What Is A Flatbed Trailer? Flatbed Trailer Types


A flatbed trailer is one of the most used and versatile types in the transportation industry. Each type of flatbed trailer is designed for specific use. Your knowledge of different flatbed trailer types will help you choose the right one for your item. For instance, the standard flatbed is not the best for transporting machinery that can be affected by the weather. Instead, you should choose the Conestoga flatbed trailer with a tarping system to protect freight. Now let’s get to the topic!

What is a flatbed trailer?

A flatbed trailer has a flat, horizontal surface without a roof or sides. It is used for hauling cargo or equipment, and they are in various sizes and shapes. A flatbed trailer has a metal frame and wood or foldable sides. Flatbed trailers can be attached to trucks, tractors, small cars, and ATVs. With this, the vehicle attached to the flatbed trailer can haul large items. The flat surface of the flatbed trailer makes it suitable for carrying large and bulky items. It transports construction materials, logs, furniture, automobiles, boats, and other large items.

Flatbed trailer types

Flatbed trailer types come in different shapes and sizes. And each of the different types of flatbed trailers is designed to carry a variety of goods. With the right flatbed trailer, you can easily transport what you want. We will explore the flatbed trailer types and the purpose they serve.

1. Standard flatbed trailer

standard flatbed trailer

This is a flatbed trailer type that is very common and less expensive. It is typically used for transporting large and bulky items. A standard flatbed trailer has a flat and open bed with no sides or roof. And this makes it suitable for hauling items of any size and shape. The maximum length of this flatbed is between 48 and 53 feet long, and the bed sits at 42 to 60 feet. The trailer may also have a ramp to load items from the ground. These trailers transport cars, boats, industrial equipment, and construction materials.

2. Drop deck flatbed trailer

drop deck flatbed trailer

A drop deck or step deck is another common flatbed trailer type for transporting items not too tall for the standard flatbed. The bed of this flatbed trailer is lower at the center than the sides, making it accommodate taller items. Drop-deck is typically 48 feet long and can accommodate items weighing about 48,000 pounds. This flatbed trailer is often used in transporting oversized items like construction equipment, industrial machinery, and recreational vehicles. Transporting taller freight with this flatbed trailer does not require having extra permits

3. Removable gooseneck flatbed trailer

removable gooseneck flatbed trailer

This is one of the flatbed trailer types with a specialty. It features a detachable gooseneck, giving flexibility when transporting items of various heights. Removable gooseneck flatbeds are used to haul large, bulky items and load motorized freight. It carries construction equipment, industrial equipment, and recreational vehicles. The specialization that comes with it increases this flatbed trailer’s cost. The maximum weight of items it hauls is 44,000 pounds, and a length of 29 feet.

4. Lowboy trailer

Lowboy trailer is one of the flatbed trailer types with a single hauling section and a low-profile bed. Its single area is known as the ‘well,’ sitting 18 feet off the ground and can accommodate taller freight. With this, it can transport items of specific height and still maintain low center gravity. Lowboy flatbed trailer is usually loaded by crane or from its sides, not the dock. It is commonly used to transport large items like construction equipment, industrial machinery, and oversized recreational vehicles. It can accommodate freights with a maximum weight of 45,000 pounds and a maximum length of 28 feet.

5. Stretch flatbed trailer

If you are looking for flatbed trailer types suitable for transporting a large item, stretch flatbed fits in. This flatbed features an extendable bed that can be lengthened, transporting items of different lengths and widths. Stretch flatbeds can be in various flatbed trailers like standard flatbeds, drop decks, double drop, and removable gooseneck. The length of this trailer can be extended to about 20 axles to accommodate heavier and longer freight. The length of a flatbed trailer varies with a stretch flatbed because of its adaption to shipment-based specific needs. It is suitable for transporting construction equipment, industrial machinery, and oversized recreational vehicles.

