Used Semi Trailers Buying Guide


Many can agree that one of many great inventions is transportation. It can magically take you to places that you want and need. One kind of transportation is a trailer truck. The main purpose of purchasing a trailer truck is for the business. If you are into the trucking business or planning to start one, this one’s for you. Consider buying used semi trailers instead of new ones. Here, we will help you find the best one in the market.

What is a semi-trailer?

It is a type of trailer designed for semi-truck towing. You can commonly see this in the transportation industry to cart large and heavy products for long-distance shipment. It is vital in the global supply chain because it offers a cost-effective way to move tons of cargo. There are tons of cheap used semi trailers for sale in the market. So, we are here to help you if you want one.

What type of used semi-trailers do you need?

Before we search for used semi trailers for sale, you must do some research first. There are several types of semi-trailers, so it is important that it matches your need. Here, we will describe a few of the main trailers to find out which will suit your needs.

Flatbed Trailers

flatbed trailers

It is a trailer with a flat and open deck. It has no sides or roof, making unloading and loading much more accessible. This is what is most commonly used for transporting large, heavy goods.
Construction industries are industries that use flatbed semi-trailers for shipment. You can consider looking for used flatbed semi trailers for sale. You can get great deals on it.

Low Bed Trailers

low bed trailers

They are also known as double drop trailers or lowboy trailers. It is one type of flatbed trailer. It offers a low center deck compared to the flatbed trailer. The good thing about this is it can carry taller loads on roadways with permits.
This type of trailer is common in the construction and mining industry. It carries heavy equipment for long-distance transport. It also comes in different weights and sizes. And it also has unique features like hydraulic ramps, extendable decks, or winches. This is an excellent thing to consider when looking for used semi trailers for sale.

tank trailers

This type of trailer is for the transportation of liquid or gaseous materials. It is the only and proper vehicle for this. It has a cylindrical tank made of aluminum or stainless steel.
This trailer has different sizes for a wide range of shipment options. This type of trailer is the one we commonly see on the road that contains oils, gas, and other chemical products.

Here are the different types of tank trailers:

  • Fuel Tankers
  • Chemical Tankers
  • Food-Grade Tankers
  • Cryogenic tankers

As you can see, they have specific types of tankers per purpose. This is to ensure that the goods are safe to travel by land. Proper loading and unloading are essential for this. If you are planning to buy used semi trailers like this, you need to be strict.

Dump Semi Trailers

It is a type of trailer commonly used for loading and unloading loose materials. This is where gravel and sand usually get transported. This trailer has a hydraulic lifting system to smoothly tilt and dump the cargo.
The materials used for these trailers are steel or aluminum, which also come in different sizes. Aside from shipping loose cargo, it is also used in the waste disposal system.

Here are the different types of dump semi-trailers:

  • Side Dump Trailers
  • End Dump Trailers
  • Bottom Dump Trailers

Reefer Trailers

This trailer is also popular in terms of refrigerated trailers. It is a semi-trailer used for perishable items. These semi-trailers have refrigeration units to regulate the temperature inside of them. Most companies use this to transport sensitive goods such as medicines and foods.
It has different types of power sources for people looking for used semi trailers like this. They have diesel, electric, and hybrid systems. It also comes in different sizes for different vehicle sizes.
Inside the reefer trailers, there is insulation to prevent leakage that can compromise the temperature inside of it.

Dry Van Enclosed Trailers

For those who need a semi-trailer that protects the goods from elements, the dry van-enclosed trailer is the right one. Most of these trailers are aluminum or steel without any windows or openings. The rear door is the only entrance and exit to this container.
Its name, “dry van,” is because it doesn’t control temperature like other trailers. It can ship different types of goods. Goods include electronics, clothing, packaged food, construction materials, etc. This is perfect as long as the goods don’t require any unique handle or temperature.
It comes in a wide range of sizes. It ranges from 28 ft to 53 ft in length. The rear door uses roll-up or swing-out for an easy process. Used semi trailers like this are a significant new investment for a business.

Things to know when buying used semi-trailers

Before buying used semi trailers, knowing the trailer’s history is essential. You need to know some things when buying on used semi trailer sales.

  • Get the trailer’s VIN

It is a very important step when you are buying used semi trailers. Every vehicle has this VIN or vehicle identification number. Knowing this will identify the trailer’s history.
Here you will know the model and year of the trailer. This information is vital in vehicle registration, insurance, and maintenance.
This VIN can also know the track record of the trailer. It can see if the used semi trailer for sale has some issues. Some issues like accidents, repairs, and recalls.
The VIN can also know if the vehicle is involved in a crime, so it serves a huge role in buying used semi trailers.

  • Check with the trailer’s manufacturer

Aside from checking the VIN, this is an important thing as well. Obtain information regarding its original condition. This information lets you know if they had an altercation on the trailer.
Knowing the original condition can also prevent you from getting scammed. Some sellers might give you wrong information that can cause some problems in the future.

  • Consider the trailer’s age and mileage

Before buying on used semi-trailer sales, knowing the age and mileage is very important. This is where you will know if you are having a good deal on this. The higher mileage, the more it costs for maintenance. Higher mileage means it travels a lot.
However, higher mileage also means that it can be an old model. If the cheap semi-trailers for sale have high mileage and are very new, it is always in use. The trailers can already be dilapidated, and the maintenance can be costly.

  • Determine the trailer’s resale value

The resale value of the trailer is also an important thing to consider. The price of used semi trailers is not always its resale value. You might be getting an overpriced one if you do not do some research.
Research the used semi-trailer sales, and see the usual price of a specific trailer. For example, if you are looking for a flatbed semi-trailer, you should research used semi flatbed trailers for sale. Get the average pricing, which is the resale value of the used semi trailers.
The resale value will be based on the condition, age, and market demand. Negotiate the price based on these criteria. You might get a good deal out of it with the proper negotiations.

  • Inspect it yourself

The last thing you can do when looking for a used semi trailer for sale is to check it out yourself. Go to the place where the cheap semi trailers for sale are. If you have no idea about this thing, you can get some input from a professional mechanic.
Seeing the used semi trailers in person can easily know what’s right and wrong. You can also check the engine and other parts of it. Cheap semi trailers for sale are not always a good deal, so you better see it for yourself and judge it.


Used semi-trailers are a good investment. If you can’t buy one, this can be a good start. Deep research is critical if you want to start purchasing second-hand trailers. You can search for used semi-trailer sales online and look for the nearest one.
Semi-trailers can not be only for shipment, as it has another purpose as well. The used semi trailers for storage are another thing that it can do. When buying a second-hand product, there are things that you must consider. Always consider that this thing can not be as good as new, but sometimes you might get lucky.
With proper research and patience, you will find the best used semi trailers for your business and needs.

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