15 Best Flatbed Trailer Manufacturers


Nowadays, the industry of flatbed trailer manufacturers is at its boom. You are in the right spot if you want to know the reason behind it. There are so many makers of flatbed trailers. Every manufacturer has a different set of features that they promise to deliver. So, in this blog, you get introduced to the best manufacturers.

What is the need for flatbed trailer manufacturers?

What if you want heavy goods to reach your doorstep? If you are looking forward to such a means of transportation, what to choose? An ordinary trailer cannot provide maximum safety and protection to the goods. Therefore, only a flatbed trailer is the best choice.
These trailers have filled the gap between the transportation of goods to various places. Many of you would be curious to know what a flatbed trailer does and how flatbed trailer companies work.
Logistics is the transportation of goods from one point to another. Therefore, people always consider it a tough job. Suppliers are very particular about handling the goods carefully. Therefore, many suppliers look for transportation that can fulfill the job correctly. The manufacturers design the Flatbed trailers in a way to carry heavy loads. It appears like a flatbed with no roof or side walls. Still, the entire bed is enough to hold the heavy load safely.
So, for larger routes, the trailer is best to use. Many cargo and logistic companies make use of trailers for the loading and supplying of goods. It is widely used for many other uses also.
Now let’s go through the list of flatbed trailer manufacturers.

The flatbed semi trailer manufacturers

You would find numerous manufacturers making flatbed trailers. However, this blog will share the 15 best companies that design them. You can choose the one you want according to your requirement and preferences.

flatbed trailer manufacturers

This brand is one of the best flatbed trailer brands for flatbed trailers. Although you would come across multiple brands, only some offer you quality. This specific brand always keeps quality over any other feature. They research, follow the market trend, design, manufacture, and supply flatbed trailers. At the back end of their company, they have a specific team that does research jobs. Similarly, they understand the market’s desire, consumer demand, how to meet the needs, etc. All of these features make them produce top trailers.
They implement top-notch technology and engineering techniques to achieve the most wanted products. Their team constantly brings innovation is the design of the trailers. They make sure what they design wins customer satisfaction and their requirement. Their quality is the crucial element that makes them the best flatbed trailer manufacturers. Also, they have a great name as the exporter of trailers globally.
Furthermore, you can book your favorite trailer model through the China Semi trailer supplier website.

2. Qingdao CIMC special vehicle Co., Ltd

best flatbed trailer brand

Qingdao CIMC is also one of the most renowned flatbed trailer manufacturers. They supply flatbed trailers for various commercial purposes. For example, they provide trailers for industries and logistics services. They promise to deliver high-quality products to their customers.

3. Henan HuayuJujiu Vehicle Co., Ltd

best flatbed trailer brands

For this company, two things matter the most; its quality and reputation. They believe that if their quality satisfies the customers, they win over the market. So, among other semi trailer companies, this company works uniquely. Before proceeding with the order, they provide their customers with a rough design draft. Customers then get a clear picture of what their product would appear like.
Once the customers are satisfied, they start implementing the design of the flatbed trailer. Customers always look forward to such little gestures and opinions.

4. Qingdao Elph industry & trade Co., Ltd

semi trailer manufacturers

Once you visit their brand, you will be amazed to see their versatile collection. Everything is available under the same roof, from a trailer type to its components. You will also get a chance to explore the types of flatbed trailers. Similarly, you can use their trailers for multiple kinds of transportation modes.

5. Anhui Fengyuan vehicle co., LTD

flatbed trailer companies

This brand has a unique name in the flatbed trailer manufacturers category. If you want to know about the quality they offer, then just read ahead. They perform several tests for quality testing. Unless their products qualify for the test, they halt their production. Also, they can manufacture all types of semi-trailers and flatbed trailers.
Further, they deliver their products to 45 different countries.

6. Ultraton

semi trailer factory

Other times the brand is also called Foshan Ultraton engineering machinery. They have expertise in designing flatbed trailers and their components. The exclusive variety they offer always amazes their site visitors. Similarly, you would love to get customized flatbed trailers. So, hire these flatbed trailer manufacturers to make your dream flatbed trailer come to reality.

