Used Sinotruck HOWO Dump Truck

Used Sinotruck HOWO Dump Truck

Used HOWO Dump Truck

FUDENG is the authorized dealer of Sinotruk Group, we can produce new Sinotruk Hawka according to your order.

Sinotruk is the first heavy truck manufacturer in China. Founded in 1956, sinotruk is the cradle of China’s heavy truck industry.Sinotruk once produced the first heavy truck in China, and it is also the first domestic enterprise to introduce foreign heavy truck manufacturing technology.

Today, SINOtruk has developed into the largest heavy vehicle manufacturing base in China, making important contributions to the development of China’s heavy vehicle industry and the growth of the national economy.

Sinotruk adheres to independent innovation, implements technology leadership strategy and builds core competitiveness with intellectual property rights.It holds the most patents in China’s auto industry.

Sinotruk’s main models are HOWO, HOWO A7 and HOHAN, and the main models are truck tractors, dump trucks, container trucks, truck chassis, oil tankers, water tankers and other special trucks.


Function of China HOWO Dump Truck

About Sinotruk HOWO dump truck, known also as a dumping truck, tipper truck, dumper truck, dump lorry or dumper lorry or a tipping truck for short transportation is used for transporting materials (such as dirt, gravel, or demolition waste) for construction as well as coal.

China used dump truck Howo more and more popular, sold more than 1000pcs to Africa every month, especially Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Niger, South Sudan, Liberia, Mozambique, Zambia, Burkina Faso…
Our used tractor trucks are very good condition, it can work well, no need repair trucks when you get them, this is the most important reason why our customers have been reordering, we will do our best for each customer. Our company cares about long-term cooperation, so we put customers first, quality first, and service first. We hope that our high quality tractor trucks can help your transport business better and better.


Specification of HOWO Dump Truck

OVERALL DIMENSION: 8500*2500*3450mm

DRIVING TYPE: LHD (RHD is optional)

CABIN: HW76, with one sleeper and two seats, double arm windscreen wiper system with three speeds, damped adjustable driver’s seat, with heating and ventilating system, exterior sun visor, safety belts, adjustable steering wheel, air horn, air conditioner, with transverse stabilizer, with four point support floating suspension+shock absorber.

ENGINE: SINOTRUK,Diesel 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine

Engine model: Euro 2; 336 / 371 /420 HP

Capacity: 15-35CBM (Customized according to your demand)

Lifting system: Front / Middle lifting system, Chinese brand

TRANSMISSION: HW19712 / 19710,  12F/10F & 2R

STEERING: ZF power steering, model ZF8118, hydraulic steering with power assistance;

FRONT AXLE:  HF9, 1×9000 KGS; Steering with double T-cross section beam

REAR AXLE: HC16, 2×16000 KGS

How Does Sinotruk HOWO Dump Truck Work?

Construction of a Dump Truck

Although there are several different dump truck designs, the basic components of dump trucks are more or less the same.The main body of the dump truck is generally based on the main body of the flatbed truck, with one axle under the cab and one to three axles under the dump box.The dump bin itself usually has a tailgate hinged at the top so that it opens automatically when dumped.The unloading mechanism is hydraulically driven to prevent compression problems sometimes encountered when using pneumatic systems.The engine of a dump truck can be gasoline-powered or diesel-powered, but is usually a large internal combustion engine, regardless of the type of fuel used.

Dumping Mechanisms

There are two types of hydraulic dumping mechanism used by dump trucks.One of the most common uses one or more hydraulic pistons to lift the end of the switchbox closest to the cab.This will cause the entire dump box to tilt, dumping whatever it contains.Another type of dump device found on dump trucks consists of a reinforced panel mounted vertically inside the dump box with hydraulic cylinders holding it in place.The cylinder pushes it to the back of the dump box, pushing whatever is in the box to the back, where it will be forced through the hinged tailgate.The lift dump mechanism is more popular with manufacturers because it is a simpler mechanism to produce and maintain, but some construction companies and other dump truck users prefer other mechanisms because it does not require additional vertical clearance to use.

Powering the Dump Truck

Power for both the dump truck itself and the dumping mechanism is provided by the truck’s internal combustion engine. The truck itself is powered in the same means as any other gas- or diesel-powered truck, while the pumps that power the hydraulic cylinders are powered by the power take-off (PTO) connected to the truck’s transmission. This means that the truck has to be running before the dumping mechanism can be used. In order to prevent potential accidents, the PTO generally cannot be engaged unless the transmission has been placed in the neutral position beforehand.


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Our company is located in Jinan city, Shandong Province , with convenient transportation access.

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