The Same Car Has Different Prices, Why Is The Difference Between Semi Trailers So Big?

The Same Trailer Has Different Prices, Why Is The Difference Between Semi Trailers So Big?

Many people face a problem when choosing a car. Why is there such a big difference in the price of seemingly the same semi-trailer? Next, let’s talk briefly.


First of all, the different dimensions of the same type of semi-trailer, such as length, width, and height, will cause differences in the effective volume of the trailer box and the weight of the body, because the main processing material of the trailer is steel, and the price of steel is determined by weight. Direct difference.

Secondly, for trailers of the same type and weight, the price will vary greatly depending on the strength grade of the steel selected.

According to the current market price, high-strength plates are more expensive than ordinary steel by US$200/ton. Taking a 13-meter silo as an example, its weight is about 3 tons. With different materials, the cost of the whole vehicle will be about US$500. , The price difference of using stainless steel materials will be even greater.

China 3 Axle 40-80 Ton Low Bed Trailer5
China 3 Axle 40-80 Ton Low Bed Trailer4


Secondly, accessories of different brands of materials will directly cause price differences. For example, the prices of tires of different brands will be different, and there will be differences between air chambers of different materials, aluminum alloy and ordinary carbon steel. The price difference of axles of different brands is very large. Large, the difference between foreign brands and domestic brands will be 2,000 US dollars.

In addition, the price gap is also caused by the rim. Since major car companies have been pursuing the lightweight of the entire vehicle in recent years, the application of aluminum alloy rims has become more and more popular with car owners. The steel ring is about 240 kilograms lighter, but the price difference will also be nearly 2,000 US dollars.

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The other is the choice of ABS. The easy-to-install one will be about US$200 lower than that of well-known domestic brands, and there will be a gap of about US$500 from imported brands. In fact, considering driving safety, I would advise all car owners to consider carefully.

There is also the whole vehicle light line. There are national and non-national standards on the market, waterproof and ordinary, and side rear lights also have LED and ordinary points. Of course, the cost will be tens of dollars.


In other words, even the trailers of the same material and configuration come from different manufacturers, and even the same processing technology, the price will be different, because the market positioning, brand value and operating cost of different manufacturers are different, just like the same bottle of purified water. The prices of small street shops will definitely be different from those in large supermarkets in the city center.

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All in all, under the premise that the pricing mechanism is reasonable, it has fulfilled our old saying, one cent for the price, one for the goods, but there are also some manufacturers selling dog meat with sheep’s heads, pretending to be shoddy, deceiving consumers, and trailers. It is a money-making tool for car owners to survive. Therefore, when choosing a trailer, you must be cautious and not just look at the price, let alone pursue brand worship blindly. It is still necessary to tailor the vehicle to suit your own actual situation. In fact, the right one is the best.

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