7. Shacman

semi trailer companies

The company is a grand exporter of trailers and trucks worldwide. They are well-equipped in terms of machinery, tools, and technical approaches. Similarly, they design the trailers to match the customer’s requirements instantly. So, whatever you find them advertising, you will get identical products. It shows how honest they are toward their work. Hence, this honesty makes them rank among the best flatbed semi trailer manufacturers.

8. Shandong Luen Auto Co., Ltd

This company got established in the year 1998. They are the experts in manufacturing flatbed trailers, their components, and other heavy trucks. Similarly, their technical staff is well equipped to design the trailers with the tiniest details their customers ask for. They have divided their team specifically into different groups according to their abilities. Hence, it improves their productivity in manufacturing the best trailers.

9. Jinan komliga industrial Co., Ltd

flatbed trailer manufacturers

One of the best flatbed trailer brands is Komliga. It is a reputable brand that got established in 2016. What’s unique about this brand? Let’s clarify for you. It is their success that they gain within a short time.
Similarly, they use different raw materials for manufacturing the trailers. For example, they make use of stainless steel and aluminum. Their experienced staff deals very well with international clients as well. Hence, their communication skills help them coordinate with international clients.

10. Qingdao Juyuan International Trading Co., Ltd

This semi trailer factory primarily focuses on the requirements of the customers. They have a vast variety covering all of the purposes of usage of the trailers. Customers are more attracted to this brand because of their international terms with the customers.

11. Benson trailers

If you are searching for flatbed trailer manufacturers in USA, then Benson is an appropriate choice. They are good dealers of flatbed trailers as well; they manufacture them. With their latest design technology, they engineer the trailers accordingly. Also, they intensely focus on the tiniest details in product manufacturing. Everything passes several tests and certifications, from the design to the product. Therefore, people consider these the best aluminum flatbed trailer manufacturers.
You can even design the trailers by giving the customized specifications you want. An aluminum-made flatbed trailer is the most long-lasting trailer. An aluminum trailer comes with the feature of non-corrosive material.

12. Quinte

With the great experience of more than 50 years in the field of vehicle manufacturing, they have become a top-notch brand. Their technical team is good at researching what’s happening in the market. They perform various quality tests to provide customers with the best flatbed trailer. Hence, these unique features lead them to become experts in special trailer design.

13. Anfida Tianjin international

The innovation they bring in their products makes them superior to their competitors. They have put effort into the expansion of their company. Now, they get ranked among China’s biggest manufacturers of flatbed trailers.
You can view their products and list the variations you require. They have the capability of designing it in the same way.

14. Sinotruk Hubei Huawin

The flatbed trailer manufacturers list also includes Sinotruk Hubei Huawin. On their website, you will get hundreds of options for flatbed trailers. The process of booking is relatively easier. Just scroll down the page, zoom in on your favorite trailer model, and click on it. Afterward, they would follow some confirmations from you. You would finally achieve it.

15. Townmaster

Your search for gooseneck trailers ends when you find the best gooseneck flatbed trailer manufacturers. The town master brand is there to ease your search for a solution. This company has a great 30 years of experience in this field. So, according to your business requirement, you should choose any of their trailers.

What to look for in the best flatbed trailer manufacturer?

Here are some features that would help you ease your decision about selecting a flatbed trailer producer.

  • Quality

Quality is an essential feature that projects the trailer’s safety. As you know, the trailer has to carry large and heavier products, and you cannot take any risk for it. A poor-quality trailer could damage the entire consignment. Hence, look for the quality tests performed but the flatbed trailer manufacturers.

  • Dimensions

Make sure the dimensions you choose match the load capacity. The right dimensions will keep the products safe from accidental falling.

  • Material

The best flatbed trailer brands focus more on the material the flatbed trailer comes in. Make sure to choose rigid material that can withstand the weight of the goods.

  • Budget

Well, staying within your budget is crucial no matter what you require. You should list the features you need in the flatbed trailer, then plan out your budget for the purchase.


You would come across hundreds of flatbed trailer manufacturers; however, choose wisely. Make sure to go through the reviews and customer feedback. Then, decide on the purchase.

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