What Is A 3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer?

What Is A 3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer?

The name indicates that the 3 axle bulk cement tank trailer is used for the transportation of powdery goods. The main applications of this tank trailer include the transportation of cement, flour, lime powder, mineral powder, fly ash, chemical powders and rock dust. These trailers are widely used in large construction sites, cement plants and warehouses. 3 axle bulk cement tank trailer use an air compressor to unload the powder from the tank. If you need to transport cement in bulk, you will use a cement semi trailer.

What Is A 3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer?

3 axle bulk cement tank trailer equipped with a pneumatic system are easy to use and save transport time. The goods are in vacuum-sealed containers, which prevents the penetration of air that could affect the quality and usefulness of the product.

Structure of bulk cement trailer

The bulk cement tank trailer can trailer has three different structures.Including horizontal structure, funnel structure and lifting structure. Each structure is suitable for a specific type and weight of powder charge.In order to make the pneumatic trailer fuel tank work effectively, several safety considerations have been taken into account. Basically, pneumatic trailers often have some safety problems that require the attention of professional and competent drivers.

Compressed air in the pneumatic system of bulk powder can trailer tends to move cargo through pipes and compartments. For this reason, precise mechanical knowledge and operating procedures should be available to ensure a smooth unloading process. The water tank must also be kept in good condition by regular maintenance. Ideally because of fracture and constipation. The only risk concerns the tanker itself and the cargo. If air pressure leaks, injuries can occur. So always be careful.

What Is A 3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer5

Type of bulk cement Trailer

Horizontal bulk cement tank Trailer

Your working environment determines the bulk cement trailer to be used. On steep slopes, you need a tank trailer with maximum stability.
You may not have a space problem, but it may be that the payload is very heavy to transport along a steep grade. The stability of a horizontal bulk cement trailer ensures safe operation during loading, transporting and unloading. There’s no worry about spills or tip-overs. And, with increased stability, your premiums will remain low. This makes your operation very efficient both financially and operationally.

What Is A 3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer5

Hopper bulk cement Trailer

This tank trailer is designed to transport a wider range of materials than a horizontal bulk cement Trailer. The goods can be powder and granular materials or block materials. Pneumatic discharge can be used for powder and granular materials. On the other hand, large pieces of material are discharged into the designated pit by overturning gravity. The included angle between the conical busbar and the horizontal plane is greater than or equal to 45 °. Therefore, this ensures that the powder will slide smoothly to the bottom of the fluidized bed. The fluidized bed area of this tank trailer is small. Therefore, the residue rate is very low.

What Is A 3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer5

Lift 3 axle bulk cement tank trailer

This is probably the type of trailer you would choose if you need to unload in a tight space. If you do not have enough space to maneuver, buy this type of cement tank. Because of its functionality and operation, this type is durable and at the same time offers a lot of storage space. Depending on what you want to transport, they are suitable for different loads and are made of sturdy steel or aluminum construction. Lift-up type has advantages over horizontal and funnel-shaped structures.

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