6. Tilt bed flatbed trailer

This flatbed trailer has a tilting bed and can transport items of different heights. It transports items with different heights and maintains a low center of gravity. It is suitable for transporting large items like construction equipment, industrial machinery, and oversized recreational vehicles.

7. Conestoga flatbed trailer

This specialty flatbed trailer is designed for a specific purpose, and its unique design is tailored to specific needs. It has an attached sliding tarp enclosure to protect freight when in transit. This flatbed trailer is suitable for transporting steel, wire, cables, or weather-sensitive machinery. The maximum freight that can be transported with Conestoga is 45,000 pounds and 48 to 53 feet long.

8. Heavy-Duty flatbed trailer

This type of flatbed trailer is meant to transport heavy-duty items. To transport heavy-duty items, the heavy-duty flatbed is designed with reinforced frames and beds for carrying heavier loads. Like the other flatbed trailer types, it can transport construction equipment, industrial machinery, and oversized recreational vehicles.

Commercial uses of the flatbed trailer

flatbed trailers

Flatbed trailers are suitable for different commercial uses as they can carry heavy loads.

  • A flatbed trailer can be used in hauling construction equipment. People use it to transport equipment used on construction sites and road work.
  • It can transport large and bulky building and construction project materials. It can transport items like piping, rebar, lumbar, large concrete blocks, prefabbed buildings, steel frames, scaffolding, fence posts, etc.
  • It can haul scrap metals, based wires, and many recyclables.
  • It can transport different landscaping items. Tools, equipment, and supplies can be hauled on a single deck on different flatbed trailers.
  • It is suitable for transporting oil and gas rigs from one location to another conveniently.
  • It can move different agricultural equipment and goods such as bulky equipment, hay bales, etc.

The length of a flatbed trailer

This is a matter of concern to many people. How long is a flatbed trailer? There is no specificity. Because flatbed trailer types differ from each other. For some flatbed trailers, you will see some 40 feet long, and some are between 48 to 52 feet long. For the extendable flatbed trailer, the foot length may be longer than that of others. As the length varies based on sizes, so also do parts of a flatbed trailer. You can easily replace some parts and others not so easily. The easiest way to get parts for a flatbed trailer is to contact the manufacturer or the supplier.

How much does a flatbed trailer cost?

If you want to buy flatbed trailers, there is no one-size-fits-all for flatbed trailer prices. The reason is that there are different types of flatbed trailers, manufacturers, or suppliers. Also, the feet of the flatbed you are going for will dictate the flatbed trailer cost. For instance, going for a 3-axle 40 feet flatbed trailer might cost between 9800 and 10000 US Dollars. Therefore, contact manufacturers or suppliers with the flatbed trailer type you want to know the cost of a flatbed trailer.

What is the best flatbed trailer?

To choose a flatbed trailer for commercial purposes, you may consider what the best flatbed trailer to go for is. However, to choose the best flatbed trailer, there are some things to pay attention to.

  • Transport: This is the first point of consideration in choosing the best flatbed trailer. The items to transport with the trailer should determine the best flatbed.
  • Long-term use: How long you intend the trailer to be at work also comes in choosing the best flatbed. For short-term use, you should choose a cost-effective flatbed trailer as it will serve its purpose of use. However, the best quality that will last longer should be chosen for the long term.
  • Roads: Another factor is the type of road the trailer will travel. If the road is not good, you should seek a flatbed trailer suitable and durable for your road condition.
  • Local laws and regulations: You should consider the laws and regulations of your state or country If there is a weight limit or not. This will help to choose the flatbed that will align with the laws and regulations of your location.


With the flatbed trailer types, you can conveniently move heavy construction materials from one place to another. Flatbed trailers serve as an efficient way of transporting heavy-duty goods and items as they can secure storage. Loading and unloading items from Flatbed trailers are more accessible and quicker than any other means.
Knowing the different types of flatbed trailers is essential to purchasing one or renting one for hauling items. It will help you to choose the best type of flatbed trailer that can handle your heavy-duty items.

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