How to maintain fuel tank semi trailer and truck

How to maintain fuel tank semi trailer and truck

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Problems drivers should pay attention to in the process of driving:

(1) Check the working condition of each meter of the oil tanker in driving;
(2) Check whether the steering system works normally in the tanker;
(3) Check the hand and foot brake of the oil tanker in driving is abnormal;
(4) Check that the engine, chassis and oil tank body have the same sound and abnormal smell while running;
(5) Use the parking time check fuel the following: the hand touch the front and back brake drum without overheating, check the tires, nut fastening, the inclusion removal of tire pattern, for the oil, water, air, check the leaf spring case, drive shaft bolts are loose, check the oil tanks appearance and fuel pipe network system.

Tri Axles 45000L 6 compartments6 compartments Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer
Tri Axles 45000L 6 compartments Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

Fuel tanker trailer safety is the important problem to each customer , it is particularly important to ensure the sealing of the tank. Once the phenomenon of bunkers occurs in the tank, it is easy to cause fire. All of our compartments are double-sided welding, machine and manual combination to ensure the tightness of the compartments

fuel tank semi trailer
oil fuel tank trailer

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