Fuel Tank Semi Trailer Arrange Shipping

Fuel Tank Semi Trailer Arrange Shipping

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3 Axles aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer , 45000liters capacity , design for Africa customer , China Fudeng Truck Trailer Supplier Co.,Ltd as professional semi trailer manufacturer ,we provide custom serivce , Tank trailer body capacity from 30000liters to 70000liters for your choose , 3 axles tanker trailer , 4 axles tanker trailer , 5 axles tanker trailer , our semitrailer engineer according to customer requirements provide the suitable customer using design solution

Aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer tare weight is more lighter can meet have road payload weight limited customer to choosing , we also provide carbon steel material fuel tank semi trailer for customer to consider , our trailer all choosing reinforced supension , design for Africa rough road condition

If you have needs of fuel tanker trailer , welcome to send inquiry to us , we will feedback to you asap.

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