How Much Does A Trailer Cost?


A semi-trailer is a unique vehicle that does not provide power and usually works together with a tractor. They are mainly used for the transport of goods over long distances. There are different types of semi-trailers, and the goods they transport are various. For example, the fuel tanker trailer, consisting of a tank and a skeleton part, is mainly used to transport liquid goods. Due to the wide variety of cargoes and the different characteristics of the liquids, fuel tank trailers are also available in many different models to transport the corresponding liquid loads. In addition, fuel tanker trailers are also available in different materials. The fuel tank trailers are usually made of carbon steel and aluminum, and additional materials produce different results in size and capacity. All the factors mentioned above will present different semi-trailer costs. Therefore, if you ask me, how much does a trailer cost? There is no exact answer to this question. But this article will give you some reference on the cost of trailers. I hope you will find it helpful.

Fuel Tanker Trailer

  • Structure

As one of the common types of semi-trailers, the fuel tank trailer plays an essential role in transporting different types of liquids. The fuel trailer tanks are usually made of carbon steel and aluminum. Depending on the capacity of the trailer fuel tanks, there are one or more compartments inside, which has several benefits for the tank trailer:
1. Increased efficiency
The different compartments of a fuel tank trailer can transport many kinds of liquids at the same time. And one tanker can transport all the products it needs to its destination at once, improving operational efficiency.
2. Improved safety
When traveling uphill or downhill, liquids can fluctuate backward and forwards. And suppose a large capacity tanker has only one compartment inside. In that case, the fluctuations will be even more significant, affecting the stability of the truck and tank trailer, and in severe cases, can even lead to a rollover! Therefore having multiple compartments can best reduce the fluctuation of liquids inside the tank, thus making the trailer more stable.

In addition, a fuel tank trailer has a critical component: the manhole cover, which contains a breather valve, a spill sensor, and an oil and gas recovery valve to ensure safe transport and reduce wear and tear.

  • Specifications and prices

How much does it cost to buy a trailer? Fuel tanker trailers are available in capacities ranging from 35,000 liters to 50,000 cubic meters. The most common is the 45,000-litre three-axle tank trailer. We can also customize other sizes for you, such as two-axle tank trailers, three-axle tank trailers, and so on. They have different prices. The cost of a trailer is influenced not only by the capacity and the number of axles but also by the material used. Fuel tank trailers are usually made of carbon steel and aluminum, and different materials can produce different results in size and capacity. Lighter-weight semi-trailers can carry more goods. Therefore, choosing a lighter and higher quality aluminum alloy for the fuel trailer tank is the best option. But it will cost more to manufacture and will consequently be more expensive.

Flatbed trailer


The flatbed trailer has a relatively simple structure, the main structure being the frame and the load plane, made of high-quality carbon steel. It is mainly used at freight terminals to move containers, but it can also be used to carry bulk goods in containers for long-distance transport. Flatbed trailers are equipped with container locks on the edge of the loading platform to secure the container against accidental movement. The common flatbed trailer is a 3-axle 40ft, which can carry two 20ft containers at once. It is more efficient and therefore more popular. Flatbed trailers are more versatile and easy to use. Parameters such as the number of axles and body length can be customized to suit the job scenario and the purchaser’s local laws and regulations, and they are not expensive. There are even better deals if ordered in large quantities.

Low Bed Trailer


The low bed trailer is a specialized vehicle for transporting overweight goods. Low bed trailers are matched with different numbers of axles depending on the load capacity. There are 2, 3, 4, and 5 axle low bed trailers. They are capable of loads of up to 50 tonnes or even 120 tonnes or more. Of course, the load-carrying capacity of a low-bed trailer is also related to the material. We can customize low-bed trailers in carbon steel and high-strength steel. Carbon steel is easy to work with and more affordable. However, if you want a carbon steel low bed trailer to have a higher strength, the weight will increase, and so will the cost. It is, therefore, not advisable to buy a carbon steel low-bed trailer, and it is more appropriate to choose a low-bed trailer made of high-strength steel.

Dropside/fence cargo trailer


Fence cargo trailers, also known as livestock trailers. These specialized trailers are used in many applications, whether express transport, livestock farming, or agriculture. Fence cargo trailers can not only transport bulk goods but can also be used to transport animals such as pigs, cattle, and sheep, as well as vegetables and fruits. Fence cargo trailers have a bar structure with a load capacity ranging from 30-100 tonnes and are matched with 2-4 axles. As one of the most widely used semi-trailers, the price of a fence cargo trailer is still relatively affordable. We will give you the best price for your customized fence cargo semi trailers, usually around $10,000-$15,000 for a 40ft 3 axle fence cargo trailer. Of course, we will give you a discount if you have a large order.


How much does a trailer cost? In this article, we discussed the cost of several types of semi-trailers and the factors that affect them. In fact, the price of trailers is influenced by various factors such as material, size, and capacity. These are also aspects that you should consider when buying a semi-trailer. What is certain is that for long-distance cargo transportation, semi-trailers are helpful and cost-effective. You can find them in a variety of forms on the market. The price of a trailer will vary depending on what features and options are included. What you need to do is to choose a semi-trailer that is cost-effective and offers some necessary features based on the actual situation.