What’s the advantage aluminum tanker trailer than carbon steel material?

What’s the advantage aluminum tanker trailer than carbon steel material?

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Aluminum tanker trailer is more and more popular in the world because of light weight and good condition, especially some countries have weight limited on the road, such as Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa. For example, 3 axles 45000liters aluminum fuel tank trailer’s tare weight about 7tons, but the normal carbon steel fuel tank trailer will take more than 11tons. We use aluminum tank body, aluminum manhole cover, aluminum discharge pipe, the main beam raw material still is carbon steel to ensure drive stability on bad road.

Aluminium tanker trailer is much better than traditional carbon steel tanker in economy, safety and durability. Aluminum alloy density is small, high strength, the whole tank side protection and after protection and oil pipeline structure are made of aluminum alloy, aluminum tanker trailer is lighter about 4tons than carbon steel tanker, so aluminum tanker trailer can carry more oil, improve work efficiency and can make more money.

The aluminum tank body can be conducive to the timely transmission of static electricity generated in the process of oil loading and unloading and transportation, reducing the probability of accidents. From the perspective of driving safety, aluminum tanker trailer collision inertia is small, braking distance is reduced, so it will be more safe.

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