Why choose China Howo dump truck

Why choose China Howo dump truck

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Howo dump truck basic configuration, 375 horsepower, EGR country III engine, sleeper air conditioner, HW15710 gearbox, ZF8098 imported steering machine, AC16 axle, HF9 ton front axle, 1200 tires, cargo box size: 8200*2300*1000, mining use Type structure design and production.

China Howo dump truck

Jinan Sinotruk Howo Dump Truck Price and Technical Parameters Jinan Sinotruk Howo Dump Truck Price and Technical Parameters Chassis When choosing a chassis, it is generally considered based on economic benefits.

For example: the price of the chassis, loading quality, overload capacity, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, etc. In addition, the user should also consider the following parameters of the chassis:

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The height of the upper plane of the chassis frame from the ground. Generally, the height of the upper plane of the 6×4 chassis frame from the ground is 1050~1200.

The larger the value, the higher the center of gravity of the vehicle, and the easier it is to cause the vehicle to roll over. The main factors affecting this value are tire diameter, suspension arrangement and main frame section height;

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Chassis rear suspension. If this value is too large, it will affect the lifting stability of the dump truck and cause a lift and rollover accident. This value is generally between 500-1100 (except for rollover dump trucks);

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The matching of the whole vehicle is reasonable and the use is reliable. At present, the dump truck modification manufacturers are mixed. When choosing a dump truck, it is equally important to choose a manufacturer than to choose a product.

In addition to looking at the product, it is also necessary to understand the manufacturer’s equipment capabilities, the design of the dump truck body, whether the process equipment is mature, the after-sales service commitment, whether the accessories can be purchased, etc.

General-purpose dump trucks in the carriage are recommended to choose a tripod magnifying lifting mechanism. The structure has a history of 40 years in my country, and the technology is relatively mature. It is suitable for the reasonable arrangement of dump trucks with a length of 4~6 meters.

The force of each component will not exceed the bearing capacity of the component, and the system oil pressure is small to ensure that each seal is sealed. The service life of the parts; choose high-quality hydraulic cylinders.

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The basic parameters of China Howo dump truck

Basic Information
Announcement Model: ZZ3317N2867C1
Drive form: 8X4
Wheelbase: 1800+2800+1350mm
Body length: 9.1 meters
Body width: 2.5 meters
Body height: 3.2 meters
Front track: 2022/2022, 2041/2041 Rear track: 1830/1830mm
Vehicle weight: 15.1 tons
Rated load: 15.8 tons
Maximum gross mass: 31 tons
Approach angle: 19 degrees
Departure angle: 27 degrees
Place of Origin: Jinan
Remarks: The parameters of vehicle height and box height correspond one-to-one, and the curb weight is the quality without top cover and with top cover respectively. The car is equipped with an optional environmentally friendly cargo box with a cover, and the top cover mass is 210kg.
Cargo box parameters
Cargo box length: 6.2 meters
Cargo box (bucket) width: 2.3 meters
Cargo box (bucket) height: 1.2 meters
Cargo box form: self-unloading
Engine: Sinotruk WD615.95E
Number of cylinders: 6
Fuel Type: Diesel
Displacement: 9.726L
Emission standard: China III/Euro III
Maximum horsepower: 336 horsepower
Maximum output power: 247KW
Torque: 1350N m
Maximum torque speed: 1100-1600RPM
Rated speed: 2200RPM
Engine form: in-line six-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke, supercharged and intercooled, electronically controlled fuel supply rate, fuel injection pump, EGR
Gearbox: Sinotruk HW15710
Forward gear: 10
Number of reverse gears: 2
Number of tires: 12
Tire specification: 11.00-2011.00R2012.00-2012.00R20
Fuel tank capacity: 400L
Description of rear axle:
Rear axle allowable load: 17700KG
Rear axle ratio: 5.45
Number of spring pieces: 14/13/14/13/12

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The China Howo dump truck use and maintenance

Maintain the amount of oil in the lubricating oil

Keep the amount of lubricating oil and check it frequently during use. Oil volume of wheel reducer and axle final reducer. Lack of oil will cause early wear of moving parts, and serious ablation.

However, lubricating oil is not easy, because excessive lubricating oil will cause high temperature and even lead to oil leakage.

When replacing the lubricating oil of the wheel reducer for the initial maintenance of the new car, according to the regulations, when filling new oil, turn the wheel to the bottom of the oil drain plug, add lubricating oil to this high liquid level, and then screw the oil plug into the .

Rotate the wheel several times repeatedly, then turn the wheel to the highest position of the oil drain plug, and the oil plug in the less half position. Open the oil plug and let the excess lubricating oil flow out until the liquid level remains at the oil plug. As far as the position is, install the oil filler plug.

There are two plugs on the rear axle housing: there is an oil drain plug at the bottom of the tooth bag, and there is a fuel plug on the near half of the tooth bag.

The normal liquid level should always be kept at the height of the oil plug.

The rear axle final reducer and wheel reducer use API GL-5 grade, SAE85W/90 viscosity grade gear oil. Lubricating oil filling amount: 16.5 liters for the rear axle main reducer, 19.7 liters for the middle axle main reducer, and about 3 liters for each wheel reducer.

Correct use of differential lock

The inter-wheel differential lock of the rear drive axle is used to make the left and right wheels automatically differential when the car turns, so as not to wear tires and cause mechanical damage.

When the unilateral wheel of the car slips into a smooth or muddy road, so that the car cannot drive out, the differential lock is engaged. At this time, the left and right half shafts become a rigid coupling shaft, and the car will naturally drive off the faulty road.

Note: When the HOWO car drives off the faulty road, the differential lock should be removed immediately, otherwise there will be serious accidents of tire wear and differential damage.

Overloading should be severely avoided

The design bearing capacity of the Howo rear drive axle is 13 tons, and the wall thickness of the general vehicle axle housing is 16 mm. Severe overloading and load concentration will cause the axle housing to deform and tear.

In use, it must be loaded according to the load specified by the driving conditions.

Assemble the differential

If the differential, driven gear and other couplings are reassembled during maintenance, Loctite thread locking glue must be applied to the connecting threads and tightened with the specified torque to ensure the locking of the connecting bolts.

If abnormal noises are found during use, do not drive forcibly, and immediately dismantle and repair.

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