Why should be choose a high quality fuel tanker trailer?

Why should be choose a high quality fuel tanker trailer?

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Fuel tanker trailer is widely using to carrying gasoil, petrol, diesel ,and many different model liquid.

The liquid in the tanker body will be cause big wave when your driving, so choose a high quality tanker body will be more important for client.   

Our tanker trailer end plat and the wave plat all production by our professional machine, we confirm the trailer each part quality from make the material start. The tanker body make the shape is from the fully automatic coiling machine for one time molding , increase the tanker body payload capacity, our worker  from the manhole coming to the tanker body to do the wave plat between the tanker body welding ,  insurance prevent oil leakage between compartments, this is very dangerous accident for client, if this happen oil leakage between compartments when driving.

Each tank will be tested for tightness after completion of production, then start make up the main beam and the spring suspension/air bags suspension. Finally install the tire and the electric system.

Hope our trailer can provide help to your carrying safety.

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