Check it out! Old drivers teach you 6 tips to save fuel!

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I always hear truck driver friends complain about the high price of oil. In fact, a big reason is that the current freight rate is low.In this situation, how to save money becomes a big problem, other places such as food and clothing is easy to save, but how to save oil?

1. Preheating while driving

It is believed that most truck drivers will start the fire when they are ready to drive, and then wait for the engine water temperature reach to normal before starting. Many truck drivers save time by simply stepping on the gas in order to make the engine water temperature rise rapidly. In fact, this approach is very bad, the first is a waste of time, the second is consume fuel, the third is harm to truck engine.

The correct approach is first ignition, after the engine speed is stable, step on the accelerator gently, keep low gear low speed, so that the engine water temperature rise faster,water temperature reaches to 80 degrees can be normal travel.

2. Speed up as soon as possible after starting

Some drivers may be out of stock, or not in hurry, and slowly move up to top gear after start, which doesn’t save fuel at all.

When everything is normal, a driver can hit the gas pedal and quickly push into top gear, which is much more efficient to save fuel than that of speeding up slowly, but only if it’s absolutely safe!

3. Drive at a constant speed

Many truck drivers are impatient the road,driving fast and slow, especially on city roads. Because urban roads are full of speed measurement and traffic conditions are more complicated, many drivers will speed up in a short time when there are few cars without speed measurement, and then slow down in a short time when there are too many cars or speed measurement. This is actually very gas-guzzling.

Driving at a constant speed can save a lot of fuel on any road during normal driving.

4.Don’t braking too often

Many drivers are not just truck drivers. They sometimes drive recklessly, often braking hard or putting on the brake or gas pedal in a roller coaster ride.

That’s a big fuel consumption! Because every time after braking to step on the accelerator speed, and after the sudden brake is often accompanied by a big accelerator of the moment speed, this moment speed fuel consumption is very big!

5. Use fuel saving switch correctly

The fuel-efficient switch in the truck is definitely useful, depending on how you use it. In fact, it is very simple, according to the fuel saving switch on the prompt on the line: the fuel saving switch to “empty”, the vehicle engine power will be reduced, this can help the truck save fuel.When you dial “heavy load”, the engine will output full power.

6. Stop less

This may be a little difficult to implement because there are so many traffic lights and cars in cities. However, if there are few cars or in the late night or early morning, when the traffic light is red at the current intersection, the driver can let off the gas pedal a few hundred meters ahead of time, so that the truck can move slowly. When approaching the intersection and the green light turns on, the truck can cross the intersection without stopping.

This is because the overall weight of the truck is relatively heavy, and it takes a long time to start up to a certain speed after parking, so the fuel consumption is relatively high, so less parking will reduce fuel consumption.

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