What Is A Curtain Side Trailer?


Curtain side trailers are commonly used in industries such as retail, construction, etc. They offer a good balance of cargo protection, accessibility, and versatility. What is a curtain side trailer? Let’s take a closer look at this special trailers.

What Is A Curtain Side Trailer?

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What is a curtain side trailer? Its sides are not solid walls. Its sides are designed as flexible and removable curtains or tarp-like materials. This curtain can be easily pulled back or closed. This is similar to opening or closing a curtain. It is called a “curtain side trailer.”

The side of the curtainside trailer adopts a skeleton structure; the column and curtain can be moved. The horizontal bar can be disassembled. From a distance, the curtain side trailers are very similar to the general fence cargo trailers. The main difference is that the carriages on both sides are fixed by detachable guide rail frames, and soft tarpaulins cover the outer side. During loading and unloading, both sides of the carriages can be fully opened. The same design is adopted for the top of the car, which can be fully stored at one end to facilitate the loading and unloading of large items from the top.

Why Do More And More People Choose Curtain Side Trailer?

1. The curtain side trailer firstly complies with the product specifications and has strong adaptability to the source of goods. It does not need to get on frequently and off the trailer to cover the rain cloth. The driver’s safety is higher.
2. The curtainside trailer is more suitable for pallet transportation. Now, the cost of hiring porters is rising. Many manufacturers emphasize using pallets when delivering and receiving goods, so there is no need to carry them. It is faster and cheaper to unload with the forklift. It can also be stacked higher and save more space.
3. The design features allow the two sides and the top of the cargo compartment to be fully opened. This is very suitable for pallet transportation. In addition, in some very narrow unloading environments, the curtain trailer can also unload from the side normally. This is not possible for the ordinary fence cargo trailer.
4. Regarding cargo fixation, the curtain side trailer has apparent advantages. Another advantage of the curtain side trailer is that it can pull all kinds of goods, and the goods can be fixed at any position on the vehicle. This is superior to the van.

The Pros and Cons of Curtain Side Trailers

curtain side trailer

Curtainside trailers have a unique design. They feature a flexible curtain instead of solid walls, allowing easy access to the cargo from the sides and rear. Like any piece of equipment, curtain side trailers have their own set of pros and cons. Below we will discuss these two aspects in detail.

Pros of Curtain Side Trailers

  • Versatility

Curtain side trailers offer a high degree of versatility. They can accommodate palletized goods, irregularly shaped items, and oversized loads.

  • Ease of Loading and Unloading

The side curtains can be easily rolled up, providing unobstructed access to the cargo from the sides. This makes loading and unloading faster and more convenient compared to traditional enclosed trailers.

  • Reduced Damage Risk

The sides are made of flexible curtains rather than rigid walls. There is less risk of cargo getting damaged due to collisions with the trailer walls. This can be particularly important for fragile or sensitive goods.

  • Customizable

Curtain side trailers can often be customized to meet specific cargo requirements.

Cons of Curtain Side Trailers

  • Weather Exposure

One of the main drawbacks of curtain trailers is that they are not fully weatherproof. The curtains can be closed to protect the cargo from rain and wind. But they may not offer the same level of protection as solid-walled trailers in extreme weather conditions.

  • Security Concerns

Cargo inside curtain side trailers can be more vulnerable to theft. Security measures like seals and locks are necessary to mitigate this risk.

  • Maintenance

The curtains and rolling mechanisms may require more maintenance than solid walls over time. Tears, wear and tear, and mechanical issues can arise and need to be addressed promptly.

  • Limited Insulation

Curtain side trailers may not provide the same level of insulation as enclosed trailers. This can be a concern for temperature-sensitive cargo.

  • Cost

Curtain trailers can be more expensive to purchase and maintain than standard enclosed trailers. This is due to their specialized design and components.

  • Cargo Weight Limits

Depending on the design and materials used, curtain trailers may have slightly lower cargo weight capacity compared to enclosed trailers. This can be a limiting factor for some loads.


In summary, curtain side trailers offer versatility and ease of access for various types of cargo. However, they have some weather protection, security, and maintenance limitations. You should be based on the cargo’s specific needs and the transportation company’s operational requirements.

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