As we all know, the gasoline sold in the gas station is divided into 92, 95, 98 and so on. The owner can choose the gasoline filling suitable for his own vehicle. But there are careful owners found that when the tanker trailer carries oil, it seems that the vehicle does not mark which number of gasoline, will it be mixed? Why does the refuelling tanker divide 92 and 95, and does the fuel tanker not different?

Gasoline is distinguished by different labels, because the octane number of each label gasoline is different, the higher the label, the higher the octane number, the higher the explosion-proof. Actually besides different octane number,there is no difference between 92 and 95 oil, and there is no so-called resistance to burn or not, but even so, the two oil cannot be mixed to use, otherwise will lead to irreversible damage to engine, and similarly, an engine that requires 95 oil cannot use 92 oil, but an engine with 92 oil can use 95 oil, this is because the knock resistance of oil 95 can meet the standard of oil 92, while oil 92 can not meet the standard of oil 95.

General family cars use 92 gasoline, high-grade cars use 95 gasoline, if the long-term use of below the standard requirements of gasoline, is bound to cause engine shake, power decline, and even serious failure, so the owners do not add the wrong label oil.

As for some owners to see the appearance of the tank car is not labeled, doubt that all the oil in a can? Obviously not. From the outside of the fuel tanker trailer, it seems to be a whole, but in fact there are a number of oil storage tanks, different grades of gasoline are stored in different tanks, which can not only save time and effort, but also the body stability is better, reduce accidents.

Some people may ask, the oil tank is not marked on the gasoline label, how to ensure that there will be no wrong unloading of labeled oil?

Although there is no big difference between the two kinds of gasoline, they have to be transported separately. However, the tanker we know is not marked as No. 92 or No. 95 oil. Is it difficult that these two kinds of oil are mixed together for transportation? In fact, it is not like this. Originally, We see the tank car from the outside is one, but the inside of the tank car has a lot of parts, and is not as one as we know from the outside, and is not and we learn from the outside is an organic whole, so the fuel can be internally with several different kinds of oil, and this is for the convenience of transport, not 92, 95 and 98 oil transportation many times back and forth.

In fact, the unloading port is marked. Before pumping, it will also be tested for the corresponding grade of gasoline, after confirmation will start unloading oil. In addition, different oil stock tankers will be distinguished in color, whether gasoline or diesel, no. 92 gasoline, no. 95 gasoline, or no. 98 gasoline, will be marked with different colors, which can effectively avoid the risk of wrong unloading oil, to ensure the quality and safety of oil products.

In a word, even if we do not see the sub-label number of the tanker, we do not have to worry about it. As long as it is a regular gas station, they are quite serious in the transportation and storage of gasoline.

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