How Much Does A Trailer Cost?


A semi-trailer is a unique vehicle that does not provide power and usually works together with a tractor. They are mainly used for the transport of goods over long distances. There are many types of semi-trailers, and designers have designed a wide range of them for different applications. So how much does a semi trailer cost? They all have different constructions and materials, so the cost you need to spend on different types of semi-trailers varies. For example, a customized carbon steel tank trailer would cost $21,000. There are many common semi-trailers, and I am sure you have seen these common ones on the road. For example, fuel tanker trailers, flatbed trailers, low bed trailers, dropside/fence cargo trailers, and more. So do you know how much all these common semi-trailers cost? This article will give you some reference on the cost of trailers. I hope you will find it helpful.

How Much Does A Trailer Cost?

Semi-trailers can be customized according to customer needs and within local law norms. Therefore you buy different types of semi-trailers at different prices. The price of a trailer is generally influenced by the following factors: the cost of materials used, the brand of parts, the cost of production, the cost of workforce, etc. Next, I will introduce to you how much money you need to buy different semi-trailers through these main factors. It is convenient for you to refer to when buying semi-trailers to help you save unnecessary expenses.

How Much Does A Fuel Tanker Trailer Cost?


A fuel tanker trailer is one of the most common semi-trailers, mainly used to transport various liquid goods, such as petrol, diesel, paraffin, etc. It mainly consists of two major parts, the tank body, and the skeleton. Among them, the skeleton part determines the load-bearing capacity of the tank trailer, and the tank part determines the semi-trailer capacity.
How much does it cost to buy a trailer? When you want to buy a fuel tanker trailer, you can refer to the following factors affecting the price:

1. The first is the material of the fuel tanker trailer.

The tank part manufacturing materials are mainly carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. Different materials can produce different results in size and capacity. Lighter-weight semi-trailers can carry more goods. Different manufacturing materials will also lead to different prices.

Take a 35,000-45,000-liter fuel tanker trailer, for example:

Carbon steel: $15,000-20,000

Aluminum alloy: $25,000-30,000

Stainless steel: $23,000-28,000

  • Carbon steel

Generally speaking, carbon steel material costs less and is cheaper than other materials. Take a 45,000-liter tank trailer, for example; if you choose carbon steel material, then the cost of a trailer will be around $20,000. Tank trailers made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy are available for $28,000 and $30,000. However, if you want to make it stronger, you will have to increase the thickness of the tank, which will lead to an increase in the weight of the tank semi-trailer and a higher cost.

  • Aluminum alloy

The aluminum alloy material is lighter, stronger, and more resistant to corrosion. But the price will also be higher. Compared to a carbon steel tank trailer, an aluminum tank trailer of the same configuration will cost around $10,000 more but will weigh over 4 tonnes less, which means it can haul more goods and be more fuel efficient simultaneously.

  • Stainless steel

In addition to the carbon steel and aluminum tank trailers mentioned earlier, there is a stainless steel tanker trailer. It costs around $8,000 more than carbon steel, but stainless steel has a higher residual value at the end of many years of use than normal carbon steel. Forty-five thousand liters for a 6-bay, 3-axle BPW axle with air suspension costs around $30,000. This is already a perfect tanker trailer. For a lower budget, mechanical suspensions and FUWA axles are also available.

2. Another is the impact of the configuration on the price.

Take a 45,000-litre 6-bay carbon steel tank trailer, for example, configured with the standard three-axle FUWA axle and mechanical suspension. You will generally receive the goods at around $18,000, of which material costs account for most. You can choose your brand of parts. If you want a higher quality axle, you can select a BPW axle, which is higher quality and more durable. However, the cost of a trailer will be about $1500 higher. There is also a difference in performance between air and mechanical suspensions. The air suspension is lighter, reduces the vehicle’s overall weight, and provides a smoother ride. If you switched to air suspension for a tanker semi-trailer, the cost would increase by $2,000-$4,000. This works out to $21,000 to customize a carbon steel tank trailer.

3. The brand of the various accessories on the semi-trailer will also have an impact on the price.

Different brands of accessories have different qualities and prices. But compared to the several factors mentioned above, it does not have as big an impact.

Overall, the price of a tank semi-trailer varies depending on the material and configuration. They cost between $15,000 and 30,000, including the FOB price from the factory to the Chinese port. But the exact sea freight costs need to be quoted according to the port the customer wants to transport to. Also, do not blindly pursue high configuration when buying a tanker semi-trailer. The most suitable is the best.

Flatbed trailer


The flatbed trailer has a relatively simple structure, the main structure being the frame and the load plane, made of high-quality carbon steel. It is mainly used at freight terminals to move containers, but it can also be used to carry bulk goods in containers for long-distance transport. Flatbed trailers are equipped with container locks on the edge of the loading platform to secure the container against accidental movement. The common flatbed trailer is a 3-axle 40ft, which can carry two 20ft containers at once. It is more efficient and therefore more popular. Flatbed trailers are more versatile and easy to use. Parameters such as the number of axles and body length can be customized to suit the job scenario and the purchaser’s local laws and regulations, and they are not expensive. There are even better deals if ordered in large quantities.

Low Bed Trailer


The low bed trailer is a specialized vehicle for transporting overweight goods. Low bed trailers are matched with different numbers of axles depending on the load capacity. There are 2, 3, 4, and 5 axle low bed trailers. They are capable of loads of up to 50 tonnes or even 120 tonnes or more. Of course, the load-carrying capacity of a low-bed trailer is also related to the material. We can customize low-bed trailers in carbon steel and high-strength steel. Carbon steel is easy to work with and more affordable. However, if you want a carbon steel low bed trailer to have a higher strength, the weight will increase, and so will the cost. It is, therefore, not advisable to buy a carbon steel low-bed trailer, and it is more appropriate to choose a low-bed trailer made of high-strength steel.

Dropside/fence cargo trailer


Fence cargo trailers, also known as livestock trailers. These specialized trailers are used in many applications, whether express transport, livestock farming, or agriculture. Fence cargo trailers can not only transport bulk goods but can also be used to transport animals such as pigs, cattle, and sheep, as well as vegetables and fruits. Fence cargo trailers have a bar structure with a load capacity ranging from 30-100 tonnes and are matched with 2-4 axles. As one of the most widely used semi-trailers, the price of a fence cargo trailer is still relatively affordable. We will give you the best price for your customized fence cargo semi trailers, usually around $10,000-$15,000 for a 40ft 3 axle fence cargo trailer. Of course, we will give you a discount if you have a large order.


How much does a trailer cost? In this article, we discussed the cost of several types of semi-trailers and the factors that affect them. In fact, the price of trailers is influenced by various factors such as material, size, and capacity. These are also aspects that you should consider when buying a semi-trailer. What is certain is that for long-distance cargo transportation, semi-trailers are helpful and cost-effective. You can find them in a variety of forms on the market. The trailer costs will vary depending on what features and options are included. What you need to do is to choose a semi-trailer that is cost-effective and offers some necessary features based on the actual situation.