80tons heavy lowbed semi trailer deliver to South Sudan customer

80tons heavy lowbed semi trailers deliver to South Sudan customer

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Lowbed semi trailer which is knows also low bed and can carry heavy loads, excavators, construction machines, transformer, generator, cranes, caravans, army tanks and different kind of big machines and equipments. It can be produced between 2 axles to 8 axles and loading capacity starting from 20tons to 180tons, rear or front loading lowbed semi trailer and platform as customer demand with different kind of specification according to demand.

There are three lowbed semi trailers deliver to Mombasa Port, we design 80tons heavy duty for our South Sudan customer. Three lowbed trailers stack to shipping together can reduce the total trailer height to save freight cost for our customers, and the customer can pull three trailers from port to South Sudan directly, very nice transportation solution!

80tons Lowbed Semi Trailer

We are professional truck trailer supplier in China, let me know your transport demand, then our team will provide you best solution. Our lowbed semi trailer, adopt the first frame and the second frame by frame connections, is advantageous for the heavy equipment, can satisfy the climbing ability of different kinds of heavy equipment, the bearing surface height of the trailer also got larger design space, and increase the effective bearing area of lowbed, increase the transportation efficiency.

Triaxle Lowbed Semi Trailer
Lowbed Semi Trailer For Sale

Look the suspension of lowbed semi trailer, thicken suspension design for Africa road condition, so that you can transport heavy equipments.

Lowbed Trailer Thicken Suspension

If you are interested in lowbed semi trailer, welcome to inquiry us, we will quote you best price according to your transport demand.

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