girders to make it stronger when it open.Due to its extending loading platform, the wind blade trailer is ideally suitable for transporting of particularly long and bulky loads.Extendable low bed trailer fulfills all conditions for the time efficient and cost-effective transportation of long and bulky goods, like wind power plants and building structures.

Extendable Blade Trailer2
8 Axles Extendable Blade Trailer For The Customer Customed
Model Extendable Low Bed Trailer
Capacity 40 to 80 tons, Customized
Axle Hydraulic, Steerable, Panel, frictional axle
Suspension Heavy duty suspension
Extendable times 2 to 4 times
Extendable length Customized
Power unit Hydraulic diesel engine
Height of work platform Low bed design 1.2 meters, more or less.
Transporting Wind blade, wind tower, pipes, long materials


The tractive wind turbine blade mainly includes wind blade, pod, E-138 E2 rotor blade, hub and tower. Each part is an over-limit project of ordinary road transportation, which requires a professional 8 axles Extendable Blade Trailer For The Customer Customedto assemble a wind turbine.Therefore, wind turbine transportation companies need to sell windmill blade trailers.

For wind blades, the length is very long, which is the main feature that distinguishes it from other devices.

Considering the particularity of the length of 8 axles Extendable Blade Trailer, the transportation of wind turbine blades combined with high-power tractors is generally adopted in mountain wind farms under construction.

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Extendable Blade Trailer4
Extendable Blade Trailer5

More details of extendable low bed trailer, Welcome to contact or visit us!

We can customize what you like according to your needs and provide you with the most satisfactory service. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to contact us!

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