Customized Dump Semi Trailer For The Customer

Customized Dump Semi Trailer For The Customer

dump trailer1
Customized Dump Semi Trailer For The Customer

This is the customized dump semi trailer of the customer. The customer said, “I learned from my friend that FUDENG semi trailer is very excellent, and my friend has always recommended me to buy it.”

This customer has customized a FUDENG dump semi trailer in our shop, and directly went to the sales manager and asked for such a dump semi trailer, and said that he would buy it again in the future.

dump trailer2
Customized Dump Semi Trailer For The Customer

3 Axles dump semi trailer dimension can be Customized and we Exported 20 Cubic Meters ,25 Cubic Meters ,28 Cubic Meters more , and we can according to your request to design the Cubic Meters according to your transport tonnage ,and the Landing Gear can provide FUWA ,Jost Brand with two Speed , It can be linkage .
“U” Shape dump semi trailer 25 Cubic Meters can carry sand for small ton , can not carry big Stone , If you transport heavy goods we need to design side wall thickness and bottom thickness for you ;Square shape can design 30-40 Cubic Meters,Our factory can provide with Custimozed service for you , we can according to your request to design .
If you are interested in our products please feel free to contact us,We can recommend the best type for you.

dump trailer3
Customized Dump Semi Trailer For The Customer

Is The China FUDENG Dump Semi Trailer Worth Buying?

In recent years, the country has made great efforts to develop infrastructure, and various regions, such as high-speed, railway, airport and other transportation facilities, the demand for building materials is increasing, at the same time, the direct drive is the demand for relevant transport vehicles, in addition to the national super effect is significant, and undoubtedly promote the standard sand and gravel dump everywhere.

If you manage a fleet of vehicles and commercial trailers, you may use dump trailers for a number of applications. Their ability to haul loads of aggregate are perfect for construction and agricultural industries, with end, belly, bottom, and dump trailers for sale. Check out Fudeng Trailer’s inventory of new dump semi trailers for sale so you can complete jobs safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Fudeng rear tipping trailer has a modern factory workshops and automatic production line of the tipping semi trailers. We have Robot arm welding, automatic sanding and painting, 3D loading test laboratory etc. So that we can provide high standard quality semi trailers to the global market!

  1. Heavy duty and extra durability design, opting for high tensible low carbon alloy Q345B steel, “H” type beam welded by automotive arc-submerge process.
  2. Equipped famous brand part in axles, suspension, landing gear, higher property for your transportation, more reliable and ensure the long life span of dump semi trailers.
  3. Fudeng dump semi trailer have quality guarantee, some easily broken parts will be delivered with trailers, spare parts like tires, axles etc, can be supplied to you in cost price!
dump trailer4
Customized Dump Semi Trailer For The Customer

Attention of China Fudeng Dump Semi Trailer


(1) It is forbidden to disassemble and adjust the relief valve on the lift valve, otherwise, the tipper trailer for sale hydraulic system will lose its safety protection function and cause an accident.

(2) Do not leave the tipper trailer for sale cylinder exposed to the air for more than 2 hours (more than 30 minutes in humid air) in a lifted state, otherwise it will cause oxidation and rust of the cylinder;

(3) The China tipper trailer hydraulic tank of the auction is a special lifting cylinder. Don’t use the cylinder as a stable support for the semi tipper for sale body.

(4) When the fudeng tipper trailer load cargo, we should ensure that the front and back and left and right loading are uniform. If you have too much cargo in front, semi tipper trailers for sale can overload the hydraulic system. Too much cargo is loaded behind the trailer, which will cause the tipper semi trailer to tip over when unloading, and the left and right partial load will easily cause the cylinder to tip over.


(1) When unloading, please make sure that the ground around the light weight dump tipper trailer is solid and flat, keep the trailer stable, and ensure that the main chassis trailer and the scrap tipper trailer are in a straight line;

(2) During the dumper trailer for sale lifting operation, the operator must pay attention to the influence of lateral wind, because the long body of the tipper trailer will cause the dumper trailer to roll over under the effect of lateral wind;

(3) Don’t make the height of the cargo exceed the hydraulic tipper trailer back door. Be sure to open the china tipper trailer rear door locking device before lifting and unloading, otherwise the cargo will be crowded at the rear of the tipper and the tipper trailer will tip over when unloading;

(4)During the lifting operation of China tipper trailer, the operator cannot leave the operating position, and no one can stand or walk in the vicinity of the work area.

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