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Four rules for safe operation of oil unloading of fule tanker trailer

Fuel tanker trailers are dangerous goods transport vehicles. Not only do there are many safe operation procedures to pay attention to in the process of oil transportation, but also to pay attention to safe operation during the process of unloading the oil valve. Next, I will share with you an article on the safe operation of oil tanker unloading. Four rules:

China Fuel Tanker Trailer

Preparation stage

1.After the fuel tanker trailer enters the station, the unloader immediately checks whether the safety facilities of the fuel tankertrailersare complete and effective, and guides the fuel tanker trailer to the metering site.

2.Connect the tank to the ground wire of the electrostatic grounding alarm, prepare fire-fighting equipment as required, and leave the tanker for 15 minutes to prepare for unloading after measuring.

3.The fuel tanker trailer should be equipped with a special fire extinguisher, and should be equipped with a tow chain and an electric pole. When driving, the tow chain should be in contact with the ground; when refueling or draining, the pole must be inserted into the wet ground.

4.The oil filling hole of the oil tank should be tightly sealed, the oil discharge valve and oil discharge pipe should be free of leakage, the ventilation hole of the oil tank should be unobstructed, the oil inlet filter of the oil pump should be cleaned frequently, and the joints at both ends should be installed immediately after the oil delivery hose is used up cover so that no dirt can enter.

5.The gasifier and exhaust pipe of the internal combustion engine shall not be tempered. The exhaust pipe should be installed in front of the vehicle.

6.Tanker workers are not allowed to wear shoes with iron nails. Smoking near the fueltanker traileris strictly prohibited, and fire is strictly prohibited.

China Fuel Tanker Trailer
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7.When parked, it should be kept away from fire sources, and in hot seasons, it should be parked in a cool place. During thunderstorms, do not park under large trees or high-voltage lines. When parking in the middle of driving, there should be a special person to take care of it.

8.During the maintenance process, if the operator needs to enter the oil tank, it is strictly forbidden to carry fire, and must have reliable safety protection measures, and there must be a special person outside the tank to monitor.

9.All electrical devices must be well insulated, and sparks are strictly prohibited. Vehicle working lighting should be safety lights below 36V.

10.When the settling tank of the oil tank is frozen, it is strictly forbidden to bake it with fire. It can be melted with hot water or steam, or the car can be driven into the conservatory to thaw it.

11.When maintenance and overhaul are carried out under the car, the internal combustion engine should be turned off, the handbrake should be tightened and the wheels should be wedged firmly.

12.When the vehicle needs to be tested after being repaired, it should be driven by a qualified person, and no people or objects should be carried on the vehicle. When the vehicle needs to be tested on the road, the test license issued by the traffic management department should be attached.

13.When parking on a slope, the reverse gear should be engaged for downhill parking, and the first gear should be engaged for uphill parking, and the tires should be tightly packed with triangular wooden wedges.

14.A special storage shed should be set up for mobile refueling trucks. The shed should be kept away from the fire source, and obvious fire prohibition signs and fire-fighting equipment should be set up.

15.Refuelers are not allowed to smoke during refueling operations, and smoking personnel are strictly prohibited from approaching the oil tank. Open flames are prohibited within 5 meters of fuel trucks and tanks. In thunderstorm weather, refueling is strictly prohibited.

Acceptance stage

1. The oil unloader, together with the driver and the type and quantity recorded in the oil delivery note of the tanker, check and confirm whether the lead seal is in good condition.

2. The oil unloader will use glass test tubes to sample the appearance (color, smell, etc.) of the tanker.

3. Measure the oil height and water height, and calculate the oil quantity. Exceeding the fixed loss, but within the specified range of 0.2% complementary detection range, it can be directly connected and unloaded; if it exceeds the fixed loss and exceeds the complementary detection limit, it should be reported to the station manager, and the dispatcher of the dispatching oil depot should be notified to re-test and re-test. The results are recorded, the oil should be unloaded, and the excess consumption should be dealt with.

4. Fill out the checklist for incoming fuel products item by item, and both the driver and the unloader will sign to confirm the actual quantity received.

5. During the operation of the mobile refueling truck, once a diesel leakage occurs, the leakage part should be checked immediately and emergency treatment should be carried out. At the same time, clean up the leaked diesel oil and avoid open flames from approaching a fire. After an emergency occurs, the diesel fuel truck should be inspected as a whole to eliminate hidden dangers before normal operations can be carried out.

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Unloading stage

1. Check whether the unloading tank is consistent with the variety loaded in the tanker.

2. Confirm the empty capacity of the unloading tank through the liquid level gauge or manual measurement detection to prevent the occurrence of running and oil spilling accidents.

3. For non-closed oil unloading, the oiler should be notified to close the tanker connected to the oil unloading tank and suspend the refueling operation.

4. Connect the oil discharge pipe according to the requirements of the technological process, so that the joints are tightly combined and the oil discharge pipe is naturally bent.

5. Check to make sure that the metering air of the oil tank is well sealed.

6. The driver slowly opens the oil discharge valve of the tanker, and the oil discharger concentrates on monitoring and observing the operation of the oil discharge pipeline, related gate valves, filters and other equipment, and is ready to deal with possible problems at any time. At the same time, the tanker driver did not stay away from the scene.

7. After the oil unloading is completed, the oil unloader boarded the tanker to confirm that the oil has been unloaded. Close the gate valve (ball valve), remove the oil discharge pipe, tightly cover the oil discharge cap at the mouth of the tank, retract the electrostatic wire, and put away the electrostatic grounding alarm.

8. Guide the tanker to leave the station.

Work after unloading

1. After the oil in the tank is still and calm, notify the oiler to start refueling.

2. Put the fire-fighting equipment back to the original point and tidy up the scene.

3. According to the checklist of inbound oil products and the oil product delivery note, fill in the purchase acceptance registration form and the storage account of the tank.

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