LPG Tanker Trailer

LPG Tanker Trailer

LPG tanker trailer will be sent to Zimbabwe

LPG tanker trailer will be sent to Zimbabwe

A customer in Zimbabwe customized an LPG tanker trailer from us.The customer previously customized a 3 axle aluminum tanker trailer from us. After a long time of use without any problems, he customized another LPG tanker trailer from us.

After communication with the sales partner, we understood the customer’s demand. The customer paid us the customization the next day, and we also rushed to produce this LPG tanker trailer.It will be delivered soon.

This customer likes our products and services very much, with low price, good product quality and high configuration.FUDENG is the most satisfied manufacturer he’s ever had.Customers give us a very high evaluation, we are also very happy to serve customers, customer satisfaction is our biggest rest assured.

About FUDENG LPG tanker trailer

LPG tanker trailer refers to the “tanker trailer” used for transporting liquefied petroleum gas, liquid ammonia and other liquefied gases.Equipped with liquefied gas tanker, emergency cut-off devices, overcurrent control systems, as well as pressure, temperature, liquid level monitoring systems and safety facilities.

The LPG tanker trailre is generally double-layer structure, because the temperature of liquefied gas is low, so the materials and electrodes used should be able to withstand low temperature.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a colorless volatile liquid obtained by pressurized cooling of natural gas or petroleum in oil refineries.It is highly flammable, and when its concentration in the air reaches a certain range, it will explode when exposed to an open flame.

The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) obtained from the refinery consists mainly of propane, propylene, butane, and one or both of butenes, and is mixed with small amounts of pentane, pentene, and trace sulfide impurities.

If further purification of LPG is required, the carbon oxysulfide can be absorbed and removed using an amine absorber, and the excess sulfide can be washed away with alkali.


Drawing of LPG trailer with boards

LPG Tank trailer as Liquid transport Tanker ,We Exported big Quantities to African , You can do Special transport and we can provide LPG /LNG Tanker for you ,If you have Special request please feel free to let us know ,If you order big quantities we can according to your request to design . Our Standard Specifications is 59.4 Cubic Meters and 59.7 Cubic Meters LPG Tanker .

Welcome to visit our factory anytime !

Tanker Essential Information
1 Model HCH9406GYQC
2 Capacity 59.4m3
3 Dimensions (length*width*height*thickness  (13000*2500*4000*11)mm
4 Estimated Tare Weight 15050KG
5 Payload 24950KG
6 Total Weight 40000KG
Shell Of Tanker
1 Products LPG , Propane
2 Fluid property Flammable
3 Design temperature                          to 50℃
4 Design pressure 1.61MPa
5 Corrosion allowance                  1mm
6 weld joint factor 1
   7 Major materials of bearing pressure Tanker body : Q370R( normalizing , 11mm, GB 713-2014                   
    End plate : Q370R( normalizing)  EHA2476x11(11)mm  GB/T25198-2010  
    Main Beam : AG700(Non-bearing pressure material)  8mm            
8 Compartments ONE
9 Shape Elliptical
10 Manhole 1*DN450  

The advantage of LPG tanker trailer

Use for carry liquid perto gas.

II. Feature:
1. The whole frame of LPG tanker trailer is designed by CAD system, optimized in structure,to satisfy different cargo,loading&unloading capacity and using environment s requirements.

2. The LPG tanker trailer use advanced welding equipment and European design and technology to ensure the tanker quality and best property,can be adapted to different terrible road environment.

3. The axle,tyre and other accessories are the well-known products which supplied by the domestic and foreign professional manufacturers.

4. The continuous improvement of structure makes it much accord with practical loading and unloading requirements.

III. Quality guarantee
1. More than 30 years experiences in trailer and truck industrial,exported to more than 30 countries in Africa,Southeast Asia.

2 .Two years free warranty terms for the I beam,three to six month free warranty terms for the Axles,suspension etc.

3. Spare parts support services.

4. Able to custom-built design as your requirment,ensure to meet your local road regulation.


You can provide LPG Tanker Trailer drawing to us as well, we provide customized service, Such as the dimension, shape, also include end and front plate welding type.Dedicated to providing high quality LPG Tanker Trailer. Welcome to try Chinese brand “LPG Tanker Trailer”

About us

China Fudeng Truck Trailer Supplier Co.,Ltd as the professional semi trailer supplier, we have a professional semi-trailer design and research team, dedicated to providing customers with the best quality semi-trailer.

Customers can enjoy great purchase experience from our professional sales team. With professional and mature after-sales systems, our service to you doesn’t end after you receive the trailer from our company, it is just a new beginning of our cooperation. Fudeng Trailer welcome customers from all over the world visiting and establish cooperation with our factory. Our company have perfect service system. When arrange shipping, we’ll provide the cheapest transport solution for you to help you save the sea freight cost. And we have two year’s quality warranty for all sold trailers. Especial for the main beam, if our main beam were broken in two years, we’ll change a new one for you without money.

Our company is located in Jinan city, Shandong Province , with convenient transportation access.

Welcome coming to visit our factory.

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China Fudeng Truck Trailer Supplier as the professional semi trailer supplier, we have a professional semi-trailer design and research team, dedicated to providing customers with the best quality semi-trailer.


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Our company is located in Jinan city, Shandong Province , with convenient transportation access

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