Fudeng Low Bed Trailer Arrange Shipping


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low bed trailer

Generally, low bed semi trailers use concave beam – type frames. Namely, the front part of the frame is the gooseneck (note: the front end of the gooseneck is connected with the traction saddle on the traction, and the back end of the gooseneck is connected with the semi-trailer). General in the middle for the cargo platform (is the lowest part of the frame that we know), the rear section for the wheel frame (including wheels).

1. First of all, let’s see the jack of low bed semi trailer.

Jack is not unfamiliar to the owners of low bed semi-trailers and fence semi-trailers, but it is necessary to pay more attention to some matters in the process of use, in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

(1)The support bar on the jack arm should be inserted into the groove of the fixed support point to fix the jack.

(2) the kilo should be top in the specified support position, otherwise it may cause damage to low bed semi-trailer, van semi-trailer and other vehicles or the occurrence of accidents.

(3) the jack foot must be supported on the hard road surface, if the ground is soft, you can find some wood blocks to bear the weight, not directly supported on the soft ground.

(4) when lifting the jack must be slow, not directly removed, pay attention to the balance of the vehicle.

low bed trailer

2. Next is the transmission shaft of the low bed semi-trailer.

The transmission shaft is responsible for the transmission of power to the wheel device, the main role of the drive shaft is in the process of driving to prevent damage to low bed trailer. Due to the transmission shaft is using a patterned constant speed universal joint, and the joint part is sealed with rubber sleeve, if rubber casing damage, low bed semi-trailer, skeleton trailer is running, the debris will enter the joint of the universal joint, cause the wear of the drive shaft, and then affect the service life of the drive shaft.

3. The third is the maintenance of the low bed semi-trailer.

Maintenance for any vehicle will not be unfamiliar, without maintenance, the service life of the vehicle will be greatly discounted.

low bed trailer

4. Finally, the seat belt of the low bed semi trailer.

Seat belt is the most familiar to the owners of low bed semi-trailers and other vehicles,what need to tell you is that the vehicle must fasten the seat belt, because the seat belt is sometimes directly related to our life safety, which is also a point in the vehicle safety driving experience.

which is not unfamiliar to the owners of low bed semi-trailers and other vehicles. We hope that everyone will pay full attention to it and pay more attention to some safety precautions.

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